Finals Week

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Aug 2, 2019
Finals Week

College is a living nightmare, a cycle of struggle for a few years, to say the least; time and time again we have described just how draining every activity can be. Your dorm is not exactly a 5-star hotel room, and your only source of nutrition are instant ramen noodles packets (that can change, though, we have gathered some rather good college dorm meals here), which frankly, only overdose you with sodium. Your social life may be hanging by a thread, as with all your grades. That is not the worst part, though – finals week pales everything hellish about college life. Abandon all hope, you suppose, as finals week approaches. You are going to need all the courage the universe can grant you. We are half convinced that the finals week takes cues from Disney, as it is adamant on making a man out of you. Gather your swords and all your knowledge. This semester’s final blow will not be taking any prisoners – and here is what it will look like:

How to survive finals week

  • You will spend much of your time wondering why you have not studied harder.

You have had months to study and you know it, but somehow in those months you convinced yourself that college should be about finding yourself…through endless college parties and booze sessions. You have placed your studies in a cold storage locked it up, with a pledge that you will pick it back up tomorrow. Now you are in a state of sheer panic. Why did I not study harder? College is a breeding ground for plenty of regrets. You had to learn the hard way, we suppose.

  • Fully rested. Still tired.

Your sleep pattern is just fine, but your body is suffering from a pre-examination stress. The fatigue lingers, and will only pass after the finals week. As you cram memorizing notes and reading journals, your fear for the unknown increases. Every fiber of your soul will reverberate the turmoil, but as we’ve mentioned, it will pass – if you pass your tests, that is. 

  • That existential crisis will soon pass.

As you squeeze each and every one of your brain cells dry, your mind might enter into a state of in between. Almost like a spiritual experience or trance, in a sense, where you will question everything about the universe. What is the meaning of life, really? Why are you taking your major? Is it because of an unresolved trauma in your childhood, seeking justice? Am I real, are you real, is this all real? What is the French word for “ bless you”? Your brain struggles to cope – anything to keep away from those textbooks. 

  • There will be constant hunger pangs.

Your body will need a ton of energy, especially since your few remaining brain cells are working overtime. This makes you crave for more and more calories, as food serves as your fuel. You will reach for that second bag of Cheetos, and your nth order of iced latte. Watch out for your diet, though, but until then go ahead and order that Big Mac. With big fries, pronto!

  • Yes, there will still be assignments.

Your professors were also students once, but how come they do not get it? Truth is professors get it, but they just want to make you strive to realize your potential. It is safe to say that as they evil laugh away in the relaxing comfort of their couches at home, you will  toil extra hard on those essays. Examinations start tomorrow? No, you need to pass those essays first, as part of the course requirement. Finals week is proving even more so that there ought to be 40 hours in a day. It will be too much for you to handle, so leave the essays and the academic papers to professional ghostwriters

  • That terrifying exam essay, yes.

Unfortunately, your struggle with essays will not be stopping anytime soon. Some courses will require you to prepare for essays as part of the final test, and this requires maniacal preparation. You may feel like you have had your fair share of essays, but these little buggers will pester you until the end of time – better get used to them now. The finals week serves as your best training ground. 

  • There will be test questions not covered by the study guide.

Here is the ultimate blow, the crescendo to the universally dreaded finals week – test questions that have never been covered! There is nothing worse than this, and those essays that make your hands ache will feel like a walk in the park. Your professors will hit you with this last stab during finals week, because some people just want to watch the world burn. All puns aside, your mettle will be thoroughly tested by this. Years after college and say you are faced with the same kind of pressure at work, it is not far-fetched that you would think of your professor and thank him for subjecting you to such immense pressure. 

And here’s how to survive finals week

You have two goals: do well on your examinations and then keep your stress levels in check. We take it back, along with the other things that might have scared you. It’s important that you do not abandon all hope. There are ways to survive the horrifying finals week, and here’s how:

  • Exercise . You may be scoffing at the screen right now, because at this chaotic time, who has the time? Oh, but you need to make time – those little breaks are perfect to get some exercise. It will help relieve the stress that come with finals week, along with helping you regain your concentration. Fifteen minutes at the most will be enough.
  • Choose to eat healthier . Iced latte and Cheetos are very much tasty, yes, and just the right amount of junk to keep you munching. But studies show that students are inclined to eat unhealthily during finals week, which is a big mistake. Junk food give you instant energy but it comes with a cost – your concentration and memory. Opt for fruit and vegetables instead, as well as bread and meat. A balanced meal will increase your retention and concentration, sure to help you get those target grades.
  • Get those study breaks . As much as you feel like time is running out, choosing to study non-stop will not help you. Overexertion causes chronic fatigue. After spending long periods of studying, your concentration falters. Retention will suffer, too, so it’s best to take study breaks. 25 minutes of studying will do, followed by quick five-minute breaks. Research has shown that short breaks actually keep you motivated, so take advantage of them! 
  • Choose your environment well. You may be pressed for time, but finals week calls for a good study place. Find a quiet location, which unfortunately, cannot be your dorm room . There are plenty of distractions just lying around, so it’s best to take your studying outside. The library could be your best option, so look for a space there that you can call your own for the time being. 
  • Learn to prioritize . Learn to say “no” to a late night Netflix binge watching, no matter how much you feel like you need it. Rewarding yourself can come after finals week, so plan your busy days ahead with important asks you need to accomplish.
  • Consider getting help . Plenty of students are afraid of reaching out to get help, which is a huge mistake. If something is not clear, or you’re studying a subject you’re having trouble with, don’t try to solve it on your own. Reach out to friends, classmates, and yes, reach out to your professors . Study groups may work for you, too. 

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See it this way: finals week is either a catastrophe or a training ground to be surmounted every semester, and gradually you’ll learn to deal with it better. That doesn’t mean the stress will cease to exist, because as you advance, so will the level of your lessons. Constant vigilance, we say, prioritize your studies! The partying can come after. However, if you are certain you can’t take it anymore and don’t want your stress to spill over into your psychological well-being, let us know. We are glad to help you with any academic writing project. Essay writing? Research paper writing?  The pioneer in the essay help industry, CustomEssayMeister remains the premier writing service since 2006, offering 100% original papers to help students like you. Contact us now for more information!

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