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Persuasive Essay on Lowering the Legal Drinking Age to 18

Lowering the minimum legal drinking age may come across as problematic at first but is actually a sound policy and counterintuitive solution to some issues related to drinking among the youth

Persuasive Essay Example: "The Ghost of Slavery"

Slavery is a specter that lives on in the form of sex trafficking, child labor, and appalling working conditions around the globe.

Sample Persuasive Essay: Stopping Female Infanticide

Female infanticide is a result of a gender-biased culture that is willing to commit inhumane acts against young females. This persuasive essay will discuss the different ways to stop the high rate of female infanticide

Persuasive Essay on Why Spider-Man No Way Home was a Necessary Reboot for the Franchise

Spider-Man No Way Home was released in December 2021 and concluded the latest Spider-man trilogy. This sample persuasive essay discusses points on how the movie acted as a soft reboot for the franchise.

Sample Persuasive Essay: Why Should Humans Prevent the Extinction of Endangered Species

Endangered species are creatures that have experienced significant population declines. Since they cannot protect themselves, it is up to humans to prevent their extinction. This article discusses the reasons why humans should help endangered species.

Should Children Who Commit Violent Crimes Be Tried as Adults?

An issue exists regarding how to approach children who commit violent crimes. Some argue that children should receive the same punishment as adults while others contend that children are not accountable for their actions.