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Sample Narrative Essay: Why I Want to Become a Nurse

Even at a young age, I harbored no illusions that nursing is an easy or glamorous job. But I cannot think of a profession more rewarding than being a nurse, for helping others is the nurse's reward

Sample Narrative Essay: My Journey of Improving Self-Perception

A narrative essay is a written project that tells a story in a clear, organized, and insightful manner. This sample narrative essay narrates the author’s journey of enhancing self-perception.

Sample Narrative Essay: First Day of Being Away From Home

A narrative essay narrates a story to the reader. The story also often offers insights or lessons learned from the experience. This sample narrative essay recalls the writer’s experience of leaving home for the first time.

Sample Narrative Essay: Learning the Value of Consistent Practice

Mastering a skill can take years of practice, hard work, and patience. Each individual hone skills differently as others can spend longer to develop their abilities. This narrative essay describes the value of consistency and the benefits it can provide.

Sample Narrative Essay: Personal Recollection on a Disaster

Personal recollections are a great source material for writing captivating narrative essays. Read this sample document to see proper narrative essay formatting and learn what to do when writing your paper.