Where to Travel Next?

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Jun 9, 2019

The joy that comes with travelling cannot be denied, and the feeling of waking up in a strange city feels like caffeine running through your veins. It is almost as if travelling keeps you alive, but perhaps that is just the nomad ancestry jumping out. Whatever the case, travelling is one of life’s greatest pleasures. But deep down you know that everything comes with a price, most especially when it comes to the best things. Travelling has seen a boom over the past few years, and dealing with other tourists and congested areas have made doing it such a pain. So, if you are looking where to travel next, we’ve gathered a list of all the best places (note that all costs may vary depending on every location):

1. Alsace, France

You know of Paris, of course, the ever-beautiful and iridescent city of lovers, the city we could all discuss and write in a poem . You have seen it everywhere on social media and pop culture, and you have probably seen it, so where to travel next? Lucky for you, France is a country composed of gems waiting to be discovered, like Alsace. Alsace boasts of culture and history. Located on Eastern France, it borders Germany and Switzerland, and control over it has been fought over by both countries for centuries. This resulted to an incredible mix of cultures. Its villages are made of bright paints, steep roofs, and timbered houses, all adapted from Germany. It is also home to one of the best wines in the world, and on the way to one of these vineyards, you will see how much of Switzerland is in it – little villages, landscapes of green hills, and the same sense of calm you feel when watching those good old medieval movies.

Alsace, France

2. Armenia

Armenia remains untouched by mass tourism, tucked safely away in the Caucasus Mountains. Despite this, the country has so much to offer you, and the best one is food. In the capital called Yerevan, you will experience a lively city decorated with countless of restaurants and wide avenues perfect for street markets. Do not leave without feasting on their local dishes like the dolma, khorovats (barbequed meat), and those special local cheeses you need to pair with lavash bread. This is also a wine lover’s dream come true, as Armenia offers wine made from different fruits, such as their national symbol - pomegranate. Tuck in to your food and wine as you bask in the glory of the mountains. 

Armenia, Western Asia

3. Polignano a Mare, Italy

Italy is known for Rome and Verona, but the country has more to offer, especially when you’re looking for where to travel next. Polignano a Mare is a little town located in southern Italy, overlooking the Adriatic Sea. It is a seaside town, and flourished on fishing and agriculture. But the best thing about this town? It has been here since prehistoric times! Historians believe it to be the site of the ancient Greek city called Apulia. It is not mentioned in any records, but the coins retrieved from the site serves as concrete testament. There is also evidence of it being part of the Roman Empire, with the bridge on the Via Trajana attesting to this. Walk on history in this sleepy fishing town, and dream of life’s past as you explore its beauty.

Polignano a Mare, Italy

4. Hoi An, Vietnam

Hoi An Town is a Southeast Asian port that has been preserved, dating back to the 15th century. Years of trading gave it such a unique mix of cultures , reflected by its buildings and street plan. If you are looking for an intense experience of heritage mix, this is the place for you! Getting there is quite an adventure, too, as Hoi An has no airport and train station. The only way to go there is by road, which can be through a taxi, but the payoff is glorious.

Hoi An, Vietnam

5. Namibia

You have probably never heard of Namibia, but that is what makes it so appealing to make it part of your list of where to travel next. It is a country just southwest of Africa, highlighted by the Namib Desert along the Atlantic Ocean coast.  Experiencing both desert and the sea? Now, that is an adventure of a lifetime. Namibia is also home to a huge population of cheetahs, along with a diverse wildlife. Walk along the sand in the morning – you just might meet one of its wildlife locals!

Namibia, South Africa

6. Vieques, Puerto Rico

Piña coladas in the morning, and tequila at night? That is how they do in the Caribbean, and Vieques will certainly deliver. If you think booze is enough to send you straight packing, that is not all – you can enjoy the beach even when the sun goes down, as this island is home to the famous Bioluminescent Bay, where microorganisms make the water glow. Tickets to Puerto Rico, please, stat!

Vieques Island, Puerto Rico daily

7. Catanduanes, Philippines

Dubbed as the “Happy Island”, Catanduanes will fulfill your need for the outdoors. Located in the Bicol Region, its Pacific coastline attracts beach lovers and surfers alike, with nearby lagoons, waterfalls, caves, and even other islands you are free to explore. Swim with dolphins, catch waves, or walk along sandbars – Catanduanes will make you want to stay under the sun for the rest of your life. It used the be called the “Land of the Howling Winds”, though, as typhoons land here first before the rest of the country. So make sure to come in the summer for the best trip!

Catanduanes, Philippines

8. The Seychelles

The Seychelles are islands beautifully speckled across the Indian Ocean, and people wonder if this is where Mother Nature herself resides. From palm trees and Dali-esque boulders, down to fine sand paired with the clearest of waters, finished with touches of lush hills – seriously, how much more beauty can you ask for? Its exquisite appearance and warm waters are also home to a healthy marine life. Here, life is teeming way beyond sunset as people flock to restaurants serving fresh seafood. And if you are feeling a bit more adventurous, venture into some of the islands nearby, such as Praslin and La Digue. Further out, you will see what seems to be long lost worlds just waiting to be discovered. Shall we get this on your list of where to travel next?


9. Tisvildeleje, Denmark

Cloudless skies and the gentle murmurs of the sea. The steady rise of the sun, as its rays warms up the horizons and the gentle town you are in – pulling you to wake up and up, to the waves of ocean blue. On the way you enjoy freshly baked bread and fresh juice, looking at the friendly smiles of the people around you. This is what Denmark wishes to give you, the village of Tisvideleje. Tricky to pronounce, but that will not matter, not even a bit. The gorgeous view of the skies and sea will make you keep coming back.

Tisvildeleje, Denmark

10. Kauai, Hawaii

Hawaii is perhaps on everyone’s list of where to travel next, but Kauai remains untouched commercially and serves as a getaway for anyone needing a pick-me-up from nature. Known as the Garden Island, people come here to relax among countless waterfalls, scenic drives, and more than sixty beaches decorating the entire island. You can go snorkeling, trekking, and even experience sugar plantation – definitely a brand new experience!

Kauai, Hawaii

11. Nordfjord, Norway

Nordfjord is described to be Norway’s peak, being its “highest, wildest, and most enjoyable”. Squeezed in between the largest glacier in Europe and Norway’s coast, Nordfjord is home to specular views of valleys and mountains, as well as vast farmlands. Do not forget the icing on the cake – its dramatic coastline. Nordfjord is like the very setting of every classic romance we have ever analyzed back in school - yes, it will definitely take you back to your literature review writing days!

Nordfjord, Norway

12. Saruni Samburu Safari Camp, Kenya

Saruni Samburu Safari Camp in Kenya is quite different from most of the things listed here, mostly because its a resort, not a city or a country. That does not mean that it is any less interesting, as it definitely deserves to be part of your where to travel next calendar. Perched on the Kalama mountains, Saruni Samburu is a lodge with an all-around view of Northern Kenya, up until the snowy Mount Kenya. Near Kalama Conservancy, you will experience cave visits, where you will see where the Samburu have made their marks during rituals and feasts in the past. Of course, what is a trip to Kenya without encounters with wildlife? Enjoy the feeling of exclusivity as you discover the lands and past cultures. It is best to get tour packages for the sight considering the variety of activities connected to the wildlife.

Saruni Samburu Safari Camp

13. Dordogne, France

Are you a fan of fairytales? Well, Dordogne in France looks like it has been plucked straight out of one. Boasting of 15 UNESCO World Heritage sites, this little town stays true to the charming towns of France we now only see in history books. The locals here cherish their culture, and they keep traditions alive through music, dance, food and a distinct language resembling four languages – that is right, four – French, Italian, Catalan, and Spanish. On a lazy summer day, we think this is the perfect place to be.

Dordogne, France

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