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Free Template of Cover Letter for Job or Internship Application

Writing a good cover letter is a very crucial part of applying for a job or an internship. This free template will serve as your guide in crafting the perfect cover letter.

Sample Cover Letter for a Job Application

Attaching a cover letter for a job application can boost an applicant's chance to employment. Check out this sample cover letter for your next job opportunity.

Curriculum Vitae Chronological Type Sample

A chronological curriculum vitae highlights an applicant's work history. This sample chronological curriculum vitae should help job applicants better understand the document's formatting and use.

Curriculum Vitae Functional Type Sample

Job applicants with no prior work experience can utilize the functional curriculum vitae to highlight their skills and set aside their lack of work history. Read this sample functional cv and learn what to include in the document.

Curriculum Vitae Combination Type Sample

The combination curriculum vitae type is a hybrid of the chronological and functional format. Individuals with an impressive work history and a great set of skills can use this type to highlight all their qualifications.