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Human Rights Issues in Syria

Sample paper discussing the human rights issues in Syria

Term Paper on How Sensationalism Affects Everyone Involved

Sensationalism affects society more than perceived as it cultivates a fearful but misinformed public. Here's a sample MLA essay on Media and Sensationalism.

Sample Expository Essay on Police Brutality: George Floyd's Murder Case

Last year, George Floyd was murdered while being arrested by police officers. Learn more about the case that united millions against police brutality

Sample Research Essay in Chicago Academic Format: Why Refugees are A Threat to the Host Country

Refugees are individuals fleeing their homes due to internal conflicts happening inside a country. While most foreign countries are willing to accept these victims, refugees also pose a threat to the host country.

Sample Research Paper: The Pros and Cons of Democracy

Democracy is a form of government where members possess equal rights and vote. Many countries have adopted democracy as a system to promote freedom and equality. However, aside from its pros, democracy also has cons that can negatively affect a state.

Sample Research Paper: How International Relations Affect the Global Strategy Against the Pandemic

A research paper is a type of written project that revolves around a thesis statement or main claim. This sample research paper discusses how positive international relations enhances the pandemic response.

Sample Research Paper on Communism: The Transition from Leninism to Stalinism

The aim of a research paper is to comprehensively discuss a topic using information and evidence from reliable sources. This sample research paper discusses the transition from Leninism to Stalinism in the Soviet Union.