A Guide to Choosing a College Major

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Dec 18, 2019

Once the adjustment period is done and over with, students are required to choose a major in college. Ideally, you already know what your major your going to take once you started college. However, choosing a college major isn’t always easy for everyone. For some, choosing a college major is tricky because it’s either they don’t know what they want or they have too many choices. Having so much to choose from and having limited resources can be burdensome. That said, there are also external factors as to why choosing a major in college is hard, and one of them is the parents. Some students have parents that strictly want their kid to become a doctor or a politician, but it’s not exactly what the student wants. This kind of situation makes the decision of choosing a college major more difficult.

There are also some majors that require more money than others, which might hinder students from choosing it. Not all students have access to any support or privileges that can make their college experience easier. Studying in college alone is expensive enough, and if they believe their desired major is something they can’t afford they will likely hold back. This kind of issue can be helped by scholarships and financial need assistance programs which are put up to help students study, hopefully, a major they want. Choosing a college major doesn’t have to mean limiting your options due to financial strain.

In this post, we will attempt to uncover a useful and helpful guide to help you choose a college major for yourself. Don’t mind the nagging thought (or parent) inside your head and follow this advice that can help you with choosing a college major.

Choosing a College Major

Choose a College Major based on your…

  1. Interests.

    First and foremost, consider your interests when you’re choosing a college major. Studying can be easier when you know it’s something you're passionate about. Although some interests change over time, that’s only because there’s not enough foundation and building to it. Once you have decided to study something you’re interested in, then it will easily stay on you since you are constantly learning something about it. It’s hard to become invested or study a major you know nothing about or have zero interest in. The likeliness of passing courses is very high when you have the drive to study, as opposed to having no passion for your major at all. 

  2. Values.

    College is a time for young adults to discover themselves; a time for self-reflection. Not only are you a student, but you’re also a person being initiated into adulthood. Choosing a college major that aligns with your conceived values will become rewarding and encouraging once you graduate and you are finally taking on a job that helps you fulfill those values. If helping others is something you find rewarding, then consider a path that will make that easier for you. 

  3. Personality.

    You know yourself more than anyone else, so you know what kind of person or student you are. Often your study pattern is aligned with your personality, so consider that as one of the key decision-making factors when choosing a college major. Some college majors differ in study methods and techniques, some require a lot of reading and digesting while others need hands-on learning. If you are someone who gets easily bored or distracted when attempting to study then maybe think about choosing a major based on your personality. By doing so, you’ll have an easier time getting desirable grades because you are comfortable with the study pattern. 

  4. Skills and Abilities.

    It’s good to have a college major you don’t have to learn all over again. Choosing a college major that allows you to learn interesting abilities that you may already acquire will help you gain an advantage. Self-learning prior to actual learning is vital to know if it’s something you are good at and can excel further into. Further developing ability or skill by choosing a major that allows you to utilize can ease the pressure college brings. If you’re someone who’s good at writing, then consider a major that helps you cultivate that skill. Of course, writing is a necessity in college because most majors will require you to write essays, research papers, and other term papers to fulfill a course requirement. 

Consider your future…

  1. Career.

    You won’t be in college studying forever. Choosing a college major also means you are paving the way for your career path . When you choose a college major it means you have settled for a linear goal. Some college majors lead to multiple careers, however, it’s essential you have one thing in mind to help you better achieve that goal. Also, ensure that your prospective college major will continue to be necessary and employable by the time you graduate. Choose a college major that is relevant and will help you pursue a dream career.

  2. Pay.

    As aforementioned, college tuition and other fees are expensive, and if you’re among many students who haven’t had the chance to apply for a scholarship but instead opted for a student loan, then it’s okay to choose a major in college that will pay a lot in the future once you have secured a job. By doing so, you’ll be able to pay your student loan debt easier. This kind of forward-thinking will make choosing a college major easier. Some people are lucky enough to find a major in college that is both their passion and actually pays well in the future. 

  3. Job search.

    Four years from now, when you’ve finally graduated and got a degree in your chosen college major, will your job search be easy or will you have to take on other kinds of jobs just to sustain your lifestyle and job search until further notice. If that’s okay with you then go ahead and pursue that college major. Harsh realities will kick in quickly after you’ve graduated because there are college majors which have jobs that are hard to land or require experience beyond a college degree. But don’t fret over this fact because if you’re really passionate about your college major and chosen career path then learning won’t end when you graduate, eventually, you’ll gain enough experience and networks that will help you land a job. If you’re willing to sacrifice a quick job search because of what the program you chose curtail, then choosing a college major will be easier because you already know of the possible risk it poses. Furthermore, there are some career paths that are more complicated than just landing a job, meaning you will have to work at your own pace and conditions or take another level of education like law or med school. 

When you’re overwhelmed with so many choices when it comes to choosing a major in college, it’s easier to just pick one and go with it until you’ve graduated. This will prove to be challenging for students further into studying, especially when you no longer have an idea what you’re doing and you’re caught in between massive coursework and an existential crisis. Don’t carry that feeling all the way to after graduation. Choosing a college major is not an overnight decision, take your time and consider whatever you have to consider before making a decision. Try to start thinking about what you want to do and what you’re good at as early as your junior year in high school. By doing so, you’ll also have a head start in researching that major and look up which  college or university offer the best program for that major.  

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