Should I Hire An Essay Writer?

Hiring an essay writer or purchasing writing services online is no longer a trend. It is now the norm due to the ever-increasing academic load of college students. While the decision to hire essay writers seems harmless, it has to be remembered that the Internet is full of scams. A student contemplating to hire an essay writer needs to scrutinize the company whose services he or she will purchase.

Nowadays, hiring an essay writer has become such a popular practice among college students that we have decided to put together this page and talk about the advantages and disadvantages of having someone to write your term paper or essay as opposed to working on it yourself. A typical situation is a college or university student overwhelmed with written assignments and personal life problems looking for a quick solution. Typing a few words on a keyboard and entering a search command into Google or Yahoo will give at least a hundred essay writing services and all of them will try their best to convince you into spending your hard-earned cash on their wonderful last minute deal writing service. The bitter truth is that many of these students will get ripped off by fraudulent websites, or worse, compromise their personal or financial information. A student seeking the help of a writer for hire, or a professional essay writer, must be very discerning. After all, the future is partly determined by academic performance. 

The undeniable fact is this: hiring writers is a common practice among college students because it has become a necessity. The life of a 21st century college student is light years busier than twenty, thirty years ago. The invention of the essay writer concept was born out of necessity. The best essay writer online is what you need, an essay writer online that is professional and competent. In short, a company that boasts of the best essay writers online should do the trick. 

 Is it worth it to hire someone to write your essays? Finish this review before arriving at a decision.

Reasons for Hiring a Writer

  • Lack of time. College is full of writing tasks. Every subject, even the non-major ones, calls for at least a few writing assignments every semester. Combine this with the student’s need to focus on his major which requires plenty of studying and writing, and his hands are tied. The same dilemma is faced by working students who are too fatigued to write their own paper. In both cases, hiring a writer then becomes the most advisable move. 
  • Lack of ability. Writing is a skill that requires years to develop. Many people are not adept at writing simply because they are not inclined towards it or because they are not trained enough. However, it has to be emphasized that a student’s lack of writing skill does not necessarily translate to lack of intelligence. Aside from being a skill, it is also passion that is continuously honed. For this reason, hiring a writer is the most practical move for those who are challenged at writing. An essay writer should be able to address all your concerns, understand your fears, and alleviate all worries.
  • English as second language. Hiring a writer is the most common go-to move of immigrant students who are still acclimating themselves to the intricacies of the English language. 
  • Burnout. The truth is college is heaping full of activities aside from the students’ major and writing assignments. Take extracurricular activities, for instance. The college student’s hectic schedule disallows them from having time for equally important things in life – friends, family, and interests. 

Ensure Credibility

When you hire a writer, you should always go with a company rather than an individual, unless you are absolutely sure of that person's professionalism and honesty. If you deal with a time-tested company, you can always be sure that your money is safe, providing you pay by credit card. 

We suggest that you always study the company's site in great detail and pay attention to the following things: order form, client testimonials, and terms of service. An established business will have a detailed contract stating the rights and obligations of both parties. Client testimonials are also very important, if you want to hire a writer, or specifically, an essay writer. Established writing sites will have hundreds of genuine client testimonials.

Work is Done According to your Specifications

Once you are sure of the writer’s expertise and the company’s credibility, the benefits are simply too many to mention.  One is you can liken an expert writer to an extension of yourself, or better yet, a writer version of you. For instance, your paper is a college admission essay. Since you already more or less have an idea of what you want written and just do not have the vocabulary to execute the task, your writer will serve as the instrument in the transmission of your expressed ideas and thoughts into writing. In such a way, you can be sure that the admission essay is a realistic reflection of yourself, which definitely boosts your chances of getting admitted to your college of choice. One thing to remember: a reputable company, because of their vast experience in academic writing, their writers are very sensitive to the clients’ needs. On top of their university, Master’s, and PhD credentials, are qualities that make the experience a whole lot better – respectful, timely, and sensitivity to the client’s needs and preferences. The consummate essay writer, so to speak.

Custom Work

Students conned by fly-by-night writing service companies online cannot be blamed. Their mistake is one that was caused by desperation, and in some cases, by lack of options. These unscrupulous companies that ripped them off promise easy remedies to all academic writing problems of students. Their remedy, in hindsight, turned out to be yet another problem. Why? Their remedy is stock, recycled, or worse, chaotic “copy + paste” papers that will not pass even the weakest plagiarism detection machine. As a student, you must understand that your academic performance partly determines your future. There is too much at stake to be reckless in trusting these unworthy writing service companies. This is where the importance of custom written papers comes into play. Always go with a company that guarantees custom written work. If you are wondering what a custom paper is, it is one that is written from scratch, crafted solely from your instructions, proofread, and run through strict quality control measures to ensure its originality. With a custom written paper, you can be sure that whatever your paper is, it will be your unique personal property for life, never to be recycled or resold to other poor, desperate, and unsuspecting students. Our company's essay writers know this by heart.


Many companies boast of a United States or United Kingdom address to entice clients. While they could be telling the truth about their location, companies stationed in the US or UK are exposed to laws that could command them to disclose client information. Your personal information should not be accessible to any third party. A premier writing service company guarantees total confidentiality at all times. For that reason, we at CustomEssayMeister are headquartered in Hong Kong to further safeguard and guarantee the privacy of our clients. Your essay writer is waiting for you.

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