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How to Plan Nutritious Meals for Diabetics

Planning nutritious meals for a diabetic should take a person-centered approach that involves education and assessment, consideration of personal preferences and culture, and collaboration

Sample Nursing Research Essay: Routine Exercise for Patients with Cardiac Concerns

Sample research paper on exercise routines and physical activity programs suitable for individuals and patients diagnosed with heart disease and other cardiac conditions.

Implementation of PHQ-9 to Improve Depression Screening in a Primary Care Clinic

A graduate-level nursing paper that looks into the potential of implementing PHQ-9 as a depression screening tool in a primary care clinic to increase capacity during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sample Nursing Research Paper on Evidence-Based Practice Project: PICOT and Theoretical Framework

This sample nursing paper presents a PICOT question and a theoretical framework. This project is part of nursing research for advancing evidence-based practice and practice change.

Sample Intervention Plan on Nursing Practice for Patients with Coronary Artery Disease

This sample nursing paper presents a simple nursing care plan or NCP that features three nursing diagnoses. Study the plan to understand how to make a comprehensive and effective NCP.

Sample Paper on Nursing and Public Health: Community Health Concepts for a Specific Population

Analyzing health concepts is an important step performed by nurse leaders in enhancing public health. This sample nursing paper features the analysis of three health concepts of the target population: Canadian Aboriginal adolescents.

Sample Research Paper on Nursing: What is Monkeypox?

A research paper is an essential part of studying in a nursing school. This sample nursing research paper discusses basic information regarding the disease monkeypox including its cause, symptoms, and treatment.

Nursing Research Paper: What is the nursing process?

A research paper is a type of written project that utilizes information from credible scholarly sources to support a specific idea or claim. This sample nursing research paper defines and describes the nursing process.

Nursing Research Paper: Sample PICOT Paper

A PICOT paper is a basic project assigned to student nurses. Its purpose is to develop nurses’ research skills and ability to contribute to evidence-based practice. This sample PICOT paper focuses on the issue of lateral violence in the nursing workforce.