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Sample Speech: Is Medea Guilty of Murder? (Euripides)

Medea is a tragedy written by Euripides. The play has been the subject of debate, as many have argued about whether Medea is guilty. In this speech, I argue that Medea is guilty as charged

Easy Guide on Parts of Speech for ESL Students

The words we use daily are categorized into the eight parts of speech. Learning what these are will help ESL students master English faster. Read on to learn what the eight parts of speech are and examples.

Sample Speech Analysis: The Gettysburg Address by Abraham Lincoln

The Gettysburg Address is a famous speech that commemorated the fallen soldiers in the civil war and inspired the Americans to continue their fight for liberty. This article analyzes the effectiveness of the speech through Lincoln’s persuasive rhetoric

Sample Speech: Recent Proof of Climate Change and the Danger it Poses

Climate change is a concerning issue that many tend to disregard. Read this sample speech to learn about the proof of climate change and the detrimental effects it can cause to humans and the Earth.