College Must Haves for 2022: A Survival Guide

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Apr 10, 2019

Students go to college to be civilized, but little do they know that it is a jungle out there. While fending for yourself in college can be challenging, knowing which items to purchase or bring with you can be a lifesaver. In this post, we look at the top college must haves for 2022 that every student needs to survive. This list includes college must haves for class as well as college must haves for dorms. Here are the top 100 college must haves you will need in college.

Top 100 college must haves

  1. Towels. You will not always get to wash your towels, so having at least two or three ensures that you have replacements.
  2. Two sets of bed linen. Nothing makes a comfortable bed more inviting than clean, fresh-smelling sheets.
  3. Your favorite pillow. Your dorm may have pillows, but nothing beats having your own favorite pillow with must haves 2019 2018 2020
  4. Two big ceramic bowls. Whether you are eating noodles, pasta, cereals, or stew, a ceramic bowl gives you the convenience and versatility that you need.
  5. Two ceramic plates. Like ceramic bowls, ceramic plates are college must haves for a dorm because of their usefulness.
  6. Two sets of utensils. Skip plastic utensils and opt for more durable stainless steel ones. Besides, Mother Earth will thank you for cutting down on waste.
  7. Coffee. Essential for all those long study sessions and all-nighters.
  8. A coffeemaker. Handy for making all those mugs of fresh coffee. Plus, you save a lot of money brewing your own coffee than buying from cafes every day.
  9. Ceramic mug. Why settle for a cup when a large mug gives you all the caffeine boost your need?
  10. Whole grain cereal and milk. Never worry about going to class without having breakfast must haves 2018 2019 2020
  11. A study lamp. Comes in handy when you are studying at night, especially if you live with a roommate.
  12. Mini desk organizer. Keep your desk clutter-free by organizing your desk tools and materials in one place.
  13. Bookends. A pair of sturdy bookends is all you need to keep your textbooks accessible and organized.
  14. A fan. For all those times when the air conditioner in your dorm is down.
  15. Power strip. Apart from serving as an extension cord, a power strip can help protect your devices against short circuits and electrical surges.
  16. Adapter. The fact that some of your devices’ plugs may be incompatible with your dorm’s electric sockets makes an adapter a true college must have for 2022.
  17. Speakers. Because playing some good music is the best way to relax after a long day. 
  18. Rubber slippers. The common bathroom is a breeding ground for bacteria. Protect your feet by considering this as one of your first day of college must haves.
  19. Bedroom slippers. Walking barefoot is not only unhygienic, it is also dangerous for your feet. A comfortable pair should make you feel right at must haves 2018 2019 2020
  20. Toiletries. Do not forget to bring or purchase toiletries such as soap, toothpaste, and shampoo for your personal hygiene and grooming needs.  
  21. Hangers. Keep your clothes organized and wrinkle-free with hangers.
  22. Bed risers. Your dorm room will probably be smaller than your room at home. Make more room for your stuff by raising your bed and using the space underneath.
  23. Underbed storage bins. Now that you have space under your bed, organize your stuff using storage bins.
  24. Mirror. Perfect for grooming yourself before leaving for class.
  25. Eye mask. Sleep deprivation is one of your mortal enemies while in college. Make sure you can sleep anytime you need to with a mask that keeps light out.
  26. Ear plugs. Dorms are notorious for round-the-clock ruckus. Never lose a night’s sleep to noise by buying ear plugs.
  27. Electric kettle. You will not always have access to a stove, so having an electric kettle is handy whenever you need hot water.
  28. Mini fridge. Apart from cooling your favorite drinks, a fridge helps you save money by storing any leftover must haves 2018 2019 2020
  29. Microwave. Attending classes and completing school requirements will keep you busy, so you will not really have time to cook. Whip up quick snacks by having a microwave in your room. 
  30. Microwavable glass containers. These containers are perfect for warming your meals. Plus, they double as bowls.
  31. Hamper. Nothing screams messy more than having dirty clothes strewn around your room. Keep them in one place by using a hamper.
  32. Laundry bag. Carry all your clothes to the laundry shop in one go with a laundry bag.
  33. Foldable drying rack. As some clothes are not meant for the dryer, a foldable drying rack allows you to let these clothes dry without taking up too much space.
  34. Sewing kit. Mend your own clothes by bringing a small sewing must haves 2018 2019 2020
  35. Tool kit. Learn to repair and improve your room by making use of a tool kit.
  36. Trash can. Keep your place tidy and clean by having a trash can available.
  37. Eco-friendly trash liners. Trash liners are the perfect way to make sure that the inside of your trash can remains clean. This will save you time as you will not have to clean the can every time you change the bag.
  38. Air freshener. Dorm rooms can easily get stuffy and musty, so having an air freshener is a must.
  39. Calendar. Never miss an appointment again by hanging a large calendar on your wall. 
  40. Flashlight. Because you will never know when there will be a power outage, having a flashlight keeps you ready for an emergency.
  41. Small safe. Stuff go missing in dorms all the time, so secure your valuables by having a small safe.
  42. Two weeks’ worth of underwear and socks. There will be weeks when you won’t be able to do the laundry, so have enough underwear and socks in your wardrobe.
  43. Jackets. Jackets are the best fashion items once the weather turns cold or rainy.
  44. Mini vacuum cleaner. Cleaning a dorm room can be challenging, but having a small vacuum cleaner makes tidying up a lot easier.
  45. Wall art. Liven up those bland dorm walls by hanging nice wall art that captures your must haves 2018 2019 2020
  46. Curtains. Apart from providing you with privacy, curtains help keep out some of the noise and light when you’re resting.
  47. Iron and ironing board. You’re a college student now, so there will be times when you need to look sharp and professional. While you probably won’t be using these that often, having an iron and ironing board can be a lifesaver if you need to look your best. Make it a point to have these as your first year college must haves.
  48. Scientific calculator. A true study essential, a scientific calculator will help you get through all those math exams, both during the routine exams and finals week . In fact, a good calculator will probably last well beyond your freshman year, making it one of the best back to college must haves.
  49. Spacious bag. Bring everything you need to class by having a stylish and spacious bag. Backpacks and messengers are just some of the cool college must haves. 
  50. School and office supplies. You will be surprised with how easy it is to run out of pens, pencils, papers, and notebooks. So keep a steady supply by storing them in your room.
  51. Laptop. In this age where everything is going online and digital, a reliable laptop is your best friend. Make sure that you grab this to complete your list of freshman year college must haves.
  52. Planner. Keeping mental notes is not enough. Buy yourself a decent planner and use it to manage your must haves 2018 2019 2020
  53. Noise-cancelling headphones. While you might not be able to control the level of noise in your environment, a nice pair of noise-cancelling headphones will help you concentrate on your studies even in public places.
  54. Smartphone. For your communication, organization, research, and entertainment requirements. Need I say more? 
  55. Power bank. As you will not always have access to electric sockets when in campus, a power bank offers a ready source of power for your devices.
  56. Umbrella. Protect yourself against the sun and rain by bringing an umbrella in your bag all the time.
  57. Rubber boots. Never worry about getting your shoes wet during rainy days by wearing a pair of stylish rubber rain boots instead.
  58. Comfortable walking shoes. A pair of comfortable shoes are a must if you are to walk across campus almost every day.
  59. Kindle. In college you will need tons of books. Save on cost and space by getting the Kindle versions instead.
  60. External hard drive. Keep all your files secure and organized by storing them in an external hard drive.
  61. A set of smart clothes and shoes. Essential for looking sharp while delivering your reports and presentations.
  62. Casual clothes. No matter your personal style, casual clothes are your best picks when preparing for a typical day at must haves 2018 2019 2020
  63. Water bottle. Save a lot of money and cut down on your plastic waste by refilling a reusable water bottle instead of buying bottled water. This item’s usefulness makes it one of the top first year of college must haves.
  64. Trail mix and energy bars. Proper nutrition contributes to good academic performance. Make sure you always have healthy food by stocking up on trail mix and energy bars.
  65. Hairdryer. Every woman knows that going out with wet hair can be the start of a bad hair day. Use a hairdryer to avoid getting your look ruined by bad hair.
  66. Hair iron. Perfect for styling your hair whenever you want to.
  67. A set of combs and brushes. These college must haves for girls will keep your hair healthy and gorgeous.
  68. Little black dress. A stylish little black dress is a true staple when attending all those fancy school functions and college parties.
  69. Electric shaver/clipper. No matter how you like your facial hair—completely shaven or trimmed, this electric gadget is your friend, which makes it one of the best college must haves for guys. 
  70. A crisp white shirt. No college must haves list is complete without including a crisp white button-down shirt that serves as your go to when you want to wear something simple but presentable.
  71. First aid kit. The ability to treat minor cuts and bruises is an important life skill. Make sure that you can take care of yourself by having a first aid kit in your room.
  72. Printed photos. Having photos on your phone is nice, but having photos of your friends and family posted on the walls of your room can help ease must haves 2018 2019 2020
  73. Highlighters. Use highlighters to mark and quickly locate important information in your readings.
  74. Glass carafe. Stay well-hydrated by keeping a carafe of water in your fridge. 
  75. Sign pen. You’ll be signing a lot of forms in college, and so it’s nice to have that one sign pen that you’re accustomed to using.
  76. Sweater. A sweater should be one of your must have clothing items because of its versatility.
  77. Duct tape. You’ll be amazed with how useful duct tape can be when you’re trying to fix things and improve your room.
  78. Superglue. Similar to duct tape, superglue can also be your all-around solution for fixing things.
  79. Air mattress. Sleepovers are part and parcel of college life. Make room for your friend by having an air mattress available when needed.
  80. Wall hooks. Great for hanging bags, coats, and keys. 
  81. Bed table/lap desk. A bed table or lap desk is best for when you feel like working while in bed.
  82. Shower caddy. A shower caddy keeps your toiletries organized, which is especially convenient if your dorm has common bathrooms.
  83. Area rug. Dorms often have cold hard floors. Add softness and warmth to your room by putting a stylish area must haves 2018 2019 2020
  84. Weighing scale. A weighing scale is useful if you want to keep track of your health.
  85. Running shoes. Because leading a healthy lifestyle should still be one of your priorities even if college life keeps you busy.
  86. Workout clothes. Whether playing sports or just jogging around campus, workout clothes give you the comfort you need when engaged in physical activities.
  87. Detergent pods. Because using detergent pods when doing the laundry is more convenient.
  88. Lunchbox. Eating out every day can quickly drain your finances. Choose the wise option of preparing packed lunch whenever you can. 
  89. Neck pillow. Avoid straining your neck during long hours of studying.
  90. Makeup organizer. Most women know how makeup stands can become chaotic. With a makeup organizer, women don’t have to spend so much time sifting through mounds of makeup products looking for that one lipstick. college must haves 2018 2019 2020
  91. Water filter. While tap water is generally safe for drinking, a water filter adds that extra layer of protection. Like other items that last longer than a year, a water filter is one of the back to college must haves for 2022.
  92. Scissors. A pair of scissors has so many uses that having one is simply a sensible idea.
  93. Can, jar, and bottle opener. As you will be opening a lot of cans, jars, and bottles during your college years, make sure you have a multipurpose opener in your dorm.
  94. Journal. While this is the age of social media and blogs, keeping a personal journal lets you reflect more intimately about your experiences in life.
  95. Medicines. Although getting checked by a healthcare professional is your best option, it’s still good to have medicine for minor concerns such as aspirin, antihistamine, cough drops, and pain relievers.
  96. Bedside lamp. A bedside lamp is the best item for reading before sleeping.
  97. Lint brush. The presence of lint can easily ruin your look. Roll a lint brush over your clothes so that you’ll look sharper.
  98. Alarm clock. While you’re probably used to using your phone, nothing beats a traditional alarm clock in waking you up in the must haves 2018 2019 2020
  99. Batteries. Having extra batteries is convenient, especially if you need them immediately.
  100. Antibacterial wipes. Convenient for cleaning your hands and other items.

Whether you are just about to start college or already a returning student, knowing what to purchase or bring with you is key to making your life easier. Through this list of college must haves in the dorm and in class, you will get a better idea of what items can help you survive and thrive. So go ahead and use this as your checklist of college must haves and enjoy this unforgettable stage in your life!

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