Best YouTube Channels to Watch

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Oct 18, 2019

YouTube has always been the buzz, and despite the rise of other media platforms, it only continues to gain momentum. Featuring a wide variety of content spanning the realm of what the human mind can possibly conjure, YouTube has the powerful capacity of reaching an extensive audience. Here, you can find content ranging from watching a cat leap from roof to roof, down to tips and tricks on how to write character analyses of Charles Dickens classics. Created by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim, YouTube first launched in the year 2005 and ever since, YouTube slowly rose to snag the honor of being the most visited website of all time. For whatever reason, it comes as no surprise that almost all of the world’s population has made YouTube part of their daily lives. As a platform demanding no cost from the user, they continually fulfill their vision and belief that everyone deserves to have a voice, building a community through human stories.

Impressive it may all sound, YouTube is a massive plethora of content. And being a massive plethora of content means less than ideal standards of content, and there’s no sugarcoating that. Given its nature, it will come as no surprise if you find yourself in a state of panic, confusion, or revulsion, especially if you come across a video of someone scratching their dandruff off. Like all human things, thankfully, if you dig (or in this case, click) hard enough with your bare hands, you’ll find content gems deserving of your little happy dance, topped with a cozy blanket and hot chocolate to match (or cold beer, we don’t judge!). As you ponder over what to do with your spare time or fumble over where to get that extra knowledge to get your brain juice running, here’s our master list of the best YouTube channels to watch, curated especially for you. Hopefully, we’ll spare you from accidentally stumbling across earwax removal videos - unless that’s your drift, that is.

  • BuzzFeed Unsolved 

Buzzfeed Unsolved

BuzzFeed Unsolved operates under BuzzFeed, Inc., an American Internet news, media, and entertainment company. They focus mainly on digital media and is based in New York City. BuzzFeed Unsolved , in particular, is one of their many contents available on YouTube, and one of the most viewed, with a sum total of 230,950,714 views since their first launch. With 3.12 million subscribers awaiting season after season, host and producer Ryan Bergara and co-host Shane Madej continue to charm viewers with their unlikely dynamic – Ryan, the supernatural believer, is on a quest to make Shane, the skeptic, to finally believe. If you think about it, most of the topics of discussion are mostly morbid; for instance, detailed accounts of unsolved murders, demonic possessions, and even actual ghost hunt quests in an attempt to communicate with what cannot be seen. These episodes, however, are presented in a comical way, which is exactly what continues to enamor viewers all over the world. Shane, the ever skeptic, often taunts what causes Ryan to shake in fear, having been convinced episode after episode that he’s successfully captured evidence for the world to see. Armed with their ghost hunting devices and gadgets, the “ Ghoul Boys” (their adapted nickname) continues on with their chilling adventure, comedic lines, and Ryan’s strong desire to prove Shane wrong. 

  • The Try Guys

The Try Guys

Easily one of the best YouTube channels if you are looking for the good ol’ belly laughs, The Try Guys has certainly mastered that recipe, as demonstrated by a loyal following of 6.39 million subscribers. Originally part of BuzzFeed, Inc., The Try Guys channel was one of BuzzFeed’s most viewed channels, garnering millions of views per video. Eventually, the group of friends – Eugene, Ned, Keith, and Zach - decided to part ways with the company. With all their savings, they bought all rights to the “ Try Guys ” trademark and content and ventured on their own. They’re essentially a group of guys trying out everything life can possibly offer (mostly recommendations from random people on the internet, in all honesty). The four of them write, produce, direct, shoot, and act in each episode, but have since then established a little company of their own. Much of their work centers around content that have the potential to go viral, as what was seen in their episode " Guys Try Ladies' Underwear for the First Time ”, which went viral quick and garnered views numbering billions, have transcended across social media platforms. Their most-watched video is called "The Try Guys Try Labor Pain Simulation ," and judging from the sneak peak, they’re the channel you’d wish to expose yourself to after a long day of work. Their crazy antics, food binging videos, and surprisingly educational videos is perfect for a Friday night in me-time - and some snacks will make things even better!

  • Binging with Babish

Binging With Babish

On a special journey with food, or simply just love watching cooking shows? Binging with Babish has the ingredients of a perfect cooking show, but imbued with delectable twists – with his smooth voice and iconic look, Babish or Andrew Rea, quickly rose to fame. An American filmmaker, Andrew has now dedicated himself to recreating recipes that can be found in pop culture, particularly in films, television shows, and even video games. Armed with stunning visuals, editing, a good script, and even better dishes, it’s no wonder why people continue to rave about him. He currently has over 5.4 million subscribers, and one of his most popular videos of all time is a step-by-step guide to a recreation of the Krabby Patty, along with the mouthwatering Ratatouille dish from the charming animated film Ratatouille. Make sure to eat before watching though, because we’re not exaggerating how incredibly stunning his food experiments are – they’ll make your stomach growl, guaranteed. 

  • The School of Life

The School of Life

If you’re looking for mental, emotional, and spiritual stimulation, then The School of Life may be perfect for you. It’s like an educational podcast , but even better. Essentially, it’s a channel embodying the human knowledge, and the people behind it are devoted to interpreting and explaining self-knowledge and attaining fulfillment. The breadth of subjects they take on makes The School of Life  one of the best YouTube channels to watch. Here, you’ll find videos on philosophy, the Self, concepts of work and capitalism, and generally all the seemingly intangible things that we often overlook.  They also have short lectures on history topics, social and political theories, and even sociology, among a wide range of content topics. These, in fact, have become quite useful for students. When dwelling on rather heavy topics, their visuals are breathtaking. Each frame of the video is handled with care, artistically made to further explain the content. They go hand-in-hand, and that’s what makes  The School of Life so appealing. It’s essentially a resource platform of material that attempts to help you understand yourself and the world around you – all in a calming manner that won’t leave you lying away in the middle of the night. Perhaps you can gain some tips and help on how to write descriptive essays - they're good at their job! With over 4.95 million subscribers, it’s no wonder that they continually find the drive to make their content better and better!

  • Great Big Story

Great Big Story

Watching the content videos of Great Big Story is like watching the classic travel shows you usually chance upon on television. Their formula is quite the same, truth be told, but rather than telling the story of a wonderful little town hidden in some country, they focus on stories you don’t quite expect –  the life story of the world’s accidental genius, paralyzed sailors racing across the chilly waters of Alaska, a soup that has been simmering for 45 years, and much more. Their stories cover technology, lifestyle, nature, culture, and everything about the human life, and that scope alone should make it near the top of the list of the best YouTube channels to watch.  Although headquartered in New York, their producers have traveled to more than 100 countries since 2015, all in the name of telling the untold, overlooked, and stunningly amazing. The kind of unique storytelling they have has attracted millions of viewers around the world, and now they’re up to 4.44 million subscribers. 

  • bestdressed


Behind bestdressed is a normal girl named Ashley, having only finished film school. As a fashion influencer, her content on hindsight doesn’t really sound appealing to some, but her 2.3 million followers beg to differ. While her content mostly focuses on fashion, the quality of her videos is superb. Beginning with mere videos on college wardrobe essentials , she has now moved on to deconstructing the image of the typical “fashion girl”, as she freely expresses herself in every content, sharing all the struggles of what it actually means – awkward poses, creepy strangers watching you take photos, catcalls, vanity, and of course, less than ideal photographs. There’s also the painstaking process of editing in order to make things look perfect for the internet audience, which most social media influencers choose to forego. Ashley shares all of that, along with her narrative of struggles as a woman. Her awkwardness, honesty, and relatability’s probably the reason why millions and millions patiently await her content – the fashion and aesthetic are merely bonuses. 



HANSE is quite different from the other best YouTube channels on this list. For one, there’s little to no English on the channel, as virtually everything is presented in Korean. However, their content is quite clear – ASMR through the use of food, particularly baked goods and café drinks. ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response, a sudden boom of a trend on social media, pertains to a relaxing sensation that begins on the scalp and travels down to the spine. Such content could be whispering, chewing, metal clinking, and anything that makes sounds magnified by a microphone. As mentioned, HANSE focuses on food items you usually find in cafes. They have 1.89 million subscribers currently – so if you’re into ASMR for a little bit of relaxation, you’ll find HANSE a soothing experience. 

  • HiHo Kids

HiHo Kids

HiHo Kids is a channel that involves food, and well, kids. Think of The Try Guys , but more specific – essentially, it’s kids trying different types of food. And the types of food featured transcend beyond country staples now, as they’ve recently begun exploring food from the medieval age and the future (hint: it involves no meat). They also have content like “ Kids Meet ”, where they come face-to-face people from all walks of life, such as survivors of tragedy, teen moms, and people with disabilities. While their content is compelling, it’s the children that take the cake: their innocence, curiosity, and surprisingly progressive views about the world is perhaps what’s drew in over 3.35 million subscribers internationally. Quite a small detail, but the impact is profound; the kids starring in the videos are diverse, and they all get along quite well. We’ll say it without any hesitations: we can learn a thing or two about their interactions, and it seems like these kids know more about humanity than we adults do. 

  • The Take

The Take

If you’re a film enthusiast, then you’ll truly appreciate the goals and visions of The Take. Like The School of Life, The Take is another YouTube channel that has adopted the popular podcast format, where the content primarily features essays on films , shows, and cultures, dedicated to help the viewer dig deeper into the story worlds they’ve encountered. They have video essays about various character studies, hidden messages, ending explanations, and even director profiles, to name a few. Just a stone’s throw away from a million, The Take has over 798K subscribers, and we reckon it’s their extensive analysis skills that people absolutely relish. If you ever find yourself stuck in a daze after watching a mindboggling film, then The Take is the best YouTube channel to watch. 

  • tiffanyferg


tiffanyferg  is a Youtube channel owned by a girl named Tiffany Ferguson, and her content’s quite interesting. Although her audience is still growing, with only 295,000 subscribers at the moment, she’s steadily amassing the popular vote.  Recently, she has taken upon a series she calls “Internet Analysis”, where she delivers a commentary on online trends and topics. She ponders on concepts such a “VSCO girl” and an “E-girl”, certain internet aesthetics girls today identify with. She also discusses concepts and theories such as the woes of consumerism, painful college stress, and sustainability , to name a few. This is aside from her deeper analyses of issues young adults can completely relate to – introversion, mental health, career choices. Such a vast spectrum of educated opinions from an enlightened young individual. Overall, her content is fresh and enlightening – perfect for quick pick-me-ups.

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