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Expository Essay: Immigration is a Vehicle of Social Change

Immigration is the process where people travel to a foreign country and become permanent citizens. Read about how immigration drives social change

Sample Expository Essay: What Makes a Strong Relationship

A strong relationship is not something one finds but builds over time. This expository essay discusses the fundamental elements of a strong, healthy relationship

Sample Expository Essay: Carcinogens

Cancer is one of the most feared contractable diseases in the world. It can be caused by carcinogens which some people get exposed to every single day of their lives. Find out how to protect yourself

Expository Essay Sample: Media Manipulation

Media manipulation is difficult to prove and that is why many people fall prey to it. Learning how to distinguish what media manipulation is and the tactics that is used is important

Expository Essay on Personality Types and Psychological Scales

Knowing someone’s personality type sometimes equivalents to knowing a person’s zodiac sign. Have you ever been curious about how personalities are categorized? Read this essay to find out more

Expository Essay: Creating a Positive Body Image

Insecurities strikes a person and looks past gender and age. Learn how to feel positive about your body in this essay only here at CustomEssayMesiter

Expository Essay on Police Brutality: Then and Now

Police brutality is the use of excessive force leading to violent encounters and intimidation. If law enforcers are supposed to maintain community peace, where else can we find protection?

Sample Expository Essay on Social Darwinism

Social Darwinism is the application of the Darwinian theory to human society. The idea attempts to apply natural selection to society and create categories, such as strong and weak races. Read this sample essay to learn about Social Darwinism.

Expository Essay on a Controversial Topic: Adolescent Sexuality

Self-discovery and hormones inadequately define adolescence. There is a need to add alienation, STDs, and pregnancy. Therefore, it is important to equip teens with a sound perception of sex.

Sample Expository Essay on the Downfall and Death of Hitler

Hitler's death came as a shock not only to Germans, but to the rest of the world. Many celebrated his death, seeing it as the end of the war and extreme violence and racism that has plagued Europe

Sample Expository Essay on The History of Dating and Mating

The history of mating begins during the start of the evolutionary process while dating is a recent social development. Read this sample expository essay to learn the history behind these social and biological concepts.

Sample Expository Essay: The Precursors of Civil War

The American Civil War is one of the defining moments in U.S. history. There were multiple events that preceded and resulted in the war. This essay discusses the various precursors of the Civil War.

Sample Expository Essay: Trump’s Embassy Move to Jerusalem

Various issues and debates arose due to Trump’s decision of moving a US embassy to Jerusalem. Israel and Palestine have been fighting over the city for the past centuries. This essay discusses the impact of Trump’s decision

Sample Expository Essay on How "Midnight Mass" Thoughtfully Covered Fanaticism as Religion

Mike Flanagan’s "Midnight Mass" is a new Netflix horror show that tackles the topic of religious fanaticism. The show utilizes supernatural themes as well as realistic spice-of-life to depict fanaticism.

How the Internet Changed Education

The Internet has changed how students and teachers approach education as information and communication have become readily accessible online. Read this sample expository essay to learn about these changes and the problem of limited Internet access.