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Writing an MBA, or Master of Business Administration application essay, may seem easy. Many liken it to a harder version of the college admission essay; that it is just a matter of writing an essay to be admitted to a graduate school - but, this is not the case. Writing an MBA admission essay can be quite difficult not only because of the need to land in a business school, but also owing to its complex and intricate guidelines, as well as the world of knowledge that awaits a successful applicant. Truth be told, the MBA essay is decidedly the most important document that you will submit when applying for a slot in a business school. Thus, it cannot be overstated that it should be written with complete commitment and attention to detail. However, not everyone has the time, the energy, or the precise words to craft an excellent MBA application essay. 

Reasons why writing an MBA application essay is difficult

1. Lack of writing skill

While many aspiring MBA students know what to say, they simply do not know how to express themselves through effective writing. Their inability to articulate their intent is understandable, though. It is because a large majority of students aiming for that MBA slot are graduates of business-related majors, which are not really heavy with creative writing to begin with. 

2. Lack of time

Most MBA applicants hold day jobs and usually don't have spare time. When you are working, it is inevitable not to encounter and pressure. And if you are feeling either one, you are therefore in no shape to write an MBA application essay. The stakes are just too high to gamble writing with a bothered mind.

3. Lack of resources

Fresh college graduates who directly pursue their MBA application are rare, due to the unduly high tuition rates. Unless of course, if your pursuit of MBA education will be funded all throughout by scholarship. A considerable financial stability is required if you desire to get an MBA degree, as you will need to personally shoulder the tuition fee cost. 

Benefits of MBA

Having an MBA in your credentials equips you with an abundance of advantages, especially if it is from a prestigious business school. Here are the key takeaways:

High salary potential. If you research about the salary range paid to professionals with an MBA against those who have other Master's degrees, the huge difference is strikingly obvious. Whether an MBA graduate elects to go to the public or private sector, their salaries are more than twice as much as those employees who "only boast" of other Master's degrees. 

Be a boss. Young MBA degree holders tend to become successful entrepreneurs. By securing an MBA program, you can obtain the necessary knowledge and practices vital to starting your own business. An MBA degree equips you with sound skills in business management, financial planning, and financial handling. With all these, you are putting yourself in a favorable position to manage your own business while helping uplift your community (think of your capacity to help in writing grant proposals). In turn, you also get to boost your country's socioeconomic development. 

A wealth of career opportunities. An MBA degree offers you a much broader field of opportunities. An MBA program is not just concerned with business per se as its name seems to suggest; it also covers economics, finance, statistics, human resources, and public administration - fields in which the principles of business overlap with. An MBA degree's coverage of these areas supplies an MBA graduate with many more avenues to realize their potential. 

Personal growth and development. An MBA graduate almost always becomes an entirely new and better version of themselves right after completing the degree. Armed with a new vantage point on both life and business, an MBA degree can hone their personal and business survival instinct and professionalism, making them remarkable mentors and communicators. Undeniably, an MBA degree can elevate your mind's abilities and awareness of society's nuances.  

Business schools admit only the most outstanding MBA applicants

The aforementioned advantages of having an MBA degree are the reason why admissions officers of business schools aspire to choose only the best applicants. They want to ensure that the future MBA graduates are rich not only in knowledge, but also in character and of noble intent, possessing qualities that can help society improve as a whole. 

Why seek professional help for your MBA application essay

For this reason, you should never take for granted your MBA application essay. It is not a mere essay and certainly not to be compared with a much simpler college application essay. A world of opportunities await you when you earn that MBA diploma. If you are overwhelmed with your job and other commitments, or have the slightest hesitation, it's best to entrust your MBA application to writing experts.

As an academic writing firm, our company offers an MBA essay writing service designed to converge your ideas into an original and high-quality MBA essay that can impress even the most discerning admission officers in the world’s top business schools. In this post, we will discuss why CustomEssayMeister is your best choice when looking for help in writing your MBA entrance essay.

Looking for the best MBA essays?

The content of your MBA application essay will depend on the instructions given, but most of the time the instructions will require you to state your reasons for applying, narrate an experience that changed your life, and explain how you prepared for taking on the program. Thus, like most other application essays, an MBA essay’s purpose is to provide the admissions officer plenty of insight about your motivations for applying to the school, and to an extent, your personality and character. What makes writing an essay for MBA programs difficult, however, is the need for clarity, brevity, and uniqueness while employing impressive writing. Writing about yourself, your dreams, and your abilities is easy, but standing out amidst hundreds of applicants is awfully hard. Your MBA essay needs to rise above all other application essays by being clear, straightforward, and sincere. In other words, it must dazzle and connect with your admissions officer.

Producing an exceptional MBA essay, however, is challenging. Many students often find themselves at a loss for what to say, and the writing process eventually becomes too taxing. This is where CustomEssayMeister comes in. As one of the leading online writing companies, we have had over a decade of experience in writing application essays, including MBA essays. We know what makes a good MBA essay, and we make it a point to use this knowledge in crafting the best MBA essays for our clients. Our professional writers and our first-rate services have helped thousand of aspiring MBA students secure admission to their chosen business schools. That is why we are the preferred company of countless students who order essays online across the globe.

Why CustomEssayMeister is the ideal MBA essay writing service

When looking for an MBA admission essay writing service, you will encounter many websites that offer similar services. However, not all writing companies are the same. CustomEssayMeister is among the top online writing services for many reasons:

  1. Best Quality Products. Here at CustomEssayMeister, we put the greatest value in our clients’ trust and loyalty. This is why we do our best to provide only the best products that meet our clients’ instructions and expectations. So, whether you are looking for an MBA essay written especially for you or you want a professional writer to improve your draft (MBA essay editing service), you can expect us to deliver high-quality work on or before your set deadline.
  2. Professional Writers. CustomEssayMeister holds its writers to exceptionally high standards. We have an intensive screening process to ensure that we hire only the best writers to handle MBA application essays. Our writers also come from diverse cultural and academic backgrounds, thus allowing them to work on wide range of topics, areas, and disciplines. Together, our writers have produced thousands of papers that more than satisfied the requirements of our clients.
  3. Unique, Plagiarism-Free, and Custom Papers. All our papers are written according to our clients’ specific instructions. We never copy from other papers or recycle old works. Instead, each paper is crafted in response to our clients’ requirements. This is to ensure that the content of our papers precisely fits our clients’ distinct needs and expectations. Expect our writers to work with you closely in order to give your MBA essay that sense of authenticity that admissions officers look for.
  4. 24/7 Support. Apart from professional writers, our company also includes a 24/7 support team dedicated to helping you in managing your orders. Want to learn more about our services? You can chat with our friendly operators who will be glad to give more information and answer your questions. Having trouble uploading or downloading files? Just send a message and they will make sure that your concerns are addressed. Unsure with how to place an order? Call and they will be happy to walk you through the entire process. 
  5. User-Friendly Website. Our website is designed to be user-friendly so that clients can easily place orders. Here at CustomEssayMeister, we always look for ways to improve our clients’ experience. That is why we continuously update our system to save our clients time and effort when placing their orders. A few minutes are all it takes to get your order going.
  6. Secure and Confidential Service. Apart from being easy to use, our website is also designed to secure your personal details and credit card information. Our website utilizes a sophisticated security system to ensure that such data are not shared with any unauthorized person or entity. Furthermore, our service guarantees that every transaction is kept confidential at all times.
  7. Affordable Prices. We at CustomEssayMeister understand that clients want to get the best value for their hard earned money. That is why we keep our prices highly affordable. Our pricing scheme matches prices with client’s specifications, so you can be assured that you are paying the right amount for your order. Our service also offers limited discounts and other perks when appropriate.

Professional MBA essay writers you can trust

One of the cornerstones of our service are our professional writers. After all, the writers are the ones who provide the content for the clients' orders. For this reason, we make sure that we hire professional writers and that their competencies are maintained and enhanced. Here are some of the ways that we keep our roster of writers in top shape:

  • Intensive Screening and Application Process. CustomEssayMeister makes sure that writers undergo the proper screening and application process. Before applicants are hired, they are required to demonstrate their competence in writing by providing samples of written work, passing the language exam, completing test essays, and undergoing the interview. As our writers are knowledgeable and skilled in a wide range of topics, areas, and disciplines, many are highly competent when it comes to writing excellent essays for MBA programs.
  • Background Check. Our company also conducts meticulous background checks. We verify the identity of our writers by requiring them to submit government-issued identification documents.
  • Professionalism. CustomEssayMeister requires writers to observe professionalism at all times. This means that our writers are expected to be courteous and polite towards clients, to initiate collaboration with clients to enhance the quality of MBA application essay papers, and to respect deadlines.
  • Quality Assurance. CustomEssayMeister has a dedicated Quality Assurance Department, and part of the QA Team’s work is to continuously monitor the writers’ output. By checking the writers’ works, the QA Team helps in ensuring that the writers are able to continuously provide original and high-quality papers.

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Though it seems that the MBA essay writing process is easy, it can actually be difficult to craft an essay capable of impressing veteran admissions officers. Most of the time, applicants know what to say, but not how to say it in the best way possible. Fortunately, we are here to help out. With over ten years of experience in writing application essays, and thousands of regular clients who have found satisfaction in our products and services, CustomEssayMeister is in the best position to assist you in writing that MBA essay. But more than our expertise in handling such papers, our company also offers other special benefits. Our topnotch excellence, user-friendly and secure website, our 24/7 support team, and our affordable prices also work towards giving you a great overall customer experience. So instead of worrying, go straight to CustomEssayMeister’s website and order our MBA essay writing service now. 

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