Best Cause And Effect Essay Topics For 2019

Writing a cause and effect essay entails looking at the reasons (causes) for something, then discussing the results (effects) borne out of that specific circumstance. Due to this, cause and effect essays are also referred to as “reason and result” essays.  Cause and effect writing is one of the most common forms of organization in the world of academic writing. Writing an effective essay can be tricky, and will demand for a ton of research and facts. Choosing a topic is also part of the challenge. This post explores how to choose a cause and effect essay topic, as well as a cause and effect essay topics list you can choose from if you’re feeling stuck, or simply just looking for sample cause and effect essay topics. Your choice of a good cause and effect essay topic can make or break your entire essay.

How To Choose Topic For Cause And Effect Essay?

Your goal is to find a good cause and effect essay idea, but have no idea where to start. Before anything else, keep in mind that thoroughly understanding and reading the instructions given is the key to the successful process of selecting good cause and effect essay topics. A cause and effect essay should be able to catch the reader’s attention from the very beginning, which means its title. As you look for good cause and effect essay topics, remember these basic principles of selecting themes:

Remember to define the causes and effects. To begin, get a pen and paper. Write down which ideas you wish to cover, along with the significance of each to the community. After completing the list, highlight the interconnected subjects. Through this process, it will be possible to come up with a single cause for a specific effect. Listing ideas for a cause and effect essay can help you choose the best one that will work for you.

cause and effect essay brain dump

Choose a suitable topic that works for your thoughts. Perhaps a student is more than capable of understanding the relationship between subjects – he or she, however, may have trouble expressing thoughts concisely and clearly. With this in mind, it’s better to just choose one that will work best for you. 

Golden rule: choose a cause and effect topic that makes sense. Brainstorm on different things that have the best chance of grabbing a reader’s attention, and you can do this by putting yourself in their shoes. What could be interesting to you? Perhaps themes on college survival or the concept of student popularity may be able to grab your peers’ attention.

Look for inspiration. Even the best of writers needed help crafting their masterpieces – look for a reference. This could be a hobby, to the simplest intricacies of human life, or the vague concept of love. Remember that writing is also a form of art. 

The best ideas of cause and effect essay topics for students in 2019

A successful cause and effect essay writing calls for good cause and effect essay ideas. Good ideas can be hard to come by, and brainstorming might not be an option if you find yourself pressed for time. Your search for topic ideas to write an essay is over now! Below are lists of some of the best cause and effect essay topics, gathered from various sources and essay experts:

Cause and effect essay topics for college students

1. How do you keep sound temperament during studying sessions?

2. Feminism – its origins, significance, and ability to change the world

3. Studying regularly makes college life easier

4. A smartphone is a life saver – how do you utilize it?

5. How does population increase every year?

6. Teenagers are more stressed now, compared to teenagers from 20 years ago

7. The significance of learning independence before reaching your 30s

8. Recycling a kilo of trash each week can help save the planet

9. Excellent food boosts a student’s study habits

10. Democratic countries: their liberties and responsibilities 

11. Rediscovering and accepting yourself after a traumatic experience

12. Technology and its effect in helping people express themselves better

13. Is space still a barrier in modern times?

14. How do you become a CEO in 3 years?

15. Are people’s opinion about you significant to your personal development?

Cause and effect essay ideas for middle school 

16. Living in poverty: its causes and effects

17. Things that lead to poverty and unemployment

18. Bullying and its effects on mental health

19. Artists and the things that contribute to their success

20. “Harry Potter”: Several causes and effects of its success

21. Should students be separated according to gender?

22. Why do students believe that homework is useless?

23. Why do most students think that history is a boring subject?

24. The pros and cons of wearing school uniforms

25. Labels such as “gifted,” “talented,” or “successful” and how they affect students

Cause And Effect Essay Idea Samples For High School 

26. Food insecurity and its threats on children’s lives

27. Discrimination and racism in school

28. Sexism in modern society

29. Losing or gaining popularity in college

30. The impact of the charter schools on the educational system

31. What is the impact of “Pretty Little Liars” on modern students?

32. ADHD children and the effects of sending them to regular public schools

33. Remote education and its certain perspectives for the future

34. Advantages & disadvantages of sex education based on already existing effects

35. Causes and effects of parent involvement in child’s education

Fun cause and effect essay topics 

36. The importance of drinking water and its effects on heart and brain health

37. The advantages and disadvantages of applying intelligence tests to students

38. What specific communication skills should a good teacher possess?

39. Buying expensive clothes actually make you unhappy

40. A fly’s favorite color: the color blue and its effects 

41. Can milk make you sleepy?

42. Toys make adults happier than they do children

43. Beer can improve your health

44. Why do people love travelling?

45. Can decorating make people happy?

46. Writing down your memories and your goals can help you achieve them

47. Can watching cartoons make you optimistic? 

48. Learning a new language can stimulate your communication skills

49. Adopting a dog can help you become more organized

50. Do people with big ears eat more than those who do not?

Interesting cause and effect essay topics

51. The effects of migration to your immunity 

52 The number of bees decreases every year and how it affects the balance of nature

53. The connection between sports and sleeplessness 

54. Staying under the sun makes you healthier

55. Being optimistic can strengthen your overall health

56. Playing with your pet can help reduce stress

57. Laughing and the impact it has to your chances of succeeding in life

58. Do video games help you become smarter?

59. Can Facebook help shy people?

60. Helping others can change your way of thinking

writing a cause and effect essay

61. The correlation between your IQ and your hair color

62. Global temperatures increase every year and how it affects human behavior

63. How socializing increases your chances of being selected for an interview

64. Stimulating creativity among students and the benefits that come with it

65. The main causes of school failure and how they can be addressed

Historical cause and effect essay topics

66. What really caused the Civil War?

67. What are the effects of slavery on American society, and how are they apparent today?

68. The causes of the increasing interest in feminism in the 1960s and 1970s

69. The effects of wartime experiences on WWII veterans 

70. How were the Jewish people affected by WWII?

historical cause and effect essay topics

71. What effect did Christianity have on the Roman Empire?

72. What caused the Arab Spring, and what are the results that came with it?

73. The effects of GI Bill on soldiers and universities in the U.S. 

74. Colonialism and its effects on Britain's view of itself

75. The causes and effects of colonialism

76. According to the British perspective, what were the causes and effects of the American Revolution?

77. Drug wars in Colombia: causes and effects

78. What causes illegal immigration?

79. What are the effects of immigration on a ______ (choose a country)?

cause and effect essay topics 2019

80. Online business and it sales: how does it affect ______ (choose a country)

81. The invention of the printing press and its impact on world history 

82. Globalization and how it has affected the position of women

83. American drone attacks’ effects on terrorists and civilians

84. Cause of the destruction of the World Trade Center on 9/11

85. The increased militancy on North Korea and its causes

Simple cause and effect topics

86. Burnout and parenthood

87. What helps a child become successful?

88. Pros and cons of an open campus

89. Becoming a successful blogger

90. Why is Google the most popular search engine? 

91. Why do people spend a lot of money on shopping?

92. How a mobile app can gain popularity in a week

93. Being unable to rest during summer break and its effects 

94. The influence of soda to our health: Coke and Pepsi

95. What causes children to behave the way they do and the effects that come with it

Compare and contrast essay for 6th graders

96. The effects of the war between vegetarians and non-vegetarians

97. Will you be studying French or studying Spanish? What are the impacts of each?

98. Approaches to executing and completing homework assignments

99. Democracy or dictatorship: which is better?

100. What is the difference between a college and a university?

101. The difference of cultures between the United Kingdom and the United States

102. The roles of Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece in history

103. Renaissance and Baroque: impacts on modern architecture

104. How Newton’s ideas of gravity and the ideas of Einstein changed the world

105. Choosing between 5-star and 3-star hotels in Amsterdam

What comes after choosing topics for a cause and effect essay?

Now that you’ve read through examples of ideas for cause and effect essay, it’s time to work on your cause and effect essay outline. Creating an outline will help you gain a better feel of how your overall essay will turn out, and help you utilize your cause and effect essay topic.