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All postgraduate courses require candidates to conduct their own research, and this is in the form of a dissertation, also known as a thesis in some regions and academic settings. An excellent PhD dissertation must demonstrate a student's knowledge of the subject they have devoted years of their life studying. It requires rigorous research and a lot of time and attention, a step-by-step approach that cannot afford any errors, and meticulous writing.

The foundation of any successful dissertation is a good subject, which is often presented in a  dissertation proposal . A lot of post-graduate students spend months or even years just coming up with a suitable dissertation topic. But because this project is so complex, many students opt to enlist the help of a professional ghostwriting service that offers custom dissertation help.

However, not all academic ghostwriting services are reliable. A custom dissertation service may hook you in with the headline “buy cheap dissertations,” but it should go beyond highlighting low prices; it should also define each task included in the service including selecting the subject, drafting the outline, tying the loopholes, proofreading, and formatting among others.

How do you choose a good topic for this project? And if you choose to work with professional writers for hire, how do you ensure that you get the best custom dissertation writing help? In this post, we discuss the qualities of a suitable subject and why this is important. We also offer some examples of suitable subjects as well as look at how getting a custom dissertation help benefits you. 

What is a Good Dissertation Topic?

Among the most basic expectations in dissertations is that they should contribute something valuable in their field. A good topic will help build a strong project that will impress hiring committees and publications. Technically speaking, students can write about anything they want within their field of study. However, limitations arise when we take into account previous research studies and standards set by universities. Here are the characteristics of a good Masters and PhD topic:

1. Original

A good dissertation, first and foremost, must be original. It can be a follow-up study to an existing study that either proves or disproves the latter. It can also be an extension of an existing study or an entirely new area to which the researcher can open more doors for research.

The subject you choose should present something fresh. This does not mean that you need to establish a whole new theory or something similar; rather, it means presenting a fresh perspective, modifying or extending existing theories or methods, or synthesizing existing knowledge. The output should be able to present something new and valuable to the field about a subject that may already exist.

2. Relevant to the Field

A good topic is one that is of interest to the academe and other researchers in the field. Obscure subjects that researchers do not have use for will not be read, and therefore less likely to get published. Your subject should be becoming more popular in your field. When looking for possible thesis topics, look for gaps or unsolved problems. These would lead you to original and relevant subjects.

3. Related to Your Previous Research

This characteristic applies better to PhD candidates who may have engaged in more serious research for their master’s degree. But master’s candidates who find their undergraduate thesis still relevant to their interests and career may also find this useful. Start looking for inspiration in your previous research. You may choose an adjacent topic or expand or elaborate on your undergraduate thesis or master’s thesis subject. This is a good way to build on your previous experience.

4. Interesting for You

You will not only be spending a few semesters researching and writing about your chosen subject, but you will ideally be working on it after your post-graduate studies. It is not unusual for PhD candidates to continue conducting research as part of their professional life. Thus, the general subject should be something you are interested in, something you find worthy of your time.

5. Ambitious but Doable

PhD candidates either choose a topic that is too ambitious that their project ends up failing or too simplistic that it seems like an undergraduate research paper. Your doctoral thesis should tackle a subject matter that is ambitious enough to contribute substantially to the current literature while also remaining reasonably doable so that you minimize the risk of failing.

Consider these characteristics of a good topic when you start looking for subjects for your research. Take your time to look for inspiration for your focus and consult with your thesis advisor to make sure that you do not end up regretting your choice. Ideally, you choose one that you enjoy working on and not just something you feel like you need to do. 

The Importance of a Good Dissertation Topic

A strong PhD dissertation topic from the start is not only important for the success of your study, but it will also help you win funding. It can also help advance your career. Thus, it is not sufficient to receive a post-graduate diploma, but also to have written a good dissertation.

Well-chosen topics are the ones that the researchers are most passionate about. Also, it has to be determined as feasible by a set of panelists. Most importantly, it has to be manageable in consideration of the given time frame and resources.

As mentioned earlier, the topic is the foundation of a successful project. It will make the research process much more bearable by making the research interesting and manageable. A good subject strikes a balance between keeping your research feasible while also pushing you to your boundaries and keeping you engaged and motivated. That is, you should be able to produce output that is relevant and interesting enough for your contemporaries without taking on an overwhelmingly complex topic. If you decide to buy a cheap dissertation online, you need to make sure that the paper writer for hire assigned to your order knows how to choose a subject that you can defend on your own.

Having a good dissertation is, in a way, the factor that will make or break your dissertation. Remember that a cheap dissertation does not have to be equivalent to cheap quality. You just need to be on the right website.

If the chosen topic is uninteresting, it may drive you away from pursuing further research after your post-graduate studies. Meanwhile, an overwhelming subject may cause you to stop in the middle or submit subpar output. Considering that the topic alone can create a huge impact on the entirety of the work, most of our clients opt to have their assigned affordable ghostwriter study the subject lists. This is because our affordable dissertation writing service includes an initial outline prior to writing the chapters per se. This is to ensure that you have the wheel to drive the direction of your paper.

As implied, the project’s topic is the core of your project. This is why the writing process timeline devotes a long time to choosing a subject alone. Don’t rush this process; choose wisely. Get the best yet cheap custom dissertation writing service and get the best topic proposal from your writer. To give you a better idea of what a good topic looks like, here are a few sample thesis topics.

Sample PhD Dissertation Topics

What's great about studying is that the topics for research are endless. This is because one idea can branch into a few more ideas, and so on. Here are a few easy and feasible thesis topics that you can try to write.

Business Dissertation Topics

  • An Investigation Into The Impact Of Offshore Outsourcing Of Customer Service On The Quality Of Customer Service
  • An Assessment Of The Influences Of Regional Differences Between Countries In The Strategy Of Multinational Companies
  • How Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Affects Customer Loyalty In The United Kingdom
  • Assessing The Impact Of COVID-19 On Major Business Industries In The European Economic Area
  • Survey Of The Effects Of Brexit On UK-based Companies’ Management Of EU Operational Sites

Business Management Dissertation Topics

  • Leadership Lessons Learned In The Time Of COVID-19
  • A Comparison Of Risk Management Strategies To COVID-19 Of Multinational Companies
  • Influences Of A Diverse Management Team In Business Management
  • Communication And Conflict Management In The Time Of COVID-19
  • An Examination of New Businesses’ Dependence On Technology

International Business Paper Topics

  • A Study Of The Issues And Difficulties Faced In Managing A Globally Diverse Workforce
  • The Impact Of COVID-19 On Foreign Investment Patterns
  • Twenty-First Century Localization Strategies: A Coca-Cola Case Study
  • The Role Of Closed-Loop Supply Chain In Improving The Sustainability Of Global Business Practices
  • 2021 Challenges In Developing A Brand On The International Market

Finance Thesis Topics

  • Influences of Cryptocurrency On The US Economy
  • A Comprehensive Investigation Of Corporate Credit-Rating On The Banking-Sector
  • The Role Of The International Monetary Fund In Enhancing Financial Development In The Global South
  • An Empirical Investigation Of The Impact Of Foreign Direct Investment On Asian Economies
  • Trends In Financial Decision-Making Of Family-Owned Businesses in The US
  • The Impact Of Corporate Social Responsibility On Customer Loyalty

Accounting Thesis Topics

  • A Comparative Study Of The Various Methods Of Financial Accounting
  • The Issues, Challenges, and Prospects Of Environmental Accounting Measurements
  • Effective Bookkeeping Strategies Of Small- And Medium-Sized Businesses
  • A Report On The Digital Development Of The Financial Business In The US
  • A Review Of Management Accounting Innovations’ Contributions To Organizational Performance In Developing Countries

Marketing Dissertation Topics

  • The Impact Of Negative Publicity On Consumer Behavior
  • An Analysis Of The Effectiveness Of Discounts And Promotions As A Marketing Tool
  • The Impact Of European Laws On Shaping Marketing Strategies
  • On Consumer Boycotts: Lessons Learned From Nestle
  • The Relationship Between Marketing Ethics And Corporate Social Responsibility

Law Dissertation Topics

  • A Comprehensive Trade Unions Employment Legislation Analysis
  • Assessing The Relationship Between Public Safety And Civil Liberties In International Laws
  • International Human Rights Court Hearings: Evaluating The Importance Of Precedence
  • Comparison Of US And UK Immigration Laws
  • An Evaluation Of Consumer Protection In Post-Brexit UK
  • Examining Gaps In Human Rights Law In The UK

Education Dissertation Topics

  • Examining The Impact Of Online Education On The Social Aspect Of Learning
  • A Study On Primary Education Teachers’ Preferred Behavior Management Strategies In The US
  • A Qualitative Study On The Long-term Impact Of Racial Bias In The Classroom On The Lives Of Minority Students
  • Challenges And Opportunities For Immigrant Children In The US
  • A Study Of The Influences Of Gamified Learning On The Learning Styles Of Homeschooled Children

Interesting Humanities Dissertation Topics

  • Anti-Vaccination Movement: Challenges And Opportunities
  • A Historical Perspective On Sexual Orientation And Gender Identity
  • An Analysis Of The Impact Of Affirmative Action On Removing Racial Bias
  • The Socio-Economic Impact Of Illegal Immigration On Countries
  • The Psychology Of Fandoms

Public Administration Dissertation Topics

  • The Effectiveness Of Community Policing As A Strategy To Prevent Crime
  • Using Big Data For Public Administration And Increasing Its Effectiveness
  • Municipal Governments’ Role In Building An Accessible City
  • The Effectiveness In Community-based Development Organizations
  • A Census Of Red Tape Dilemma In Public Administration Across The States

Nursing Dissertation Topics

  • The Role Of Un-Employment As A Factor In Aggravating Mental-Health Problems
  • Examining The Role Of Leadership And Ethics In Evidence-based Learning
  • A Study On The Influence Of Nurse’s Behavior Influence On The Speed Of Recovery Of The Patient
  • Adapting Mental Health Counselling Strategies In Asian Cultures
  • Interventions To Improve Communication Between Nurse And Doctors

Get Dissertation Proposal Help

Choosing a subject for your PhD thesis is part of the process of writing the dissertation proposal. This is a tricky step and would be better with the guidance of an expert academic ghostwriter. With a keen eye and years of experience, our professional ghostwriters can help you wade through a wide range of available topics. These academic writers for hire are aware of the discussions in current literature in their respective fields, as well as the most pressing topics fitting for a PhD project.

Understand that affordable dissertation writing does not mean compromised quality as long as you acquire the service from a trustworthy site. Cheap dissertation writing can simply mean that you were able to enjoy each and every advantage a site has to offer. For instance, when you buy an affordable dissertation from CustomEssayMeister, you can enjoy customized works. This means that the document you will receive is exclusive and tailor-made to your instructions. You don't like the way the overview was written? Send us a message and we will adjust it accordingly. Do you wish to utilize British English spelling? Sure! Do you need the interpretation of data to be more comprehensive? No problem! Whatever it is that you need, our cheap dissertation writing services got your back.

Choose The Right PhD Dissertation Topic

Choosing your PhD dissertation topic is the first and most crucial part of the writing process. It is not easy to learn how to come up with the right topic, but you can get inspiration from these most current dissertation title examples tackling the most contemporary topics and issues in business, finance, accounting, marketing, law, education, humanities, public administration, and nursing. Hopefully, these sample topics will awaken your writing spirit. Contact CustomEssayMeister now for cheap custom dissertation writing help.

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