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Grant Proposal Paper (including a Cover Letter)

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Grant Proposals are one of the facets of research proposals which benefits are both academic and professional. Writing a grant proposal enriches a student's understanding about research study, locating grants, and possibly acquring grants - to which the first step is writing a Grant Proposal. Now that you've conducted research about a benefitting project, it is now time to try and acquire a grant to fund it. To practice, create a hypothetical company or organization where you will submit a grant request to. Other details can also be created to support the scenario. You Grant Proposal should at least present the following details about your project: 1. An overview; 2. Justification of the need for your project; 3. Complete, but concise description; 4. Objectives; and 5. Other significant information you wish to share that you think will help you acquire the grant. Do not forget to include a cover letter stating your purpose of sending your project brief to a potential grantor. Remember that you are only writing a proposal, hence, keep it as short as possible. A good length should be around 4-6 pages.

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