Choosing a major in college

Choosing your major in college is both easy and challenging at the same time. Firstly, you must feel lucky since not everyone goes to college. While some people do not want to go to college because they want to explore different avenues to success, some simply do not have the money to afford it. It is a new chapter not only in one’s academic and personal life, a crucial phase that can determine things to come for a person – intellectually, emotionally, psychologically.

how to choose a major in college


What do I major in college? With enough resources, an incoming college student should be able to choose his major to take early, given that he has long been aware of what he wants to pursue. But of course, it has to be considered that the word “enough” when referring to tuition fee, is relative. Unless one is on a scholarship, the financial flexibility should be the first consideration. It could mean enough for a course in Literature but not enough to afford Preparatory in Medicine. For one to overcome the money question, as early as a year before the last year in high school, he should be aware of the scholarships that are around – the colleges/universities, their offers, as well as their fields of specialization, or even the difficulty of their admission essay requirement. This is the most common resort of those driven but financially incapable students. Everyone knows someone who took this path and found success. If a student is driven enough to pursue his passion and the options, then it only boils down to determination and perseverance.


This factor is most commonly the case of those who pursued their passion and chose their major and eventually found success. Early on, they already knew which major to choose. Artists, actors, musicians – these are the most instantly recognizable examples of those who followed their passion. A passion acquired and continuously nurtured up until before college age almost always translates into success. When passion with respect to choosing a major in college is discussed, it simply means the one thing that one wants to pursue, and eventually, make a living out of. One can have multiple passions. For how many times have we met someone who double majored psychology and education and enjoys his job both as a psychologist and an educator? On the other hand, how many times have we encountered someone who majored in Literature in college but has a career in an entirely different field? That thing happens to people who go to college and reluctantly choose a major and finish it just to obtain a degree. Not that there is anything wrong with it because mistakes and lapses in judgment teach lessons, it is just that to be able to avoid making that mistake, one has to be sure about one’s passion.


The first two factors, with enough determination and perseverance, can surely be overcome. Choosing a major in college? One must be aware of the profession's current state. For instance, if one wishes to major in Nursing or Physical Therapy, he has to consider the career opportunities and the demand for either profession. If research says that nurses are at a surplus and there is a demand for physical therapists, then taking up Physical Therapy would be the best option. Practicality is the consideration of the combined factors of passion, resources, and opportunity for growth. If these factors are carefully considered before taking the college entrance examination, chances are high for success, fulfillment, and growth – personal, professional, emotional. Following this does not necessarily guarantee perfect success, but it would help overcome any potential obstacles.