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A comparison essay is a paper that requires you to compare at least two topics. These differ depending on the assignment given to you. You might be asked to compare perspectives on a certain issue, such as midwifery in Canada and the United States, or even theories like the difference between capitalism and communism.

Choosing the correct idea for your comparison paper is the most vital part of writing a good compare and contrast paper. You need to carefully select the subjects for comparison which you are interested in, in order to keep you engaged on the entire process. For a more effective compare contrast writing, avoid choosing complicated topics. Remember that keeping your reader’s attention and curiosity is just as crucial.

Writing a comparison essay can be tricky, but we have gathered a basic outline as to what a compare and contrast paper should look like. The outline is as follows:


This is an important part of the essay, requiring you to give an informative glimpse of your entire discussion to your audience. You have to remember to be concise at all times in presenting information in a way that will hook your reader. Their curiosity should be tickled, leaving them to want to know the answer and delve further into your work. Also keep in mind that your contrast and compare essay could be against what they currently believe in, so how do you persuade them to read on?


The body of comparison essays usually consists of three paragraphs. The format, however, varies depending on the subjects for comparison, as well as the complexity of their differences and similarities. The first paragraph should contain the important traits of one of the subjects being presented. The background of the alternative needs to be discussed on the second paragraph, while the third should discuss both the subjects and their relation and comparison to each other. 

In writing a comparison contrast essay, you need to make sure that the language you use is clear and understandable. Your text should be factual and objective, to aid the readers to get the full picture of your discussion.

Some academic scholars consider compare/contrast essay writing as one of the easiest forms of scholarly writing. They mainly attribute this fact to the tendency to compare everything and everyone people encounter on a daily basis. Like all writing projects, however, writing comparison essays comes with some rules. 

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Contrast and Compare Writing Essay Topics

These kinds of essay are mostly required on literature and media programs, where students are required to compare or contrast two or more pieces of videos or writing. To write a compare and contrast paper means being able to show how the text are similar and different from each other at the same time. For instance, the text could both contain similar themes, but are on either side of the argument. Compare or contrast essays are also utilized by science courses, where students are tasked to compare and contrast theories. 

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