Choosing a major in college

Have you started applying for colleges and universities? Then you must be choosing which major to study for the next four years of your life. Choosing your major in college is both exhilarating and scary at the same time. Firstly, you must feel lucky since not everyone has the privilege to go to college, especially now that only few can afford a college education on their own. But, surely, you are also overwhelmed by the number of choices available, including the option to study in a trade school. What some high school students forget is that there are many different avenues to success—it is not only doctors, lawyers, and accountants who become successful. The transition time between high school and college is a crucial time in a student's life. They have to make a decision that will decide their future. This is a heavy decision to make for a teenager.

how to choose a major in college


What do I want to major in in college? With enough resources, an incoming college student should be able to choose his major by considering only what career they want to pursue. But of course, it has to be considered that the word “enough,” when referring to tuition fee, is relative. It could mean enough for a course in Literature but not enough to afford Preparatory in Medicine. For those who do not have financial flexibility, one feasible option is to apply for a scholarship (if you are, you better work on your scholarship essay now). Be aware of scholarships being offered by your target schools, as well as by other organizations. This path is not the easiest, since scholars go through strict screening and are eventually required to maintain a high GPA. No wonder everyone knows someone who has taken this path and found success. If a student is driven enough to pursue his passion, no obstacle can stop them.


Passion is the most romanticized factor in modern society when choosing a career path. There are countless movies about young people going against the odds just to pursue their passions. But what does it really mean to pursue one's passion? Artists, actors, musicians—these are the most instantly recognizable examples of individuals who followed their passion. These people often claim to have known what they want to do with their life early on, so choosing a major in college was quite easy. If you are one of these people, and you have continuously nurtured your passion from childhood or adolescence to the present, then there is no reason for you to fear following your passion. However, if you are one of those who have multiple passions, you may consider taking a double major in college. How many times have we met someone who double majored Psychology and education and enjoys his job both as a psychologist and an educator? Nowadays, choice is not linear. So, even if you have always been passionate about one thing, do not be close to the possibility that this may change in the middle of college or after graduation. You do not need to force yourself into one path just because you feel it is what you should be doing. Similarly, do not feel pressured to believe that you must only major in what you are passionate about. This time in your life is a time for exploration, for finding your own career path.


Before committing yourself to a major, you must be aware of the future profession's current state. For instance, if one wishes to major in Nursing or Physical Therapy, they have to consider the career opportunities and the demand for either profession. If research says that nurses are at a surplus and there is a demand for physical therapists, then taking up Physical Therapy would be the best option. Practicality is the consideration of the combined factors of passion, resources, and opportunity for growth. If these factors are carefully considered before taking college entrance examinations, chances are high for success, fulfillment, and growth – personal, professional, emotional. Following this does not necessarily guarantee perfect success, but it would help overcome any potential obstacles.

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You have to be wary and cautious when it comes to choosing your major in college because it will affect your life in the long run. You will need to take in expert advice and opinions from friends and family about how they decided on their own majors. Overall, college is thorough, systematic, and challenging. Help is always needed for you to learn and grow, accordingly. If you are sorting things out in your life, CustomEssayMeister can write your academic papers for you. Conversely, if you are pursuing your passion outside the academe but do not want to compromise your grades, well, you know who to turn to.