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Definition of Grant Proposal

A grant proposal is a formal request for funding for a for-profit or non-profit project aimed at community development. While grant proposals seem to seek benefits only for the entrepreneur or organization that needs financial assistance, the grantee (the individual or organization that will fund you) is sure to benefit as well in the long run, although not in a direct manner resembling that of an ordinary investment. The "investment" that the grantee makes is one that is directed to harvesting the effects of positive change. As such, the grantee can also have a tremendous impact with respect to the grant seeker's morals, culture, or values. Grant proposals should be treated like any other writing project that seeks to yield tangible results. However, the results should center around the proposal's ability to justify the amount sought, hence, a grant proposal should be clear, understandable, and of a righteous and honest nature to ensure its approval. A good proposal is one that is meticulously prepared, planned, and carefully written because its mission is to turn a great vision into reality. Grant proposals are usually linked with public relations or corporate social responsibility campaigns.

How Does A Grant Proposal Work?

Here is an example of how a grant proposal works:

Kenneth, an honorable young entrepreneur, seeks to remedy unemployment and usher in economic progress in a poor area in his hometown through the establishment of small-scale business enterprises but lacks the capital to do so. To start the process, he must register his business in a federal grant program. After successful registration, he starts writing a grant proposal to be sent to KJBC, a multinational bank known for its charitable foundations worldwide. Kenneth's grant proposal contains the following: project summary, problem statement, cover letter, goals and objectives, cost estimate, budget information, organizational background, methods and strategies, and project timeline. 

Should KJBC find a good reason to grant financial aid, it will reply to the grant proposal. So how does KJBC bank benefit from its investment in positive change? If Kenneth's livelihood program produces favorable results for the community and its residents, it shall certainly translate to the area's economic growth. This growth, in turn, opens opportunities for business enterprises seeking a start or even those looking for market expansion in the area. The bank, seeing the dramatic improvement in the area, can therefore entertain the prospect of opening up a branch there to cater to the financial needs of aspiring entrepreneurs. The opening of a KJBC branch in the area signifies the grantee's "return on investment." 

Tips On Writing A Grant Proposal

  1. Validity of your vision . Much like writing serious academic papers, grant writing employs the pathos-ethos-logos strategy to be able to obtain that financial grant. Since grant proposal writing is essentially a formalized fundraising, your purpose has to make sense (explain why you want to do it), it has to appeal to the emotion of the grantee (illustrate how the community will benefit), and your credibility has to be beyond question (you have to be an upstanding member of the community, with no prior police record) because the grantee shall surely conduct a background check. 
  2. A concrete plan . Your vision will amount to nothing if you do not have a definite course of action on how to convert the fund into action. This should be a step-by-step plan that would further fortify the validity of your vision.
  3. Consult previous grant recipients . Research a successful grant recipient whose vision resembles yours so you would not have to bother so much about adjusting your proposal.  Initiate communication with them and let them know of the nature of your vision. This will help not only in picking the right language for your proposal but also in crafting a clear and understandable delivery of its specifics. Pick their brains and take note of the important considerations. 
  4. Ensure that the funding agency's (grantee) vision is aligned with your plan . For example, if your vision is to alleviate poverty and unemployment in a particular area through the establishment of livelihood programs and youth learning centers, you must ensure that the grantee has a known record of helping the socially disadvantaged. 
  5. Talk to the grantee's representatives or management . Nothing expresses credibility and degree of intent than seeking an appointment with the officers of the grantee organization. The familiarity that they will acquire about both your vision and your person is instrumental in achieving your goal. 

Why Writing A Grant Proposal is Challenging

Given that your mission and vision are of righteous nature and you are asking for a huge sum, your grant proposal should be clear, convincing, and transparent. Anything that could cause the slightest misunderstanding could doom your chances of getting awarded that grant. Unlike academic writing where you could be given a chance to revise by your professor, a grantee will not give you a chance to reword any grammatical mistake or misinterpreted statement in your grant proposal. The combination of specific information, language, and conviction should be perfect. There is absolutely zero room for mistakes.

The beneficiaries of your vision should not be made to wait, and you have only one chance to prove the goodness of your vision. So if writing is not your strong suit, you cannot afford to take any chances. Entrust the writing to capable and experienced professionals whose work secured financial grants many times over.  We'll write your grant proposal for you

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The aim of a grant proposal is centered around community development and uplifting the quality of life, so you cannot afford any kind of setback. We wish to be part of your effort to enhance the living conditions of people who will benefit from your vision, so allow us the pleasure of writing your grant proposal. 

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