Controlling Social Media: How to Generate Income from Likes

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Jul 4, 2019

It is no mystery how social media became the most utilized channel for all sorts of communication, including sales and marketing , and so far, it is the most beneficial advertising channel out there today. The more likes and subscribers you have, the bigger your consumer base is, but that does not automatically generate revenue. It simply increases the chance of a product to be known in various areas continuously, granted that it had enough shares and likes. However, how does one actually transform these shares and likes into actual sales?

Here are a few ways how to generate income from likes – turn those loves and likes into coins!

1. Choose your platform.

Focus on a single platform and utilize all of its features, then interlink the account to other social media to improve online presence.

Right now, the most utilized social media platforms are Facebook and Twitter, with the former having over one billion active users and the latter with over three million users. Now, the thing is these social networking sites can now be linked together, including Instagram and Pinterest accounts, which means that whatever you do on one platform can also appear in another making activity much more visible. Another well-known channel is YouTube where you can actually gain money from subscribers and number of views of your videos. From all of these, YouTube has the capacity to help you earn best. Take it from our list of best YouTube channels to watch , where most of these owners started from nothing. So, all you have to do now is choose the platform that works best for you, then link them together. This ensures visibility throughout the internet, and you are going to need it if you want to start generating income via social media.

2. Join Online Contests.

The most obvious way of getting money from social media is to join legitimate contests and giveaways and Facebook caters a lot of those. You just have to make sure that you are joining a verified page with legitimate permits, and never, at all cost, proceed on joining such online contests without verifying its host first. If, for instance, it requires you to divulge personal information, particularly bank-related information, then it is best to just find another contest – most of which only requires you to like a page, share a post, like the post, and comment on it. Note that various businesses are on Facebook for advertisement, and such activities promote online visibility, thus increasing audience base, and if you have your own page to promote then you should consider giveaways too, which brings us to the next point: to build up your user engagement.

3. Build up user engagement.

Build up user engagement through highly-relatable content. Be human.

The name of the game is to engage people with your product. A passive audience can only give you a virtual figure, nothing else. That is why you have to make sure that you are posting videos, images, or other posts to which your audience can relate to – this is very important. The more they can relate to your content, the more you can build up that user engagement to generate more comments, likes, and shares you will garner. Ensure that your page is mobile-friendly, if it exists within know social media sites, no need to worry about this – you just have to focus on your content, but if you are working with an actual website, then we suggest that you start utilizing all these SNSs. It does not matter if you are promoting a product or simply gaining followers due to a highly-relatable or humorous content. The point is if you have enough audience base which you can directly influence, then you can go around and proceed with the next possible way to generate income from likes.

4. Be an ambassador. Promote!

Regardless whether it was because of hardwork or sheer luck that you got a huge online fan base, the fact stands that you have the power to influence. If you worked your way up like Rickey Thompson who one day just woke up to Kylie Jenner sharing his content, then that means you can hold up that crown and accept a partnership which main role you can handle is online promotion. Your influence to your own audience base is your very capital to this promotion, just make sure that you are partnering yourself with a trustworthy business.

5. Manage Facebook pages.

Being an online influencer, an ambassador, and a Facebook manager is time-consuming which makes two variables your capital – time and creativity. You have to make decisions that fit the algorithm of the social media page you are handling apart from being consistent. There are a lot of social media managers or virtual administrators who generates income from simply feeding pages various content that matches the interests of its customer base.

6. Build up your authority.

This one should adapt a much slower pace compared to the other tricks because you have to gain trust and that takes time, hence, you need to build your credibility to a smaller audience base first. Allow yourself to cater those who know you, and offer your service for free for one or two customers. This way, they can spread your service and build up your authority through grapevine – word of mouth. This is where you will need your social media page, because people who trust those who recommends you will definitely contact you. So, make sure that your page is not empty. Upload photos, videos, and other proofs that you do your thing extraordinarily well.

7. Look into affiliate links.

Research about affiliate links and marketing partnerships.

Affiliate links are like business partners related to your own. For instance, your expertise is on plumbing, you can promote an affiliate link, say, a brand or a store that offers the products used for plumbing, and you can get commission from that and vice versa. Working with another trustworthy link can build up your authority faster. Start small, do not attempt to leap because small problems can become big if you skip it.

There are a lot of ways to generate income from likes and various social media activities including the need for third-party applications such as Flattr and Fiverr, however, you can dig deeper into that, you need to acquaint yourself with the basic social media management skills and master them as you utilize them for earning. Note that this is a waiting game and social media is a little tricky because its main strength – quick information dissemination – is also its weakness. Other than that, just enjoy social media and might as well monetize those hours! Who knows, though? This might just be the road to f inding your career path, too!

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