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Anyone who has been through college would tell you that the transition from high school to college is a difficult process. Apart from the pressures of graduating from high school, applying to a college involves a lot of requirements. It is no wonder why so many students are eager to learn how to minimize the stress of college admissions. But between tons of paperwork and application forms to fill out, perhaps there’s no other more important piece of writing you’ll ever produce than your admission essay. If you’re yet to write this, you might have some questions of your own. What is a college admission essay? How do you write an admission essay? What should you write in an admission essay? In this post, we will look at what an admission essay is and discuss ways to successfully write this paper.

What is a College Admission Essay?

A college admission essay is a piece of writing that applicants submit to colleges as part of the application process. Colleges usually require this essay to learn more about their applicants. This requirement is often read by college admission officers who are responsible for reviewing students’ applications. The basic purpose of an admission essay, therefore, is to show who you are as a student and as a person. An admission essay describes aspects of you in ways that your transcript or standardized test scores cannot.

Why is the Admission Essay Important?

You might be wondering why an admission essay is important. There’s a simple answer to this question. Admission essays help schools determine who gets accepted. Every year, thousands of students apply for limited slots in colleges. A lot of these students are more or less the same when it comes to academic credentials: their grades may all be As or Bs, they may have equally extensive extracurricular activities, and their standardized test scores may be the same. With such uniform performances, it is necessary for admission officers to consider other aspects. This is where the admission essay comes in.

An admission essay tells a lot about the student who wrote it. It reflects a student’s personality, character, and values. It reveals what makes a student unique. A well-written college admission essay can make a student stand out from the rest. A student whose essay impresses admission officers is more likely to get accepted. In other words, an admission essay can make or break your application. For this reason, it is important for you to craft a brilliant essay. As the college application environment becomes more competitive, writing a good essay is no longer enough. An essay needs to be brilliant and dazzling and one-of-a-kind to capture its reader’s attention.

Strategies for Writing a Brilliant College Admission Essay

While it’s clear that the college admission essay is essential for you to enter your college of choice, it also plays an important role in your life in general. The admission essay is your key to college. You will not be able to easily enter a college if you don’t write your admission essay. It is in your interest to write the best admission essay that you can come up with. But writing an admission essay is a difficult task. There is no reason to pretend that it is simple and easy. Students must take it seriously. With that being said, there are strategies that can guide you toward success.

A. Choosing a Topic

Most schools assign topics to the students or make students choose from a short list of topics. If the topic is assigned to you, then you have to write an essay that addresses this topic. But if you are made to choose a topic, then it is best if you choose a topic that you are interested in. Firstly, choosing a topic you find interesting will make the writing process more enjoyable for you. Writing about a topic that bores you, on the other hand, will make the task unbearable. Remember, though, to keep the topic relevant, fresh, and appropriate. Some of the topics that you should avoid include offensive subject matters, experiences reflecting extremely terrible judgment, and stories that make you look arrogant or aggressive. If you think you need to learn more about potential topics before deciding on one, it would be wise to check out popular admission essay topics assigned by schools across the country.

B. Follow the Instructions

As mentioned earlier, admission officers read college admission essays to learn more about applicants. But another purpose of this requirement is to show if students are capable of following instructions. While you are expected to show creativity and insight, you’re still bound by the rules of the task. For example, your paper has to be on topic if you are assigned one, it should meet the required word count, it should adhere to the prescribed format, and it should be free of grammatical and typographical errors. So make sure you read the instructions carefully and do your best to follow them.

C. Avoid Repetitions

There is a reason why the admission essay is a separate requirement. As discussed earlier, its purpose is to show the admission officer who you are. The essay is not the time for you to talk about your grades or your extracurricular activities. Admission officers do not want to read details about you in the essay if they already read those same details in your transcript, curriculum vitae, or cover letter. The essay should be about the topic assigned and should offer fresh details about you.

D. Dazzle Your Reader with Your Creativity

You may have already noticed that prompts for admission essays usually involve personal experiences. For example, prompts often require you to talk about a memorable experience, an episode in your life that helped you grow, and your dreams and aspirations among others. Such topics often require you to reveal who you are as a person. When writing your essay, do not be afraid to show your authentic self. How do you write a college essay about yourself? Simple: with sincerity and honesty. Do not shy away from showing a little vulnerability. Writing about an experience that taught you a valuable lesson, for instance, can make for a good story to tell your reader. Remember, however, to steer clear of writing clichés. Reflect deeply and write an essay that admission officers will find fresh, heartfelt, and even surprising.

Writing creatively also requires you to avoid dry language. Write concisely and effectively. You have limited space, so make sure that every word you write counts. For example, rather than write “very excited,” use the word “exhilarated” instead. Choosing the right word enables you to save space and enhance your essay’s precision. Include vivid descriptions in your essay. The strategies that you learned from writing a descriptive essay are valuable in this task. Learn to use literary devices and techniques. Such practices will lend your essay color.

E. Edit and Proofread

It goes without saying that you should start writing your essay at the earliest time possible. Writing is a long process. Waiting until the last minute to write your paper can spell disaster. Admission officers are clever people—they know if a student exerted effort in crafting a well-written essay or rushed it overnight. Do not treat your first draft as the final copy; instead, edit it a few times. A good technique for effective editing is leaving your essay alone and returning to it after a few days. Taking a break from writing will help you read your essay with fresh eyes. This in turn will allow you to identify mistakes better and see parts that can be improved. Finally, make sure you thoroughly proofread your essay. Admission officers will not bother finishing your essay if they see so many errors.

F. Enlist Professional Help

The importance of a good college admission essay cannot be overstated. College plays a huge role in how your professional life will turn out. Having the time and skill to write a college admission essay, however, is a privilege that not everyone has. If you feel that you need help in accomplishing a task that has a great impact on your future, it would be wise to enlist the assistance of a professional writer.

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