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A brief overview of the APA academic style

Maybe you are wondering what an APA paper is. Is it a paper that discusses the evolution of the APA citation style? Is it a paper on the history of the American Psychological Association, from which it derived its name? The answer is neither. You are correct to discern that it might be a paper that employs the APA academic style, in the same manner that other papers use the Chicago, MLA, or Harvard styles. In essence, the term APA paper is incorrect because the proper way to postulate it is "APA-style paper."  But for the sake of simplification in this context, the term APA paper will be used. An APA paper is one that uses the APA academic style while discussing any topic in the following fields of study: psychology, nursing, education, anthropology, and psychiatry. This is owed to the evolution of the APA system, which has come to pertain to a comprehensive system of writing conventions that had set forth guidelines on how to write empirical reports, how to cite related literature, and how to address other related problems in the preparation to write an essay, research paper, dissertation, case study, and other academic writing pieces. 

A citation style as rigid as the APA style certainly did not develop overnight, did it? It drives one to ask, what are the benefits of having such a definite set of standards that most scientific papers adhere to?

As a result of its pervasive presence in the arena of research and scientific publishing, the APA style manages to unite the writing manner of a vast community of researchers, educators, and scientists worldwide. APA did not develop just recently, however; it has been present, along with psychology's breakthroughs the past century, from the 1920s onward. The formation of the necessities of the academic style can be credited to the joint effort of two notable figures in 20th century psychology - Edward B. Titchener and James McKeen Cattell, and what they deemed as the practical remedy to the "information overload" that sideswiped the scientific community in the 1920s. This was the response to the exponential growth of psychology as a field of study, when it evolved from being just an ordinary discipline to an all-encompassing study that overlapped with medicine, sociology, education, and ethics, among others. The auspicious progress of psychology and its related fields continues well into the 21st century, so naturally, all papers in fields that more or less employ the tenets of psychology will have to use the citation style. 

Therefore, in its most basic context, an APA paper is any academic paper within the aforementioned fields of study.

APA paper writing

APA paper writing is complicated and confusing because it requires you to follow a strict format in order for it to be considered accurate and credible, adding to the already complex task of scientific writing. This is especially important in psychology and related fields because it allows researchers to link their ideas to other research papers, something that is vital in the development of new concepts. All great writing in the field of psychology and other related studies will amount to nothing if you don't have mastery of the APA style. Correspondingly, every detail in an APA paper must be scrutinized because a single mistake could cause you to lose your credibility. If you are confident about writing the paper but discouraged due to your scarcity of knowledge on the intricacies of the APA system, here at CustomEssayMeister, you can choose to buy from our APA paper writing service. It's your choice - whether have your already finished paper be edited and formatted in APA style, or if you want the entire paper written from scratch altogether using the APA style. 

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