What to Do In Between Classes in College

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Feb 2, 2020

College students usually have a lot of freedom in choosing their class schedules. However, it is not easy to plan the perfect schedule. There are a lot of external factors as to why a schedule cannot be tailored to the way each student wants it to be. Some factors are professors' demands, conflicting priorities, and limited class slots, among others. There will always be gaps between schedules, and students do not have full control over how long those will be.

Gaps between classes can be just a few minutes long, an hour or two, or more than half a day in some cases. Patience and resourcefulness are qualities a student must practice in these kinds of situations, especially when the gaps are longer than expected. A student must be prepared to ask what to do between classes.

So What To Do In Between Your College Classes

You may not know the answer now, but once you start attending classes you will find that there are many activities that you can do to fill your schedule. In fact, many students later realize how hectic college life can be. But if you still find it confusing that you have all this free time and have zero things to do, then allow us to present you with a list of what to do between classes in college.

What To Do Between Classes in CollegeHaving a few hours to yourself in between your classes is a greact chance for you to regain focus and motivation It can also be your chance to catch up on your requirements on other subjects, or find an opportunity to widen your knowledge further.

Grab a bite

First of all, if your class break is during the lunch period, then make use of that hour to eat and be filled. Find the campus cafeteria or a cafe nearby so that you can have something to eat. Do not skip meals because it is important that you have enough nutrients in your system to accommodate and process your daily lessons and discussions.

Eating your meals will also reenergize you just in time for your next class. Grabbing a bite is also applicable if you attend night classes. Making sure you have enough food in you is the best use of your time between classes in college. If you choose to just eat at your dorm, then make sure you stock up on food and have the appropriate and best college dorm meals always available.

Walk around the campus

Explore the confines of the campus and get familiarized with every niche and corner. This will be particularly helpful if you are a freshman who wants to learn more about their college campus. Try to find the essential places you need to know, like the library, class buildings, clinics, dormitories, etc. This will save you a lot of trouble when you actually need to find a place.

Walking around will also help you find quick routes or shortcuts to get from point A to point B. It is also best to grab this opportunity to find suitable or best study spots on the campus for you, where you will be far away from distractions. Do this in between classes, and you will soon know the campus like the back of your hand.

Go to the library

The library is a safe haven for most students who want to kill time until their next class. You can do all sorts of stuff in the library. Whether it is for studying for an exam, reading up in advance, or studying something unrelated to their major, most students go to the library because of its quiet and calming atmosphere. Make a habit of visiting the library for study sessions alone or with a group.

There are also many resources available in the library that students can use. Such resources are often helpful when it comes to writing research papers, term papers, case studies , and other crucial writing assignments. The campus library is the go-to place for you to stay between classes in college. There you can ensure the best use of your time by being productive.

Take a nap

Taking a nap is a good way to spend your free time. Not only does a nap help you feel refreshed, but it also helps you learn how to stay awake in class that is extremely boring. Napping is especially useful if you have had a late-night studying session or stayed up late doing coursework. It is inevitable to pull an all-nighter in college, but you can minimize feeling tired by using the time between classes to catch up on sleep.

The most ideal place to take a nap is in your dorm room. But if you live off-campus, then any place will do. You can nap under trees for shade, in the library, or in empty classrooms. Nap anywhere as long as you do not disturb anyone with your presence and possible snoring. But do not make a habit of staying up late since it will harm your productivity and brain function in the long run. Seven to eight hours of sleep every night are still more important than taking short naps.

Have a meeting with your professor

Professors appreciate it when students drop by their office during office hours. Professors’ office hours are mostly dedicated for students to approach them with any concerns about classes or homework. Your visit to their office does not have to be due to a concern or an issue; you can also approach them just to have a discussion about the previous lesson or ask them how you can earn extra credits in their class.

Meeting with your professor can also teach you how to become friends with your professor . If you enjoy their class and you have passionate interests in their discussions, then allot time in between classes to have meetings with your professor just to have a good conversation. Good interpersonal discussions with your professors can enhance your interest in  the course and, to an extent, even your major.

Join a college club

Joining a college club will surely have your schedule filled no matter the gap between classes in college. Being in a productive club that is in line with your interests and values will be a great use of your time if you do not want to spend every hour of your day studying or sitting idly somewhere. Engaging with club activities will also offer you a nice break from the monotony of attending classes.

A club can help you become the person you want to be and discover more about yourself. Joining a club is also a great way to build connections with people and widen your network. No matter where you are, there is surely a club best suited for you in college.

Go for a jog or hit the gym

Most college campuses have gyms and athletic facilities. While usually reserved for athletes, you can try asking around if these are also available to common students. Alternatively or in conjunction with going to the gym, you can also go for a jog around campus. Jogging is particularly nice if your campus has cool expansive groves with lots of trees and shade.

Apart from eating a healthy diet, exercising is among the many productive things you can do to make sure you are in your best shape for learning. Not only is exercise beneficial to your brain, but it also helps you manage physical or mental conditions. Exercise promotes physical health by keeping your body in shape and enhances mental health by producing emotion-regulating hormones. The time you have between classes can be minimized if you give yourself the care you deserve by exercising.

Hang out with friends

You will not always have free time to meet with friends. If you find a gap in your schedule for your social life, then use that time without hesitation. It is healthy to keep a perfect balance between your studies and social life not to find yourself all too caught up with college.

All the studying and writing assignments can be overwhelming at times. You need a support system to help you get by. Where else can you get that but from your friends? You do not even have to physically meet; you can simply send them a text or call them to ask if they are free. This may also work with family if they are part of your support system.

Research and apply for the best internships

A college internship is vital to every student’s education. It is the first step to a career path since this is where you will gain your first taste of work experience. It only makes sense that a student’s internship is aligned with their major and their chosen career path. But you might find that learning how to land an internship is more difficult than you expected. It is therefore best to start early.

Use the time between classes to research the best internship program for you. There is a variety of choices for your internship. If you are in need of extra funding, then you can apply for a paid internship. Apart from giving you valuable work experience, an internship enables you to expand your network. If you are in luck, the company that provides the internship may offer you a job once you graduate.

Watch Netflix

Being productive is not all about studying or completing requirements. Taking the time to rest or relax is also a form of productivity. If you simply want to unwind during your free time between classes in college, you can stay in your dorm or sit at the library and watch a series or a movie. For instance, you can choose one to watch from a list of the best series on Netflix.

Giving yourself time to relax before the next class can ease the pressure from your studies. It will also take away the stress you get from studying. Watching a series or movie on Netflix in your free time will even give you an edge in pop culture. Also, you will have something to discuss with friends the next time you meet them.

Listen to music

Another way to spend time wisely is by listening to music. Playing some music is a great way to soothe your mind. Apart from entertaining you with your favorite songs, listening to music aids in taking away the pressure and stress of attending classes. The good thing about listening to music is that you can do it anywhere. Whether you are in the comfort of your room or in the library, you can play some music to relax your brain.

The beauty of music is that it can serve different purposes. For instance, slow music can help you fall asleep if you want to go for a nap. Mellow music can make you feel more at ease. On the other hand, pop music can make you feel more invigorated. Regardless of your choice, there is music that you can enjoy. Just make sure you use headphones to avoid disturbing others.

Read a good book

Some people may think that reading a nice book during vacant periods is redundant given how much reading is already done in class. But curling up with a book not related to your classes is a great way to pass the time. Reading novels, short stories, or poems can be a relaxing experience. This experience is due to literature’s power to transport readers to other times and places.

Any book lover will tell you that reading works of literature are like going on a journey to another world. This is why books such as J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings continue to enthrall countless people to this day. But if fiction is not your cup of tea, non-fiction books on any topic can also help take your mind off of class topics.


Meditation is also an excellent way to pass the time. Spending the day shuffling from one class to another can leave you not just physically spent but also mentally exhausted. If you still have classes to attend but you think you are running low on energy or overwhelmed by stress, meditating can optimize your resting period and leave you feeling rejuvenated.

There are plenty of ways to meditate. Closing your eyes for a few minutes and clearing your head of thoughts is one way. Another is by doing aromatherapy. Smelling some essential oils while resting can calm you down. If you are more of a tech-savvy person, there are apps on your phone that can guide you through short meditation sessions.

Do a hobby

Many students like to keep their hands busy for a reason. If you have just spent your entire day engaged in discussion, you would want to devote some time just involved in an activity that does not require too much thinking. Having a hobby that you can do during your free time can therefore be a welcome distraction.

Some examples of hobbies include playing board games, sketching or painting, or playing an instrument. Some hobbies do not even require a lot of tools or materials. Birdwatching is an enjoyable pastime if your campus has lots of vegetation that provides homes for birds. All you need is a good pair of binoculars, and you can spend hours just admiring nature.

Write in a journal

If you are the kind of person who likes keeping records of their daily life, then writing in a journal is a nice way to spend your free time between classes. Journaling can be a relaxing activity since it helps clear your mind. Writing down things that happened during the day, your thoughts, and your feelings can relieve the stress caused by having too many things going on in your head.

A journal is also useful for keeping track of ideas you get. You are probably familiar with this scenario: you think of an excellent idea for an assignment or a project, you make a mental note of this idea, and later you realize that you have forgotten it. Writing in your journal between classes will help you avoid forgetting good ideas.

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What you do between classes in college is strictly within your control. These tips are just among the activities you can do to help you kill time. The likeliness of being vacant in between classes is very low because once you are in college, you will most likely have a lot of things to do and so little time in a day to finish them all. Your life will become more stressful once your professors assign term papers and research papers you need to accomplish for the semester. 

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