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Research Essay Sample on Roman Architecture and Its Influences in the Modern World

This sample research essay discusses the characteristics of Roman architecture and how it influenced architecture all over the world.

Research Paper on The History Of Country Music

Country music traces its roots to the music of immigrants from various places. The history and evolution of country music, as this research paper explores, is akin to the history of the US.

Research Essay: The Evolution of Fashion

Over the past century alone, the way people dress changed drastically. Fashion has not always been about cropped tops, long shorts, skinny jeans, and see through shirts

Sample Research Paper on Salvador Dali and Surrealism

Salvador Dali's works brought to the public’s attention a marriage of art and psychology and in the process expanded the expression, production, and consumption of art to new horizons

Sample Reflection Paper: Movies to Watch When You Want to Feel Better

Getting through college is a tough job and there will be moments when you feel sad or demotivated. This sample reflection paper lists movies you can watch if you want to feel better about your academic life.

Sample Movie Review on Cujo (1983)

Cujo is a cult favorite, deemed as one of the best Stephen King horror stories. This sample movie review analyzes why Cujo is a successful horror movie. Be inspired by this sample movie review.