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A good descriptive essay is a joy to read because of vivid descriptions made possible by colorful vocabulary. You’ll be asked to write a descriptive essay throughout your school life, especially high school and college. Descriptive essay writing is an enjoyable task because of its ability to influence your readers to exercise their imagination and stimulate their senses. The better the descriptive paper is, the more power it asserts over the reader’s imagination and attention. Writing a descriptive essay is challenging, fun, and fulfilling. It enhances a student's creative process.

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How to write a descriptive essay?

First, let’s answer “what is a descriptive essay?” A descriptive essay is a unique essay because its basic aim is simply to describe something. You can describe any of the following: things, places, people, situations, or experiences. Your vocabulary, imagery, and keen description must activate the reader’s sense of sight, smell, hearing, taste, and emotion.

Knowing how to write a descriptive essay involves mastery of the conventional tips on how to write a good essay. However, for descriptive essay writing, you must practice plenty to hone your skills and develop your creativity. Your aim is to capture the reader’s imagination and describe your subject as clearly as possible. Thus, your memory, writing creativity, and senses need to be in top shape. Since you cannot show your reader a physical picture, words must be powerful enough to convince and help them create the images, smells, tastes, sounds, textures, and emotions in their head. 

Never underestimate the power of a good thesis statement that embodies the message you want to convey to the reader. A good descriptive essay thesis smoothly intertwines your message with the descriptions in the body of the essay. 

Introduction – How to start a descriptive essay

The introduction should grab attention quickly. A weak introduction is likely to bore the readers and discourage them from reading. They might not even reach the essay body because they already stopped reading altogether. The introduction should serve as a platform to your purpose for writing the essay – the thesis statement. The introduction’s purpose is to condition the reader into fully absorbing the thesis statement. 

Descriptive essay thesis statement 

A descriptive essay thesis statement is the main idea, the purpose, the message, or the main argument of your descriptive essay. The thesis statement should be the last sentence in the introduction paragraph. When writing the thesis statement, you must be 100% sure of your claim. For example, your thesis statement should not read like this: “Street photography in New York City is sort of like a peacock with colors of the rainbow…” There must not be any lack of clarity or certainty in your thesis statement. There must be a conviction because you are going to support it in the essay body. 

As mentioned earlier, the introduction serves as a platform for the thesis statement. In the same way, you must be able to make a smooth transition from your thesis statement to the first sentence of the essay body.  

Body of the descriptive essay

The essay body should support the argument made by your thesis statement. In it, you also proceed with the description and use of powerful and illustrative language to boost the “descriptive” part.  Creative use of adjectives, verbs, and adverbs will help but use of literary techniques can elevate the quality of your descriptions. Here’s an example of a literary technique - a metaphor used creatively: “The arrival of dusk drowned us in a sea of fear…” is much better and descriptive than “Night arrived and we got scared…” Use of literary techniques stimulates the reader’s interest and imagination.

The body of a descriptive essay should contain proofs of your thesis statement. Typically, the body is composed of three paragraphs. Ensure that the transition between paragraphs is smooth, logical, and serves to support the nature of the thesis statement. 

Conclusion of the descriptive essay

This is the closing remark of your descriptive essay. It is now time to reassert the validity of your thesis statement because you have already proven it in the body. For example, if your thesis statement is “Street photography in New York City is like a peacock with colours of the rainbow because of its power to fascinate and stimulate the common man’s interest in art and photography…”you may write your conclusion like this: “Street photography is a powerful instrument in today’s times when art has taken a weak back seat in American culture and everyday life…”  

You may end your conclusion with a statement, pose another question, or a call to action. Sticking to your sample thesis statement, you can encourage the reader to study street photography. 

Formatting your descriptive essay

Read your descriptive essay over and over again. Try to remove words, paragraphs, or sentences that you think are unnecessary. Create new angles, enhance your wordplay, and remove elements that negatively affect clarity. Revise if you feel there’s a need to.  You may compare your work to descriptive essays online or a descriptive essay example you have at hand, or the work of a friend. You may also enlist the assistance of a descriptive essay writing service company if you feel like you need help revising or polishing your work. 

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