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While a literature review is crucial to writing a research paper, thesis, or dissertation , doing it can be challenging. What makes a literature review difficult is the nature of the project. It requires you to read not just one or two sources but instead critically engage with dozens of published materials and synthesize huge amounts of information.

Though this task is daunting, completing this project is not impossible if you have enough skill and tons of patience. But sometimes it feels like time is not on your side and the pressure just keeps pinning you down. If you are stuck, you might be in need of some assistance from a literature review writing service. In this post, we provide a guideline for writing this project and how enlisting literature review help from online writing companies can benefit you.

The importance of literature review

How to Write a Literature Review

Before discussing the benefits of getting lit review help from a literature review service, let’s first take a look at the project itself. Conducting a comprehensive literature review is a long and complicated process. But this does not mean it cannot be done. Knowing the proper steps makes the process more organized and therefore more efficient.

  1. Narrow the Topic. The first step is to narrow down the topic. Databases are filled with impossibly vast amounts of resources, which means you simply cannot conduct research without one area to focus on. One way to narrow the topic is by asking a specific question related to your topic.

  2. Conduct Research. Once you have sufficiently narrowed the topic, search for related literature. Use online databases like EBSCO, JSTOR, and ProQuest among others. Set inclusion and exclusion criteria such as date of publication, study designs, and outcomes among others to help you refine the results. For example, you can exclude articles that are older than ten years.

  3. Read and Evaluate the Articles. Once you have the adequate number of articles, start reading the articles and evaluating their content. Critically engage with the articles, checking to see if they are reliable. Try to break down content into its most essential parts. For example, try summarizing the entire article in a few sentences. Write down notes to help you remember details.

  4. Finalize the Sources. Keep in mind that you might have to discard some articles if they do not suit your purpose. That said, do not discard articles simply because they disagree with the others. It is essential that you remain unbiased. Focus your evaluation on quality rather than uniformity of findings.

  5. Synthesize. After reading the articles, bring all the knowledge you gathered together through synthesis. Remember that you should not merely repeat information; rather, you need to assemble them in such a way that they create a bigger picture. Make connections between the articles by identifying themes as well as pointing out commonalities and contrasts. Think of this as writing a conversation between the articles.

  6. Write the Draft. Create an outline and then write the draft. Present the connections you made through the synthesis in an organized manner. Avoid meandering. For instance, you may start by discussing themes that emerged from your analysis, followed by commonalities and contrasts. Whichever way you choose to discuss the literature, make sure your review is clear and coherent. Reading examples of literature review online should give you a better idea.

  7. Refine and Polish. Finalize the paper by adding an introduction and a conclusion. Note that even when the lit review is a chapter in a bigger work, you might still need opening and closing sections. Revise the paper a couple of times to improve the quality. Then finish the process by proofreading the paper twice to remove errors.

Completing a literature review is no doubt an exacting challenge. In some instances, you may spend days researching, reading, and analyzing everything. This is on top of the time you spend actually writing the paper. But while the process may be lengthy, progress is possible. You simply need to be extra careful, organized, and patient.

Why CustomEssayMeister is right for you

Why You Should Get Help with Writing a Literature Review Paper

Writing a literature review is a rewarding experience. But there are times when students simply cannot accommodate this project. As a student, you deal with other papers as well as examinations, reports, and extracurricular activities. All these can quickly become overwhelming. If you’re burnt out, it might be time for you to pay for literature review services and get these benefits in return.

  1. Saves Time and Energy. Let’s be honest. Who has the time and energy to write this project today? Students currently face so much coursework yet have so little time. Have a professional writer handle your assignment. The time and energy you save can be used on other productive activities, including simply taking a break for the sake of your health.

  2. High-Quality Content. Having an expert writer do your project ensures that the final output is of high quality. Professional writers have had plenty of experience with this type of paper, which makes the job far easier for them than it is for you. You no longer have to worry if what you write is good enough. Your writer will do that for you.

  3. Professionals Can Guide You. Expert writers also act as guides to their clients. They will be more than happy to discuss the nuances of the project with you to ensure that you understand its content. Such writers are also committed to meeting your instructions and will revise the paper for you free of charge.

Getting help with dissertation writing means getting help from a professional literature review writer who comes from respected academic institutions all over the world. They have the skill, knowledge, experience, time, and energy to complete your project. All you have to do is communicate with them so that they can write your paper according to instructions.

The Importance of Literature Review

The literature review is a crucial academic writing project, regardless if it’s an individual document or part of a larger work. So what makes this paper important? There are many answers to this question, but chief among them is the purpose the literature serves in relation to theses and dissertations. These are discussed below.

  1. Provides Overview and Context. A lit review provides a concise overview of the knowledge regarding the topic. In other words, it presents what is currently known about the topic. This may include established knowledge, new discoveries and innovations, and new areas for further exploration. In a way, the lit review gives both the writer and the reader perspective, allowing them both to understand where the thesis or dissertation is situated.

  2. Reveals Gaps in Knowledge. Since the lit review provides a concise overview of the current state of knowledge regarding the topic, it naturally also reveals the gaps present in the body of knowledge. These gaps, in turn, can serve as a gateway to further investigations. Well-crafted research questions often emerge from these gaps.

  3. Helps Establish Rapport. The presence of a literature review will help you build a strong connection with your readers. This helps them know that you did an excellent job writing your homework, and the paper is therefore credible. After all, a good research paper is basically a fact-searching and checking task.

  4. Helps Avoid Plagiarism. This helps people understand that although you have done research related to the work of others before you, you cite them in your work. You used their work to fortify yours, similar to how your work will be used by others in the future to help strengthen theirs. In short, having a literature review protects you from any threat of plagiarism.

  5. Hones Research Focus. As you gather evidence and support from other resources, you will be able to determine the relevance of your own research in the pool of many other papers on the same topic. This, of course, will further add to your credibility as a researcher.

As has been established, a literature review is not merely a regular part of a thesis or dissertation; rather, it is a crucial piece. A study is incomplete without it. It serves a number of purposes, chief among them the provision of context and the identification of gaps in current knowledge. It also gives credit to resources used and aids in sharpening the focus of the research.

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