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Sample Process Essay: Cooking an Omelette

Process essays are one of the most common types of expository essays. Here is an example of a process essay.

Sample Process Essay: How to Maintain Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is crucial in a company's success in today's hyper-competitive market. How can a company maintain customer loyalty? This process essay delves in to the strategies that companies of today can follow to retain customers.

Sample Expository (Process) Essay: How to Foster Diversity in the Workplace

A process essay is a type of expository writing. This sample process essay outlines five steps that organizations and companies can follow to foster inclusivity as well as racial and gender diversity in the workplace.

Sample Process Essay on Ways to Build Self-Confidence on Speaking English

ELLs need to build their confidence to speak in English with others successfully. There are numerous ways to build self-confidence. This process essay explains 5 easy ways to be more confident in speaking in English.

Sample Process Essay: Making Friends in College as an ESL Student

The main purpose of a process essay is to show the steps required for accomplishing a task of procedure. This sample serves as a guide for making friends as an ESL student (English as a second language).

Sample Process Essay: Step-by-Step Guide on How to Become a Successful Cross-Cultural Leader

Cross-cultural leaders will need to utilize various methods to effectively manage a cross-cultural environment. They will face cultural issues that require a different approach than traditional work environments.