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What is a dissertation? Is it the same as a thesis?

A dissertation is a research document that students are required to accomplish as part of their Master’s or PhD degrees. A thesis is the culmination of a bachelor's and master's degree program, while a dissertation is written and wrapped for a doctorate/PhD degree. As a thesis seeks to demonstrate the spectrum of knowledge you have acquired during your early academic years, a dissertation aims to contribute new knowledge to the field of study for you to earn a doctorate degree. The point of a dissertation is to develop a unique concept in the field, develop it, defend its validity, and stack that piece of knowledge for the academic and professional community. A dissertation is the most important piece of academic writing for post-graduate students. Both a dissertation and a thesis require rigorous research, however, what distinguishes a dissertation from an undergraduate thesis is its complexity and specificity. It requires extensive planning; and the Master’s or PhD student is expected to offer something original that will significantly contribute to the current literature of their respective field, for the benefit of future researchers. Basically, as a Master’s and PhD student, you are no longer a learner; you are already a contributor to the professional field you belong with.

Dissertation writing is comprised mainly of research and data gathering. Writing, which produces the final document of your dissertation, usually takes a backseat until the latter stage of the dissertation process. Yet it is not something that can be neglected. Usually, Master's and PhD students are already exhausted from data gathering and other steps of the research process that they don’t have the energy to write a dissertation that sounds formal and professional, and it is often required to juggle dissertation writing with your profession because we understand that you need to pay for your post-graduate degree and manage your time wisely. That's what our dissertation writing service is here for.

Dissertation proposal

The most gruelling step when it comes to dissertation writing is the topic selection and topic proposal. Depending on your post-graduate program, it can take one to two years to work on your dissertation. This step is crucial as your chosen dissertation topic could be, ideally, the field of study you will focus on for the rest of your professional life. So, your dissertation topic should be something that you find interesting and worthy of your time. We have examples of marketing dissertation topics you can look at to start your research process. It would also help if you consider these various angles to coming up with a dissertation topic. You can consider topics that are: 

  • Entirely new 
  • Relatively new, but needs further proof
  • Research gap filler
  • Recommendation continuation

Data-gathering for your dissertation

From identifying your dissertation topic, you will figure out which type of dissertation you will be pursuing. Generally speaking, dissertations can be classified between quantitative and qualitative research. Each of these two types of research has different sub-types. It is necessary to first define the scope of your topic before you identify whether you will be delving in a qualitative or a quantitative dissertation. Keep in mind that it is also possible to engage in a mixed-methods research, if your dissertation topic requires it. Choosing the appropriate methodology for your dissertation can be tricky, so very specific when planning your data-gathering strategies.

Writing the dissertation

Actual writing constitutes only a small segment of the dissertation writing process all in all. That is why there is a tendency for post-graduate students to underestimate the weight of writing to the dissertation writing process. Majority of a Master’s or PhD student’s time will likely be devoted to reading, data gathering, and even consultation with your dissertation adviser. Your writing will produce the final document that will be read by your thesis adviser, dissertation committee, potentially your future employers, and future researchers. How you write directly affects other researchers’ and professionals’ impression and understanding of your research. Your dissertation’s writing and formatting needs to be perfect, hence, you need to refresh your mind with the following:

  1. APA Referencing and Formatting Guide
  2. MLA Academic Writing Style
  3. Chicago Referencing Guide
  4. Harvard Referencing and Formatting Guide

Defending your dissertation

While you need to worry about the final and everlasting impression of your dissertation, you also need to impress the dissertation committee - the panel. The panel is composed of at least four professors or experts in the field of research, and is meant to critique your dissertation in its entirety. They will certainly read your dissertation and then have you discuss and justify your research. They will most certainly ask critical questions about your dissertation, so, be ready to eloquently answer any question regarding your research and defend your choices throughout the research process. A foolproof dissertation PowerPoint presentation comes in handy at this point. Your presentation should include all the necessary details that will help the committee understand your dissertation, and nothing more.

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