10 Best Clubs to Join in College

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Aug 11, 2019

Clubs add splashes of colors on your stay in campus. It can become a great source of support, especially during the rough weeks, or simply an outlet to combat stress. Whatever the case, joining a club while in college is definitely one of the key points of the taste of life away from home. The question is what are the best clubs to join in college? There is only one answer for that, the one where you know you will enjoy the most. Here are some of the best choices in choosing the best club to join in college.

1. Build Your Own Club!

We are not kidding. If you have a certain interest which you cannot find in any club available at your university, you can actually form a club of your own as long as it adheres to the policies of your school regarding club activities. Founding a club can also be a way of impressing your future employers, but ensure that you are willing to allot precious time on this club for it to flourish. Creating a club, or joining a club per se, requires as much passion as choosing a major in college because you are going to be with it for as long as you are studying.

2. Food or Cooking Club

No matter what course you are taking, a food or a cooking club will always be one of the best choice, because hello? Free food! Apart from the freebies, you can also utilize everything you will learn from this club for your own good – for instance, it can give you ideas on quick and easy recipes for your wee-hours-of-the-night cravings, as well as allow you to learn the simple dorm meal recipes so you can finally start on that healthy lifestyle. Above all, if you are a culinary arts major, what best option could there be other than this club! (But, seriously though, this is really the best club you can join in college especially if it is your first time to be away from home and living the dorm life.

3. Helping Hand for Animals Club

There is probably one club named like this somewhere out there, but that is not specifically what we mean here. Regardless of who you are or where you come from, you will definitely need a quiet time at least once every two weeks to maintain your peace of mind amid all your academic papers and it does not have to be really quiet. It can be perfect especially when you use your free time in aiding a few of our furry friends out there who are in need of love. If you are an animal lover, this club is perfect for you and the level of happiness one can get from simply helping out can never be matched. Who knows? Spending some time with these animals in need can give you an idea on your future research papers or dissertation, or maybe give you an idea on how to write your law essay.

4. Sorority/Fraternity

It may be a little difficult for some to make new friends in college, and there will come a time that one will just think of letting it be, however, note that a friend is an important college must-have – and a sorority or a fraternity is the best way to meet people who share common interests with you. The idea of joining a sorority or fraternity group carries a number of misconceptions, sometimes weighed more than its official purpose – to promote camaraderie among a sisterhood or brotherhood without judgment. It is not just to make you look cool, it is a chance to know yourself better. Furthermore, such organizations will give you a number of opportunities to meet new people and form connections which can ignite an exchange of ideas to help you widen your ideas. Sororities or fraternities are usually designed to offer community service.

5. Religion-Related Club

The contemporary society is peppered with a lot of rights and it is your right to practice your own belief as long as you do not step on the rights of other people, and a university-based club related to your religious beliefs exercises that freedom well.

What are the best clubs to join in college 2019

6. Performing (Cultural) Club

An acting club is not always available in the university scene, and if it is indeed unavailable in where you are, refer to item one. Passion starts to grow in middle school, and we all develop hobbies and talents in those crucial years including performing. Remember that you cannot let that passionate part of you to wither away just to look cool because the reality is we all need the art to survive. Being a college student does not mean you need to forget all about singing, dancing, or acting - it is just a matter of time management. Let's face it... Books and knowledge feed the mind, but arts and beauty feed the heart.

7. Photography Club

If you love art but are not the performing type, surely, you are the one who moves within the silent realm of beauty with a camera on your hand. At some point, you will find yourself at loss with all the academic assignments you need to deal with and stress can only make your desk messier, and believe it or not, forcing yourself to deal with it is just another waste of time. You need to stand up and walk away from your study desk for a few hours and do something else - grab that camera that has been missing you for quite some time, and walk around outside. Your talent will come back and snapping away the scenes you see outside will rest your mind. Of course, make this experience better with other people who shares the same hobby. Maybe learn to operate a vintage SLR, develop your own stills in a red room, and talk to people. Know that your mind can be exhausted even though the body is well-rested.

8. Gamer's Club

Your video games might be the main cause of why you end up having a date with Mr. Procrastination, so might as well use that hobby of yours to form real-life friends and connection. Furthermore, finding a club that focuses on the gaming activity will straighten out your schedule. This type of club will give you a set time for gaming, so you can use the rest of the day meeting your school's requirements. The other members could also become your study group. Aside from playing games being a simple hobby, it can also help you how to generate income from likes  and in terms of views, shares, and likes simply by video streaming your online.

9. Entrepreneurship Club

For all the sales or business major students out there who wish to hone their skills in the field, an entrepreneurship club will work wonders for you. Primarily, this club will allow you to practice the industry you are aiming for, and that includes the benefit of seeing practical errors and correcting them first-hand - an advantage you can have up your sleeve when you finally pave your way into the business world. The mere joining of this kind of club will also improve your public speaking and persuasion skills, because, well... Sales! You will be able to develop a product, craft a marketing research for it, concoct an advertising plan, and actually make a few bucks. Now, if you are indeed passionate about this course, you will certainly have the time of your life as you continue to learn.

10. The School Paper

More often than not, every university has its own student paper, and there are a number of writers in every classroom. If you are well-aware of your talents in writing, then it would not hurt you to try to join the campus newspaper team. It does not have to writing about current events in the university, it can be about anything. Awaken your writing spirit, and grab the opportunity to improve your writing skills within the same location you are taking your academic course.

Hear some thoughts of various students about being engaged with various extra-curricular activities like joining fraternities or sororities:

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