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Essay On Woodstock 1969: Peace and Love

Woodstock was a phenomenal music festival that served as an example of love and peace. This essay explores the numerous legacies of Woodstock more than 50 years after it happened.

Reviewing Romeo and Juliet 2013 Movie's Musical Score

A movie’s music can have a significant impact on its outcome. Bad music can ruin a great scene while the perfect song can elevate a mediocre performance. The latter applies in Romeo and Juliet (2013) as music elevated the movie.

Sample Definition Essay: "What is Art?"

What is art? Artists and art critiques have attempted to define art for centuries. In this essay, I discuss my own definition of art.

Sample Expository Essay on Art: Who is Banksy and Why is He Important?

An essay is one of the most common writing assignments in college. An essay explains, instructs, or advances an argument. This sample expository essay on art explains who Banksy is and why he is a renowned figure in contemporary art.

Sample Reflection Paper on Art: On Fauvism

Get inspiration for writing your reflection paper with this sample reflection paper on art. This reflection essay discusses why the student prefers and find the art style Fauvism relatable. Read the reflection paper here.

Sample Biography: "The King of Pop"

Michael Jackson is popular as The King of Pop. He invented popular dance moves and had multiple chart-topping performances throughout his career. This biography discusses the stages of his life along with his achievements.