Tips To Avoid Procrastination In College

Are you guilty of waiting until the last minute before doing anything? Do you and your friends pull all-nighters on a weekly basis? Do you find yourself drinking more and more coffee, jittery and anxious about the next deadline? If so, you are most likely a victim of procrastination—but you are not alone. Many college students are guilty of this bad habit. In fact, procrastination seems to have become an integral part of college culture. Although this is the norm in many campuses, this is definitely not the best way to go about with your academic career. The habits connected with procrastination, such as working at the last minute, pulling all-nighters, and drinking too much caffeine are not good for your grades, health, or for your future. Once you get used to this kind of work ethic, you will carry this to your future work. If you give yourself enough time to complete your tasks and assignments, you will be able to achieve higher grades and a healthier lifestyle. Start these better studying habits and beat procrastination this semester.

  • Create a to-do list. Write down the tasks that you need to accomplish and arrange them based on priority. This will ensure that you do not forget any tasks, both minor and major. Additionally, creating a to-do list is somewhat therapeutic. It can help you calm down before you take on your day. This helps you weed out the most common cause of procrastination—being overwhelmed by tasks.
  • Break down large tasks. If you have a lengthy project to complete, do not try to finish it the night before the deadline. Instead, break down the tasks into baby steps and mark each goal in your to-do list and calendar. Each task should have a set deadline, too.
  • Get rid of distractions. Part of beating procrastination is the atmosphere of your study place. You can avoid temptations to watch movies or scroll through social media if you find a place that is free from such distractions. This is why the library is always one of the best places to study on any campus. You can replicate an environment that is conducive to studying in your dorm room, too, with the help of apps like RescueTime. RescueTime is one of many apps that help track how much time you spend on each activity, so you can trace your habits and find better ways to focus.
  • Find a Study Partner. A study partner is a great way of holding yourself accountable to getting set tasks done on time. You and your study partner can agree on a set schedule where you will both work on your research papers. You can even brainstorm ideas on how to write your essays or simply offer motivating words for each other.

avoiding procrastination in college

  • Extend the time you spend on studying in intervals. No human being can work continuously for hours. That will simply burn you out. Forcing yourself to work longer on just one task will make you even less productive. Maximize your productivity instead by employing the Pomodoro Technique—taking a break every 15 or 30 minutes of work done. You can even turn this into a challenge—work longer every week until you can focus for an hour straight.
  • Reward yourself. All work and no play can make it hard to stay focused and motivated. Do not hesitate to reward yourself for every achievement with things such as walks, time with friends, or even just a great meal. The key is to find a healthy balance between your academic life and personal life. You are less likely to procrastinate if you are happy, healthy, and motivated.

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