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Our site visitors often come ask: "Why are your essays not cheap? I have found such a wonderful site with essays that are so much cheaper than yours. What's wrong?" The answer is very simple: cheap essay equals "cheap grade".

Cheap essays, ha?

There’s nothing wrong in seeking cheap alternatives, especially if you are a College student on a budget. That paper is needed urgently and nearing its required deadline. Many students can’t find the time, energy, and inspiration to write on the spot, and that is an uncomfortable situation. There may be no other options left but to look for cheap essays, but will that have an effect on the quality of the essay? You betcha!

Here's what really happens under the hood. We do not consider ourselves a cheap essay provider because selling cheap essays means hiring cheap essay writers. Then, if we follow that path we give our clients "a cheap grade".

What is a "cheap grade"?

A "cheap grade" is an F or academic expulsion. Simple as that! Thousands of students use essay writers for their essays and term papers, however, for some the experience is quite dramatic. Not only do they pay the essay writer their full fee, but also they end up getting caught and accused of academic dishonesty. The reason why that happened was because the essay writer never wrote the essay. Instead, he or she used the essay that was written for another client before and resold it. When the professor got the essay and tested it for plagiarism, the whole story came up!

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You ask for "cheap essays", we come back with "affordable"

When you are buying an essay you are checking the pric What is an affordable essay? 

CustomEssayMeister is the industry leader when it comes to affordable essays that are of superb quality. There’s no need to worry that the paper is messy and hard to understand. There is no need to be worried about cheap essay writers that cheat the client and resell previously completed essays. We value our work and we make sure to provide nothing less than optimum service. Our expert writers are more than capable of providing essays that are 100% original, plagiarism-free, and most of all, on-time.

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  • Excellent Quality. First and foremost, we deliver high quality and the best kind of writing suited for you. You don’t have to settle for less just because you paid less. Affordable essays aren’t meant to be of poor quality because of its reachable price. Our writers possess exceptional academic qualifications and they, without a doubt, produce impeccable work.
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Here at CustomEssayMeister, we understand the demand for cheap essays. Not all students can afford high prices – given that they are still young and all the money they have come from their parents. Luckily, we've got an alternative. Affordable essays are here for you! We write custom-written essays on various topics, including admissions essay, comparative essay, among many others. Just name it and we’d be happy to deliver. Aside from essays, we also offer services for:

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Writers from CustomEssayMeister are among the best in the industry. The application process for writers in CustomEssayMeister is rigid and thorough, and we make sure we hire only professional and expert writers – all of them are qualified, guaranteed. Our writers are consummate professionals and it's ensured they have earned degrees in their respective fields of study – Master’s and PhD degrees. The writers we have are among the top reasons why we are on high demand. They possess a perfect command of academic English, equipping them with unmatched academic writing prowess. CustomEssayMeister attests to the excellent quality our writers deliver.

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