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What is a dissertation?

A dissertation is the final academic writing which showcases your aptitude and knowledge in conducting a research project. A dissertation is a formal research document containing first-hand research data and analysis, even to the littlest detail and variable - this means that every part of a dissertation should be original and supported. All dissertations, regardless of the data-gathering technique, are presented in a standard way which includes its key elements:

  1. Research Question/s or Hypotheses
  2. Research Rationale
  3. Literature Review
  4. Research Methodology
  5. Findings and Analysis

Technically, a dissertation is a much more profound, specific, and well-structured research paper, plus the fact that the difficulty of the research topic is heightened due to the scope and type of data necessary to build the study. A dissertation needs to seek answers and provide explanations to a specific subject using the data that is gathered via first-hand research techniques such as interviews and surveys, among others, because a dissertation does not and cannot rely solely on review of related literature. A dissertation being just a summary of related readings is just a myth that a lot of students believe in because a dissertation is actually a research paper that you need to craft on your own carefully. Best topics for dissertation

What are the best topics I can use for a dissertation?

The challenge in writing a dissertation is the very first step: identifying the best research topic in consideration of your interests, knowledge, and the availability of research materials. Here are a few topics that can kickstart your ideas:

1. Social Studies.  Social studies is a huge umbrella of research topics because it covers basically every qualitative study. Check out the best Social Studies topics and great research paper topics to spark a few ideas related to your course.

2. Technology.  Arguably, technology can be placed under Social Studies - in fact, any topic you can come up with has an aspect under social studies. However, technology is a good choice too because of the prolific and continuous innovations.

3. Politics. Politics and law  can stand vis-a-vis social issues studies because these two are closely related. Our law dissertation writers can offer you various topics that are relatively new in the field. This is an ace up your sleeves because universities require dissertations to be focused on new areas of study to expand the industry. 

4. Marketing.  Another area in which research topics are best for dissertations is the marketing industry. Marketing also continues to prosper and techniques get more innovative as technology takes another step forward.

5. Biology.  With various controversial issues concerning objective Sciences such as LGBTQ rights and abortion, Biology has become a great area to zero in on when writing a dissertation.

What is the difference between a research paper and a dissertation?

The differences between a research paper and a dissertation can be a little confusing because a dissertation is in fact a research paper, but the catch is a research paper cannot be a dissertation. The differences lie in five key elements: purpose, data-gathering, scope, defense, and structure. A research paper can simply be an academic document that literally revisits pre-published studies about a specific topic, while a dissertation seeks to provide new information about a specific topic. Specifically:

  1. Dissertations are written with a minimum of ten pages, while research papers can be as short as three pages.
  2. Research papers are written entirely once, while a dissertation is written in parts and each part has to be defended against a set of educators called a "panel".
  3. A dissertation is justified using information that the researcher or the author has gathered personally over time, while a research paper is just a representation of a study that has been written before.
  4. Research papers serve as a summary of available information, while dissertations present a new concept aiming to debunk or extend a previous study.

What is the structure of a dissertation?

Structures may vary depending on the type of dissertation you are writing, especially if your dissertation is scientific, but, in general, dissertations have the following main sections:

  1. Research Question/s or Hypotheses. The research question or the hypothesis is the lead of a dissertation. The research questions serve as the anchor to ensure that the dissertation goes in the correct direction. The hypothesis determines all the rest of the information necessary to complete the dissertation, starting from the literature review down to the conclusion where the question must be answered or where the hypothesis must be proved or disproved. Your research question is the very epitome of your dissertation because you are writing the study to answer that question.
  2. Research Rationale. The research rationale is literally the part where you discuss the importance of your research topic. This is where you present your critical thinking and reasoning using the information you gathered because you have to defend the significance of researching your topic.
  3. Literature Review. The review of related literature or simply literature review is the collection of your analyses of the reading or academic sources you studied. Remember that an effective literature review is not a summary of all the related published studies, academic journals, or any other academic source, but rather a synthesis of all those works to justify your reasoning and answer your research question.
  4. Research Methodology. This is the most crucial part of writing a dissertation. Aside from identifying the feasibility of the subject for study, the researcher must make sure that the proper and most appropriate research methods will be used to gather the necessary data. There are three general types of dissertations based on research methodology: qualitative study, quantitative study, and mixed research or mixed methods study. (Mixed Methods Study: Qualitative and quantitative methods are utilized simultaneously in the same study). This a solitary chapter in a dissertation, and is meant to be as detailed as possible.
  5. Conceptual and Theoretical Frameworks.  Technically, this is the most confusing part of writing a dissertation. A conceptual framework and a theoretical framework are two different research frameworks, however, both present the line of thought of the researcher formally and are commonly presented by using a diagram. Note that a conceptual framework maps out the action plan to address the research questions, whereas a theoretical framework maps out the reasoning for why you came up with your research questions.
  6. Findings and Analysis. The findings and analysis section reveals the results of your study. For instance, this is where you present the figures you have gathered via survey or the discussions you had with your respondents or any other information you gathered using your first-hand data-gathering techniques and interpreting those results in relation to your research question. The key is to not just summarize your data but to actually interpret the information it represents.
  7. Conclusion. Form your conclusions addressing – proving or disproving – your research questions, anchoring from your results. Remember: Do not simply summarize your dissertation. You need to offer challenging notions, for example, you may endorse further theories that your readers can research in the future.

What academic style should I use for my dissertation?

An academic style is a specific writing style in citing the sources or references utilized by the researcher in his or her dissertation or any other academic writing project. There is no universal rule on which academic style should be used in writing a dissertation, however, it is generally acknowledged that APA 6 th Edition Style and Harvard Referencing Style are the best academic styles that a researcher can utilize in writing a dissertation. The university sets the academic style for as well as the other academic formatting for students who are taking research or dissertation writing. Some universities utilize MLA or Chicago Referencing Style, but dissertations written in Chicago or MLA style are not as prolific as those written following APA or Harvard style.

Is it possible to order a custom-made or custom dissertation online? 

What is a custom dissertation?

A custom dissertation or custom-made dissertation is a dissertation you can purchase online and is written based on your instructions from scratch – basically, the exact opposite of a ready-made dissertation. A custom dissertation is acquired via online writing services, the fear is how to ensure that you will get the dissertation you need. There are a lot of ghostwriting websites available to get a customized dissertation, however, you need to be very careful in choosing a site to avoid online writing services scams. Be wary of sites that are promising impossible turnaround time or an immediate high grade for such intricate writing. Note that a dissertation takes at least three months to be completed, but that amount of time is still a great challenge. A custom dissertation promised to be delivered to you immediately is most likely a recycled paper only, not custom-made, hence, opposing the very idea of a ‘custom dissertation’.

Why should I get a custom dissertation? Because a custom dissertation is written just for you by a professional dissertation author/ghostwriter based on your own input.

What are the benefits of getting a custom dissertation?

  1. You will have more time to cover other activities. The truth is writing a mere research paper takes a significant amount of time, what more is an extra extensive research paper? Many students juggle part-time jobs, personal activities, and dissertation writing all at once compromising the time meant to be spent on other activities. Situations may vary, but most of the time, a student will have to juggle various academic writing assignments while writing a dissertation and it is no surprise that the quality of the writing may be compromised because procrastination will become inevitable. Whatever the case, the bottom line is getting a custom dissertation from a legitimate writing service provider will definitely allow a student a great amount of time to deal with other academic requirements.
  2. Custom dissertations are well-written.  There are a lot of people who are a bit challenged when it comes to writing, and that is a huge problem especially because a dissertation is like a student’s magnum opus in his or her entire academic journey and is actually the final requirement to acquire a degree. The fact is no matter how great the visualization of your theoretical or conceptual framework is, it is still going to be difficult if you cannot explain it clearly in writing.
  3. Custom dissertations actually give you more control of your study.  Keep in mind that whatever you say shall be followed by the best online dissertation writing service to a T, hence, you have the power to actually control the flow of your dissertation. The best feature of getting a professional dissertation ghostwriter to handle the writing is you will have two pairs of eyes and two minds working on one project – this means that whatever your writer may have missed, you can determine, and your writer, being a professional, will inform you of various strategies that can make your dissertation better.

How do I know if a dissertation writing service is a scam?

How to avoid dissertation writing service scams?

Identifying whether an online writing service is a scam or not is not rocket science because most of the time, the red flags are right up your screen.

1. Check the grammar. Open up sample blog posts or free essays - if you cannot find one, then find another website. If you happen to stumble upon available essays, whether of limited view or not, check out their technical quality. Do not trust a writing service whose free readings are full of errors in grammar.

2. Try chatting with their team.  Many of these sites promise you 24/7 availability, and you can easily disprove that if you take a few minutes to try the site’s chat feature. If the operator always finds a way to make a sale rather than answer your questions or an automated message comes up once in a while, then you start should considering to visit other sites.

3. Do you trust their payment mediators?  Never ever try to purchase a custom dissertation from sites where payment mediators do not ring a bell to you. Your best bets are MasterCard, Visa, and PayPal, and if they do not have a payment mediator, go ahead and find a site that has one.

4. Ask a lot of questions.  A legitimate online writing service provider will be glad to address all your questions, and sometimes, offer you pieces of information that you need to know about before you decided if you will avail of their service.

5. Read their terms and conditions.  It should only take a few minutes. If the favor does not work both ways (confidentiality, pricing, revision rules, etc.), find a site that protects consumer rights as well as the rights of its writers.

Can I get a custom dissertation in 24 hours? 6 hours? 3 hours?

No, you cannot. Again, dissertations take at least three months to be completed because it requires extensive research and data synthesis, and if an online writing service provider offers you a dissertation that can be available in 24 hours, close that link and never visit that site again - remember that your custom dissertation should be written from scratch and original. What you should do is actually commence your research process or get professional help to assist you in crafting at least your dissertation proposal as soon as the task has been assigned to you. Our dissertation proposal help  is affordable. By getting a custom dissertation online, you can ensure that you have full control over where and how you want your dissertation to flow.

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