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Writing essays is a universal experience. No student will ever go through their studies without writing a fair number of this paper. In fact, this assignment is present all throughout education, from as early as middle school to post-doctoral studies and beyond. The ubiquity of the essay can perhaps be attributed to its purpose as a tool for communicating ideas. For this reason, this paper can be considered one of the most important types of academic writing, right alongside other crucial projects like theses and research papers.

But while essays are a staple in the academic setting, a great number of students still find this coursework difficult to nail down. This is unsurprising at all given how even simpler write-ups are often expected to adhere to standards of scholarly writing. So what exactly is an essay? How is this project written? And what can students do if they don’t have the means to accomplish this project? This post answers all these questions as well as discusses the benefits of getting assignment essay help from professional essay writers for hire.

What is an Essay?

An essay can be defined as a piece of writing that discusses a specific subject. Note that this is a very general definition largely because an essay is an extremely versatile project. It can take on different forms, employ different approaches, and utilize different styles of essay writing depending on the intentions of the writer and the purpose the paper itself serves. For instance, an essay may be formal, analytical, and in-depth in its discussion such as in the case of a business essay, or it may be informal and personal such as in the case of a narrative essay. To make it simpler, most essays can be categorized under these common types:

  1. Narrative.  As the term itself suggests, a narrative essay narrates a story to the reader. This is often informal and it usually draws from the writer’s personal experience.
  2. Compare and Contrast. A compare and contrast essay discusses the similarities and differences between two or more subjects. An example is a write-up that discusses two forms of government.
  3. Cause and Effect.  This type discusses the causal relationship between two or more subjects. For instance, a cause and effect paper might discuss the factors behind deforestation and its impact on the environment and human life.
  4. Persuasive. A persuasive paper discusses a debatable issue. Its goal is to convince the reader to adopt the writer’s position and take action. Note that emotional appeals are used in this paper to persuade the reader. 
  5. Argumentative. The argumentative paper is somewhat similar to the persuasive in that it seeks to convince the reader to see the validity of the writer’s argument. However, the main difference is that argumentative is often objective in that it uses logic and factual evidence more than emotional appeals. 

These are just a few of the most commonly assigned types of essays in schools. Note that there are far more types that can be assigned such as expository, problem-solution, and definition. Moreover, some essays may have specific requirements depending on the course in which they are required. For example, a nursing essay will certainly have unique features in the same way that an MBA essay will have its own distinct features.

Components of an Essay

As mentioned earlier, the form, style, approach, and contents of an essay vary depending on the context in which it is written. However, there are certain components that can be regarded as universal. In other words, every write-up is expected to contain these components.

  1. Thesis statement and/or purpose statement.  The thesis statement expresses the main message, claim, or argument of the essay. It is often expressed in a single sentence or at most a few sentences. In cases where the paper does not make a claim or argument, it may use a purpose statement instead to inform the reader of its intentions.
  2. Introduction.  This is the first part of the paper. It serves three functions: present background information on the topic or subject, hook the reader’s attention, and introduce the thesis statement.
  3. Body.  The body is the biggest part of the project. This is where the thesis statement is elaborated. It comprises body paragraphs, each of which may discuss a supporting point, present a counterargument, or refute a counterargument with rebuttals.
  4. Conclusion.  The conclusion wraps up the paper. Like the introduction, it serves three functions: restate the thesis statement, summarize the main points, and offer final thoughts on the subject or topic.

Virtually all essays are required to have these components. That said, there are always exceptions to the rule, and thus it is important for you to review the instructions carefully. For instance, some professors may prescribe a specific structure that requires you to remove the introduction or keep it very short. In such cases, you should follow specific directions.

The Writing Process

The writing process is a series of steps that more or less remain the same regardless of the type of paper being written. This process is designed to make writing faster, easier, and more organized. The basic steps are as follows:

  1. Topic selection.  Unless the professor has already assigned a topic or provided a list of preapproved topics, the first step is to choose a suitable topic and narrow it down to a more specific subject.
  2. Research.  This step involves locating, reading, and digesting information about the chosen topic. Possessing adequate background information is necessary in order to discuss a topic effectively.
  3. Formulation of the thesis.  Once you have enough knowledge about your topic, develop your original thesis. Remember that a thesis is a debatable statement and not a reiteration of an established fact. 
  4. Writing the outline. The next step is to create the outline of the essay, which is essentially the skeleton of the paper. This involves formulating and organizing the main points supporting the thesis, gathering evidence, identifying counterarguments, and preparing rebuttals. 
  5. Synthesis and analysis.  This step involves taking the outline prepared in the previous step and writing full-length paragraphs. At this point, the main points are elaborated, supported by evidence, and connected by transitions.
  6. Editing.  First drafts are almost always inadequate. They contain errors and room for improvement. Hence, editing is the step that focuses on improving the draft. This may involve adding or taking content, paraphrasing for clarity, and rearranging points for better flow.
  7. Proofreading. The final step is performing thorough proofreading to weed out any remaining errors including typing mistakes.

These are the basic steps that go into writing this coursework. But remember that this is not a fixed process. Ultimately, the writing process is also influenced by personal essay writing styles and preferences, needs specific to the type of paper being written, and the instructions for the project. Many students find this process challenging, which is why they seek help from professional essay writers online.

Getting Essay Help

Writing essays is challenging. Not only do you have to think of interesting subjects or ideas to captivate the attention of your readers, but you also need to ensure that you adhere to rigid academic standards. If you feel that you can’t face the task on your own, it’s best to enlist the help of academic ghostwriting services. Affordable ghostwriting services offer you the chance to work with professional essay writers for hire.

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