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The Development and Future of E-Commerce

While a relatively new phenomenon, e-commerce forever changed the way people conduct business. This sample essay discusses the development of e-commerce as a global force and its prospects in the future.

Research Essay: Alternative Sources of Energy

Have you ever heard of solar panels, windmills, and mega-dams? Do you know that they are currently being developed to be the main source of electricity in the United States?

Internet and Technology Hazards

Internet and Technology Hazards Essay Paper about today's problems caused by a high-tech world.

Sample Expository Essay: Video Games Are Great Storytellers

Stories have been told for centuries through writing, speech, and images. A new and interesting way of telling a story has come along with video games

Technology Essay: Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) in Business

How do businesses nowadays use technology to be more productive? In particular, how does RFID help with their day-to-day operations?

History and Advantages and Disadvantages of Video Games

Video games have been around for a long time now as a medium of entertainment. Does its drawbacks really outweigh the benefits it brings?

Can Cell Phones Cause Cancer?

Cell phones, ever since it went up in the market, are rumored to be a possible cause of cancer. With 30 years of studies, can the rumors finally be dispelled as a myth?

Essay on The Social Impact of the Internet

Through communication and information, the internet created a more connected society. However, the internet has given rise to new issues such as social isolation, crime, and political manipulation.

Research Paper on Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Games

NFT games are becoming popular due to their play-to-earn feature. Since early 2021, many NFT game titles have appeared which made NFT gaming more popular. Read this paper to learn what are NFT games.

Bitcoin-Based Video Games and How They Differ from Other NFT Games

Bitcoin games are games that reward players with the cryptocurrency Bitcoin or BTC for playing the game. Learn more about these types of games and how they differ from the popular NFT game genre.

Beginner’s Guide To NFT Games

Many individuals find the concept of NFT or crypto games confusing. This is due to the foreign concept of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Read this paper to gain an insight into how NFT video games work.

The Influences of Bitcoin on Society and the Economy

The creation of Bitcoin had various effects on societal and economic conditions. It provided a new cash system and introduced blockchain technology. Read this article to learn more about Bitcoin.

The Effects of Technology Addiction on Adults

Technology addiction is the obsessive and compulsive use of technology, such as social media, e-commerce websites, and video games. Read this article to learn about the effects of these addictions on adults.

Impact of Cybercrimes and the Role of Cybercrime Law

Cybercrimes have caused various damages to individuals and businesses. Legislative bodies have created cybercrime laws to combat these acts.