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Research Paper on Abortion: What Happens in the Process?

Many think that abortion permanently damages a woman's subsequent pregnancies. Is this simply a misapprehension or is it true? Find out more in this free full sample APA essay on Abortion Procedure.

Research Essay: The Cause of Lower Abortion Rates

Abortion rates are at their lowest since the passing of Roe v. Wade in 1973. Are the passage of new abortion laws connected to this decline? Find out in this sample essay here at CustomEssayMeister.

Is Parental Involvement in Abortion a Must?

Need an essay on the topic "Do parents really need to get involved?" Read this example of an argumentative essay for free only here at CustomEssayMeister!

Sample Case Study on the Topic of Abortion

Learn how to write a case study with this free example of a case study paper on the topic of abortion. Only here at CustomEssayMeister

Essay: Abortion and Poverty as Represented by Africa

Abortion is spoken of primarily from the perspective of the “well off.” What about those who are impoverished? As a worldwide social issue, abortion must be discussed considering all walks of life

Abortion Clinics Should Remain Open and Accessible

Current legislation allows women to exercise their right to abortion. Pro-lifers and religious groups disagree. Society as a whole will take a huge step back if women are stripped of a basic right.