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Waiting for Godot, Waiting for God?

Waiting for Godot is about two men waiting for Godot. The cryptic and confusing nature of the play allows viewers to interpret its aspects differently. This paper discusses how waiting for Godot is a metaphor for waiting for god.

Sample Reflection Paper: The Power of Music

The different forms of music express different emotions and messages. People listen to music every day to help them cope with stress or maintain their focus. This sample reflection paper discusses the power of music over certain aspects of life.

Sample Reflection Paper on Art: Art as an Emotional Outlet

Artists and nonartists alike can utilize art to express their deep feelings. This reflection paper discusses ideas between art and emotions along with the experiences of paid artists.

Sample Reflection Paper: The Most Relevant Art Theme Today

The theme of identity in art has become a significant subject today as artists utilize the medium for self-expression. Each art piece contains fragments of an artist’s individuality which act as a looking glass into their persona.