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Students often have trouble writing cause and effect essays. It’s an essay that not only requires extensive research, but analysis of the writer. Personal reflections  and strong arguments are required to make an effective cause and effect paper. It can be difficult to come up with anything remotely coherent, especially since not everyone is blessed with skills in writing.

What is a cause and effect essay?

The main purpose of a cause and effect essay is to prove either the presence or absence of a connection. It could be between a person and an object, a person and an event, an object and an event, and so on. One thing occurs and another happens as a result – a series of historical and scientific laws are at play, coupled with a person’s reality and some facts. What makes cause and effect papers difficult to do is the fact that the cause-effect relationship can be so subjective that in a paper, supporting facts rarely have an impact.

A cause and effect essay can be written in two ways. Some cases call for topics on ethics, morality, philosophy, and the sciences are given. In other cases, topics are not defined at all to further test the writer’s general knowledge and abilities. 

How to write a cause and effect essay

If you’re wondering where and how to start a cause and effect essay, we’ve gathered some tips for you:

  • Take note of the assignment’s characteristics
    Do not just leave “write cause and effect essay, due next week” in your notebook. Write down the topic given and analyze it. It could be historical, political, or social. Make sure you start strong with enough background and knowledge.
  • What is the length of the essay? 
    Make sure you know what essay to write; a long or a short one? Cause and effect papers can easily take up to fifteen pages. If you do get to that point, you would need to conduct a comprehensive study, so it’s best to identify the length early.
  • Check your sources
    Make sure to check if you have enough sources to strengthen your essay. It’s also best to know how many you need to be going through before starting to write your cause and effect paper.
  • List down relevant facts that follow your cause and effect essay outline
    These are necessary and must be the top priority. Use these to highlight reasons, their effects, and their connections. Don’t forget to quote sources, dates, statistics, and other data you’ve gathered during your research.
  • Begin with your introduction
    This is platform for your thesis statement (the last sentence of the introductory paragraph) and the foundation of the rest of your paper. Remember to explain the components you wish to discuss.
  • The body should contain certain factors
    All the opinions you’ve laid out in the introduction must be supported through paragraphs you write for the body. Explain in detail how certain events lead to specific results. A general description is ideal at the beginning, followed by the necessary details. Illustrate with arguments, express your opinion. Remember to devote a paragraph stressing the significance of the cause-effect relationship.
  • Finish strong with your concluding paragraph
    To end, determine conclusion based on the arguments you’ve presented. Stress their importance, and explain why.
  • Don’t forget to reread your essay
    You may have made a compelling essay, but it doesn’t mean it’s error-free. Your feelings of euphoria of having survived writing a cause and effect essay can fool you. Make sure to look back and recheck for any spelling or grammatical errors.

Cause and effect essay writing tips

  • On titles
    Make sure to include titles. Your essay is as good as nothing should you forget to add one. A title is where you can communicate certain views on the situation.
  • On your readers
    Remember your readers. Are there any topics or styles that could catch their interest more?
  • On topic sentences
    To better present your reasons, they ought to be stated in sentences. Most cases call for several reasons in order to persuade your reader. These sentences will help defend your topic sentences.
  • On the thesis
    Sometimes you are not required to come up with thesis statements. But in cases where you are asked to do so, provide one in a single sentence at the beginning of your work.
  • On using unconventional ideas
    In order to write a cause and effect essay that is more than just about arguments, you need good ideas. The hard part comes with making sure not to explicitly state your reasons and effects to the reader. You need to come up with compelling topics that will make your reader think beyond. However, if familiar topics cannot be avoided, make sure to provide enough details to support your argument to make it more appealing.

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