What to Do In Between Classes in College

College students usually have a lot of freedom in choosing their class schedules. However, it’s not easy to plan the perfect schedule. There are a lot of external factors as to why schedules can’t be coordinated as to how each student wants them to be, including professors' demands, senior priorities, and many more. There will always be gaps between schedules, and students don’t have full control over how long it will be. It can be just a few minutes, an hour or two even. Patience is a quality a student must practice in these kinds of situations. However, with enough free time between classes, then students must also be resourceful. A student must be prepared to ask, what to do between classes. You may not know the answer now, but once you’re left with lots of free time, you will eventually have enough activities to fill your schedule. 

What To Do Between Classes in College

If you still find it confusing that you have all this free time and have zero things to do, then allow us to enlighten you with a list of what to do between classes in college.

Grab a bite

First of all, if your class break is during the lunch period, then make use of that hour to eat and be filled. Find the campus cafeteria or a cafe nearby, so you can have something to eat. Don’t skip meals because it’s important that you have enough food in your system in order to accommodate and process the lessons and discussions you take in day-by-day. Once you consumed food to the state of being full you will re-energized just in time for your next class. This scenario is also convenient in night schedules and dinner times. Making sure you have enough food in you is the best use of your time between classes in college. If you choose to just eat at your dorm then make sure you stocked up on food and have the appropriate college dorm meals available.

Walk around the campus

Explore the confines of the campus and get familiarized with every niche and corner. This will be particularly helpful if you are a freshman who wants to learn more about their college campus. Try to find the essential places you need to know, like the library, class buildings, clinics, dormitories, etc. Find quick routes or shortcuts to get from point A to point B. It’s also best to take this opportunity to find a suitable study spot on the campus for you where you’ll be far away from distractions as possible. Do this in between classes and you’ll surely use your time efficiently. 

Go to the library

The library is a safe haven for most students who want to kill time until their next class. You can do all sorts of stuff in the library, but what most students do is study. Whether it’s studying for an exam, studying in advance, or studying something unrelated to their major, most students go to the library because of its quiet and calming atmosphere. Make a habit of visiting the library for study sessions with yourself or with a group. There are many resources available in the library for student use, and they are often helpful when it comes to writing research papers, term papers, case studies, and other crucial writing assignments. The campus library is the go-to place for you to stay between classes in college - there you can make sure you utilize the best use of your time to be productive. 

Take a nap

The most ideal place to take a nap is in your dorm, but if you live off-campus, then any place will have to do. You can do it outside under the trees for shade, in the library, or in an empty classroom, just as long as you don’t disturb anyone with your presence and possible snoring. Taking a nap would help you regain the ability to keep up in classes, especially if you spent a late night trying to work on your assignments and lessons. It is inevitable to pull an all-nighter in college, however, you can minimize the feeling of being tired by using the time in between classes to catch up on sleep. However, don’t make a habit of staying up too late because it will harm your productivity and brain function. Seven to eight hours of sleep every night is still more important than taking short naps. 

Have a meeting with your professor

Professors appreciate it when students drop by their office during office hours. Professor office hours are mostly dedicated for students to approach them with any concerns about classes or homework. Your visit to their office doesn’t have to be due to a concern or an issue, but you can approach them just to have a discussion about the previous lesson or ask them how you can earn extra credit in their class. By doing so, you might even build a friendship with your professor. If you enjoy their class and you have passionate interests in their discussions, then appropriate the time in between classes to have meetings with your professor just to have a good conversation that might spice up your interest in the course and to an extent, even your major. 

Join a college club

When you’re in a club, you’ll surely have your schedule filled no matter the gap between classes in college. A productive club that’s in line with your interest and values will be a great use of your time if you don’t want to dedicate every hour of your day to just studying or sitting idly somewhere. A club will help you be more of a person who you want to be and discover more about yourself. It is also a great way to build connections with people and widen your network. No matter where you are, there is surely a club best suited for you in college. 

Go for a jog or hit the gym

The college campus surely has a gym and free facilities for students to use, mostly for athletes, but try asking around if it’s also available for the common students. Alternatively, you can go for a jog. Exercise is among many productive things a student can do to make sure they are in their best shape for learning aside from a healthy diet. Not only is it healthy for a student’s brain, but it also helps students from going through physical or mental illnesses. The time you have between classes can be minimized if you give yourself the care you deserve by exercising and keep being healthy. 

Hang out with friends

You won’t always have free time to meet with friends, so if you find a gap in your schedule where you and your friends can meet up and exchange a few stories, then use that time. It’s healthy to keep a perfect balance between your studies and social life so that you don’t find yourself all too caught up with college. All the writing assignments and work can be overwhelming at times, so you need a support system to help you get by, and where else can you get that but from your friends. You don’t have to physically meet, you can simply shoot them a text or call them to ask if they’re free. This may also work with family if they’re a part of your support system. 

Research and apply for the best internships

A college internship is vital to every student’s education. It is the first step to a career path where you will gain the necessary work experience. It only makes sense that a student’s internship should be aligned with their major and their chosen career path. Use the vacant time between classes in college to research the best internship program for you. There is a variety of choices, and if you are in need of extra funding then you can apply for a paid internship. Otherwise, you can apply for internships for the best programs suited for you. 

Watch on Netflix

If you simply don’t want to be productive during your free time between classes in college, then that’s possible as well. You can simply stay in your dorm or sit inside the library and watch a Netflix series or movie. Giving yourself time to relax before the next class can soothe the pressure you are feeling and take away the stress you are possibly feeling from studying. Watching on Netflix in your free time will even give you an edge in pop culture and you’ll have something to discuss among friends the next time you meet them.

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