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Modern Sexism

Though society has come a long way in creating a more equitable world, sexism remains a real issue affecting millions across the globe. This sample essay discusses some of the modern forms of sexism.

Domestic Violence

An essay that provides an overview of domestic violence including its definition, current statistical data, causes and effects, and possible solutions.

Sample Expository Essay on Feminism: Sexual And Non-Sexual Harassment Against Men Continue

Men experience sexual harassment almost as much as women do, and they suffer the same consequences. The exclusion of men from discussions on sexual harassment is dangerous. Read the sample expository essay tackling the sexual harassment against men.

Cases of Everyday Sexism

Sexism, although prevailing in many powerful forms, has taken form in the subtlest of things - and many don't even realize it. In this sample expository essay, we delve into instances of everyday sexism and how they affect women.

Severe Cases of Sexism

Although great strides have been made in advancing the rights and causes of women, countless women continue to endure severe cases of sexism around the world. This sample essay discusses some of the gravest threats facing women.

Business Research: Glass Ceiling and Corporate Ladder

The glass ceiling refers to the barriers that women and minorities face when climbing the corporate ladder. Understanding the glass ceiling and how it affects certain individuals is necessary to address the issue.

Feminism and Equality

True feminism is not about oppressing men; rather, true feminism is about promoting equality between men and women as well as giving women the freedom and the power to shape their own lives.