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Writing an MLA-style paper is an academic task every student has to experience. This citation style is necessary for papers related to literary and language courses. Such dull work can be escaped, so let us help you with that!

We have all been students once. We, too, once sat in front of the computer for hours hacking our brains writing a research paper in MLA style, short for Modern Language Association. Writing a research paper can place an incredible pressure on any student’s shoulders. Not everyone is fully capable to write A+ MLA papers for various reasons, through no fault of theirs. The MLA research paper is typically assigned as final assignments for college students on courses such as English, Literature, Creative Writing, and others in the humanities sphere. If your major is filled with similar subjects, then it is certain that all your academic papers should be written in MLA citation style. 

Why learning the MLA style is important

Learning the MLA style has two major purposes: the paper is meant to exhibit a student’s research and writing skills, as well as improve one's ability to write in MLA format. These skills are useful throughout college, as well as post-graduate studies in related fields of study, and work, hence, schools place great emphasis on these skills in the curriculum for college freshmen. Simultaneous with learning the features and behavior of the MLA citation style is your acquisition of knowledge in writing a great deal of language, literature, creative writing, and humanities papers - religion, philosophy, music, art, and history. While it is possible to learn both at once, some students still struggle, especially those who are not majoring in a related field. All academic styles are highly technical by default, making it a constant part of any editing checklist for higher grades. This technical aspect then requires a significant amount of time since a single comma can be an error - fortunately, CustomEssayMeister can do the formatting as well as the proofreading for you.

History of the MLA academic style

The Modern Language Association is a professional association established in 1883 by academicians and educators headed by Aaron Marshall Elliott in New York City. Its establishment was directed at fortifying the study of literature and language. Its founding has since provided scholars, teachers, and students alike with the uniformity with which to give credit to scholarly borrowings. While the academic style is appropriately attributed to the association, students today see the MLA as just a citation style, similar to Chicago, Harvard, and APA. Now, to correct a popular misconception, the MLA style was developed by the aforementioned circle of academics determined to make the study of literature and language a staple of American curricula, and it is still in operation up until today, remaining both a professional association and advocacy group. While American in origin, the MLA from thereon became the globally recognized and accepted citation style when writing papers in English, literature, and humanities fields.

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