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This generation of college students entered college knowing how tough the job market is. Companies do not just want a fresh graduate with good grades, they want someone with a well-rounded experience. As a result, students feel the need to join numerous extracurricular activities, which they need to balance with their studies, social life, and eventually, internship for four years or so. But with academic written assignments increasing in number and complexity, it’s easy to be overwhelmed.

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The counterproductive effects of written assignments

Writing different types of school and college assignments gets old very quickly, especially, when you are trying to major in a discipline which is very important to your heart. Fact is, writing an assignment is time-consuming, for the ideas have to be well-thought, and of course, well-written. What many educational institutions seem to miss is that there is a fine line between holistic formation of students and drowning them in unnecessary written assignments. 

With assignments continuously piling up, it’s hard to keep track of what has been done and what has not been started yet. It is hard to focus on a single assignment when you have a lot of requirements from different subjects and the deadline is approaching fast. Worry no more! You are no longer alone, we are here to help you.

Overwhelmed? How to manage your college workload

It is one thing to manage your time wisely, another to actually learn and accomplish your assignments correctly. As a college student, you will be expected to do self-studying before and after classes. You are expected to process the information provided by your professor and integrate that in your insights from reading materials and previous lessons. With at least 15 credits per semester, you will be doing this more times than you can imagine. So, how do you squeeze in this much workload in your schedule? Here are some ways that have helped other students manage their workload in college or university:

Remove distractions during study time blocks

Turn your undivided attention to your studies or assignment. Distractions compromise your brain’s performance and thus slow down your work. Removing distractions such as social media and TV will help you study more effectively and efficiently.

Listen to music while studying

You can enhance your focus and productivity by listening to music while studying . The jury is still out as to the best genre for this purpose. Some studies say that classical music is the best for this purpose, while other studies concluded that sounds of nature work best. However, another study says that simply listening to music that you like is conducive to productivity and in the production of new ideas. Additionally, music can uplift your mood and help reduce stress. In the end, you decide what genre of music works best for you.

Don’t just read!

You probably have hundreds of pages to read for the semester, and chances are you are going to just run through them. Don’t. Skimming your class readings will guarantee that you will forget them the next week. Here is what you should do instead:

  • Read aloud. If you’re in an area that allows you to read aloud, this can help you better remember information for later.
  • Take notes. Type up difficult and important information so you can look them up quickly later on.
  • Highlight important passages. Revisit these passages later on so you can better reflect on them.

These practices encourage you to go over your reading materials at least twice and to process the information. You may be thinking that this will only take up more time, but this actually helps your brain retain information in the long-term. You will see the pay off later on during the finals when you find that you still remember lessons from the first month of the semester.

Join study groups

Study groups are a fun way to learn. Through them, students are able to discuss and share their ideas with each other. You can fill in gaps in each other’s notes. These will help you learn lessons faster while also honing your people skills for the future.

The great thing about study groups is you and your peers can help each other. Although it may take up a few hours, it is the best venue for seeking help from your peers when you need it.

Focus on Learning

As a college student, you are susceptible to a lot of additional activities. These may not always contribute to your learning. And although some activities, such as parties, extracurricular activities, and even certain written assignments, have some positive contributions, too much of these can be detrimental. When you order assignment help online, you are getting additional help from a professional writer. A professional writer hired here can speed up your learning by letting you focus on what is important. Instead of tripping over a difficult written assignment, you will get assignment help and answers to your questions so that you can move on with your learning. When there is no help around, getting stuck with a college assignment will do nothing good. You can’t do it all, and neither can you rely on your classmates (who are probably having the same difficulties as you). So, on whom can you rely?

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We have seen too many students riddled with anxiety. They often find themselves missing social and family events as well as extracurricular activities just to work on a written assignment. It is indeed a huge challenge having to balance those three important aspects of your life as a student. You might have even considered asking a classmate, “hey can you write my essay, can you write me an assignment?” That’s a little risky, isn’t it? CustomEssayMeister is a secure writing service that can give you your own assignment writers who will write your assignments for you. These writers can work on any type of assignments, such as:

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