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Are you tired of writing papers? Who can blame you? You have been writing research papers since high school, and you still have a lot more ahead - there is no escaping research papers. Perhaps that is why research papers, although writing them is a fulfilling experience, are a major source of stress for students. 

If you are at the point where you are thinking “I would pay someone to write my paper” or asking “who can write my paper for me ?”, then keep reading. We will let you in on the secret of some of CustomEssayMeister’s top research paper writers you can trust to “do my papers.”.

What is a research paper?

Our top writers say that there are two types of research papers. The first type of research paper is a standard academic paper, for which the students look for information about a topic, take a stand on it, and present evidence supporting their thesis statement. The second type of research paper involves primary research on a topic. This type of research paper involves doing primary or original research or evaluating another researcher’s work.

In any case, the definition of a research paper can be summarized as an essay where the student explains what they have learned after extensive research on a specific topic.

You can get a paper written based on one of these two types of research papers. It is important to know the distinctions between the two so that when you write your paper or you ask someone to “write my paper for me” you know exactly what you need. Likewise, professional writers writing my paper for me should be aware of these distinctions.

The Research Process

The most efficient way to write a research paper is to conduct all the research beforehand. That is, to gather all the information you need before you sit down and type. There is no magic in the research process. It is very strategic and therefore easy to follow.

These stages embody the essence of a research process. It is important to meet all the steps or levels of the research process in order to provide an excellent research paper. Here is a step-by-step guide to effective research:

  1. Choose a topic. Most of the time, your professor will provide you with a topic to write on, but if they do not provide one, then you need to choose a topic from your syllabus. Which one is most interesting for you?
  2. Preliminary Research. You may opt to revisit your required reading materials from class or go to the library to read books and the latest publications on your topic. There are numerous places to conduct research outside of the library and the Internet—use those. What you are looking for here is the existing perspectives on the topic to give you an idea of the current discussions or research gaps in the field. 
  3. Narrow down your topic. Do any questions arise as you read? If your professor did not provide a specific prompt, you must decide what angle you want to take on your own. Focus on an aspect of your topic that you want to answer and that you can find a lot of information about.
  4. Research and take notes.  This time, as you read your resources, you should have a clearer idea of what type of information you need. As you go, take notes of important ideas or facts. Then, summarize the main points of any relevant sources, write down direct quotations that may be useful later on, and organize your notes by subtopics so it is easy to find them when you start writing your research paper.
  5. Document your sources. Whether you are writing in MLA citation style or APA citation style, it is good to cite your sources as early as now. You could also have a template of in-text citations so it will be easy to cite later on.

Awareness of the research process will help you plan your schedule so you do not end up procrastinating. Some students prefer to conduct their own research before asking someone to “type paper for me.” Whichever path you choose, you will submit a great research paper if you follow this process and the steps for writing your research paper discussed below.

Writing Your Research Paper

Once you have completed your research process, it’s time to start writing. This step-by-step writing process is a tried-and-tested routine that should make your writing organized and efficient. In order to ace your research paper or any other academic paper, you need to meet all the primary steps of the research writing process. So, the writing process consists of 6 clear steps, each of which is explained next.

1. Outline your research paper

Yes, you have heard this a thousand times. But outlining your research paper beforehand makes writing your research paper easier and smoother. For one, you do not need to think about the flow of ideas while writing because this is one of the things you focus on later when you make an outline. This is also the step where you formulate a strong thesis statement that encompasses your goal in the research paper.

2. Write your first draft

Start writing! Simply follow your outline and do not worry too much about flow and coherence. This is the first draft, so you still have an opportunity to improve those in the second draft. For now, focus on strong connections between the ideas and arguments.

Tip : if you get stuck writing the introduction, skip that and write the body and conclusion first. It’s hard to introduce a paper that doesn’t exist yet. You can write the introduction once you’re done with the whole essay.

3. Cite your sources

Research paper writers differ in their opinions regarding the best way to cite sources. Some agree that you should cite your sources as you write the research paper to avoid confusion, such as forgetting which ideas are from which article and misattributing them. However, others insist that going back and forth between sources and writing is inefficient and breaks your flow. Instead, they suggest attributing a highlight color or number to each source and marking the parts or sentences that need to be cited accordingly.

4. Take a break

Don’t forget to take a break in between working hard on your research paper. There are still two more steps to do before you can submit your research paper, but it’s important to rest so that you don’t burn out. You can rest by taking a nap, working on a different assignment, or going for a walk. What is important is to take your eyes off your research paper. This will allow you to edit and proofread your paper with fresh eyes.

5. Edit your research paper

All great writers step away from their work before the editing process. You need to have enough attention capacity when you return to edit your paper. Ample rest gives you keener eyes so that you can spot errors throughout your writing and arguments. When you edit, focus on the content and organization of ideas instead of grammar.

6. Proofread your paper

Once you’re done refining your writing, it’s time to comb through it for grammatical and typographical errors. Again, it’s better to do this after taking some time off from your paper. Alternatively, you could ask a trusted friend, or your roommate, to proofread your paper.

The secret to writing a great research paper is having a plan. Use these 6 steps as the foundation of your academic paper writing routine. By organizing your schedule and sticking to this plan, you’ll find writing a research paper not only easy but even enjoyable. 

Another awesome plan is to get a paper written for you by a professional writer. Admitting that “I need a paper written for me” because your writing skills still need refinement will save you a lot of trouble and the risk of getting a failing grade. However, do not entrust written paper for school to the first person or company that answers your call for “who can write a paper for me?” Do your research and make sure that you find trustworthy writers to “write me a paper.”  

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