Ten Ways to Awaken your Writing Spirit

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May 16, 2019

Capturing the will and inspiration to write is challenging especially when you just cannot figure your way out, regardless of what kind of writing you need to accomplish. A lot of students find writing a stressful task, and only a few can handle writing tasks well. In fact, even if you love writing, sometimes you just cannot begin scribbling for some unknown reason. Here are ten ways to awaken your writing spirit, so you can finally finish writing that college paper you have been thinking about.

  1. Read.

    If there is one foolproof way to awaken your writing spirit, it is reading. Unconsciously, your mind is picking up the themes and symbols from what you are reading and these can spark up your ideas. If you are given a specific topic to write about, read on that topic. Search for blogs or any article that covers your topic, and find the one which interests you the most, then you can base your paper from that. Never force yourself to read a paper that does not spark your interest, because in the end you will not pick up anything and it will just waste your time. Reading gives you nothing but information, so the more you know, the more concepts you can expound on. awaken your writing spirit
  2. Watch a movie or two.

    It may appear like a waste of time to many, but to some people whose writing spirit can be ignited by art or emotional pondering, watching a movie can help you relax your mind, hence, allowing you to think about your task. Perhaps our list on the best movies on Netflix could help you out?
  3. Listen to music.

    If you are not the type who can relax through movies, maybe you can spark up your writing spirit through music. There are studies that show that listening to music, particularly, classical music can positively affect an individual’s concentration and academic performance.
  4. Declutter.

    Do not underestimate the positive effects of a clean working environment. A decluttered space can reflect on a decluttering of your mind as well because the more unnecessary items you see, the more you can get boggled. So, if you seem to be unable to do anything, even something that has nothing to do with writing, try organizing your stuff. It is probably the culprit.
  5. Walk around. Allow yourself a breather.

    Notice how this list looks like ways to relax your mind? That is right, simply because this is the only way you can free up a space in your thoughts and be able to think about your article. Walk around a park on a quiet afternoon, or see the artworks in exhibits near you. This works best when your task is creative writing. Surely, the beauty of nature and the arts can spark that creative writing spirit.
  6. Take a nap.

    A tired mind will not be able to perform anything well, and if you cannot figure out how you would like to begin your writing, you probably need a nap. A quick nap can recharge your brain, and consequently power it up. Just do not exceed an hour of nap time, because then you will just be more tired than you are an hour ago. Remember that taking care of yourself, especially  taking care of your mental health , can do you wonders.
  7. Talk to someone.

    Allow someone else to spark your writing spirit through external ideas. Accept that you may have thought of a lot of things for the day, and for this one, you may need help. Any input can still spark ideas. As a byproduct, it is also a good way to connect with people.
  8. Do not wait around.Inspiration does not come knocking on your door, you have to go down the street and chase it down.

    Once you got your hands on the instructions, do not even think about having a lot of free time, because if there is one thing that can eat up a lot of your time, that is procrastination. There are tips to avoid procrastination , but ultimately, it will be up to you. If you are well-aware of your writing capabilities and you know that you need a writing spirit to help you, then chase that inspiration right away. Do not waste time.
  9. Work with someone if possible.

    You might not know it, but you can probably work better and much faster if you have a study partner. For instance, you need to deal with a class assignment. Try asking a friend to meet and work together on the assignment, so you can see the progress much better, and if you have any questions, you can instantly clarify some things. When you do decide to work with someone, figure out which study spot on campus will work best for you.
  10. Put your mind to it.

    There is nothing that you cannot do if you put your mind to it. No matter how many movies you watch, how long you meditate, how beautiful the artworks you saw, and how many pages you read, you will not be able to awaken your writing spirit if you do not inculcate in your mind that you have a goal. Always keep your eyes on the goal, and you will achieve it.

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