10 Best Study Spots on Campus

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Sep 15, 2019

Deadlines are looming. Tests are lined up. Your roommate is blasting music. Your dorm room is cramped with books and noodle cups. It feels stuffier than ever. You are tired and sleepy despite just finishing your fifth cup of coffee. Your bed looks so welcoming. You just cannot focus, even if you have read countless of articles on how to avoid procrastination . You cannot understand what you are reading or you cannot write a word for the term paper due the next day. 

We know the cure for that—a change of environment. 

There are times in the semester when the dorm room just couldn’t cut it. It is obvious that even colleges and universities know it. That is why aside from the library, schools built various places to study for their students. Businesses near schools have also made it a point to be conducive to studying. Gather your friends and choose a place to study in.

Best Study Spots on Campus

These are the best study spots on any campus:

1. The Commons

University commons are usually equipped with common areas with tables where students can study. These are high-traffic areas during the day, but are quiet and peaceful during early mornings and late nights. Early birds and night owls can utilize this free space to study peacefully. Plus, it’s convenient since it is inside the residence hall. You can easily go back to your room to fetch anything you may have forgotten.

If you’re one to study with a group, you can easily gather your friends here for a group study. It is convenient for every one and the group can move between tables and couch areas, depending on the mood.

2. Library study room

We know that we said we will list down places to study that are not the library, but this one is not actually common knowledge. One of the services of libraries is study rooms that can be rented for the day. All you need to do is book a schedule with your librarian and a room will be allotted for you. This can be done for groups as well since larger libraries have larger rooms. 

What is great about booking a study room in the library is that you will be forced to be there and actually study on a specific time. The room is all yours, so you have no other option but to study or work on your research paper . Extra points for the library study room since research materials are within your reach - starting the research process will be easier.

3. Student Union

If you are the type of student who is involved in extra-curricular activities and clubs , then you probably frequent the Student Union building. You must be aware that it has lounges, offices, and game rooms. Offices are likely off-limits for non-members, but you are definitely free to utilize the lounges. We can’t guarantee peace, but extra-curricular activities typically come to a halt during midterms and finals weeks, so there’s a relatively high chance this building will be practically deserted.

4. Open air

Studying sans a chair and table may seem like a nuisance, but if you can do it on your bed, you can do it on a bench or sitting on grass. It is idyllic, too, provided it’s not too cold or too hot. Studying outside, even for just a short period, is a good way to relax your mind while staying productive. The fresh air and the greenery helps clear the mind and relieve stress so you can return to your dorm or another study area refreshed and ready to take on the rest of your term paper. Set up a blanket with some snacks and text your friends to make it a group study.

5. Art museum

Is there an art museum near your campus or, better yet, within your campus? Look it up and see if they have a café or restaurant or a public seating area. Not many people visit art museums enough, in our opinion, and those who do prefer to go about quietly. This makes art museums the perfect study spot.

Set up shop on the museum’s café or restaurant and roam the museum during your study break to be inspired by the creations of brilliant minds.

6. Bookstores

Bookstores now have tables or an adjacent café. Take advantage of this as well as their array of books available for free browsing. This study spot is highly recommended for bookworms. Nothing is more conducive to writing a long literary analysis than being surrounded by books. Like art museums, bookstores usually have quiet patrons, so you can focus on your homework.

7. The gym

Yes, you heard that right. Finals week is no excuse to skip on physical activities. Gyms may be noisy but it is the type of noise that you can tune out, especially with a pair of headphones. But what truly makes gyms the perfect study spot on any campus is the fact that no one talks to others on the gym. You can be reciting formulas while lifting weights or reading while on the treadmill and no one will question you about it. Did we mention that physical activity keeps you more alert and focused? Studying at the gym hits so many birds.

Don’t get your hopes up, however. You will probably not be able to write a paper at the gym. This study spot is better for those preparing for exams. 

8. The laundry room

Another unusual study place, but it is just as effective. Laundry rooms are empty almost all the time because students hate this chore. Nobody hangs around the laundry room to wait for their laundry, except you who had the brilliant idea to study there. 

The buzzing sound of the machines will drown out the noise from the surroundings. It works as a kind of white noise, so you can focus better. Plus, you can do your laundry while studying. 

9. Locally-owned coffee shops

Everyone studies at Starbucks it’s almost like a university library. It is noisy and you know people there who might distract you with chitchat. Change it up by studying at a locally-owned coffee shop near your campus. Who knows this could be your favorite study spot on campus. You can hunt the city for a small, niche coffee shop for a cozier, quieter atmosphere.

The beauty of locally-owned coffee shops is that they cater to very specific tastes. They have a unique interior and atmosphere as well. There are usually a number of coffee shops in areas near campuses, so you can pick one that best suits your study style.

10. Co-working space

Co-working spaces are a new, booming trend all over the world. They are almost like coffee shops, but with all the necessities of an office. You don’t need to worry about plugs, Wi-Fi, and printing as these are all provided. Some even offer unlimited coffee. If you or your friends plan on studying for an entire day or weekend, you can pay for a co-working space. Alternatively, if you plan on studying on a co-working space throughout the semester, you can join their membership and get discounts by paying on a monthly basis.

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