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Marijuana for Cancer

An essay is an academic writing project that presents and expounds a message, idea, or argument. It is a common and important type of coursework. This sample essay discusses how medical marijuana is used as part of cancer treatment.

Sample Personal Essay: I Am Against Marijuana

This essay was donated by an anonymous author, sharing an actual account of what marijuana has done to her brother, along with all the reasons she remains against it.

How Can The Legalization of Marijuana Affect a Country's Economy?

The legalization of marijuana at a federal level will lead to various economic effects. These include increased excised taxes as well as investment opportunities for the public. Read this article to learn more about the effects.

The Benefits of Keeping Marijuana as a Schedule 1 Drug

The DEA categorizes Marijuana as a Schedule I drug. Drugs in this category have higher risks of abuse and have no clinically-proven medical benefits. Read this paper to learn about the benefits of the status.

How Media Use Influences Attitudes toward Marijuana Use

Media platforms can act as a conduit to spread marijuana-related content quickly. The effectiveness of media as a conduit can affect attitudes toward marijuana use. Read this essay to learn more about these effects.

The Positive Effects of Marijuana

Essays are among the most commonly assigned academic projects in college. Its chief purpose is to discuss a specific message, argument, or idea. This sample essay expounds upon the positive effects of marijuana or cannabis.

The Marijuana Stigma

The marijuana stigma has numerous negative effects. In this sample expository, we discuss the different types of stigma on marijuana and and how they affect people and society.

The Negative Effects of Marijuana

Despite the claims about marijuana’s medical benefits, the substance also has multiple adverse effects. These negative effects vary from harmful body reactions to societal issues. Learn more about these effects in this article.

Marijuana and Mental Health: Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

Research and anecdotal evidence point toward marijuana having medicinal properties. One of these properties is its potential use in treating PTSD. Learn more about the relationship between marijuana and PTSD by reading this article.

Marijuana and the Creative Process

There are many claims that marijuana can help in the creative process. However, scientific studies suggest that marijuana may not affect creativity. Read this article to learn more about the relationship between marijuana and creativity.

Legal Issues of Marijuana

The legal issues of marijuana include increased crime rates, need for licensing, sales prohibitions, employment issues, and others. These issues come from the various effects of the legalization. Read this essay to learn more about these issues.

Medical Marijuana and Alzheimer's Disease

It is a mysterious and remarkable process on how exactly marijuana helps people with Alzheimer's Disease. Here is the reason why many states allow special cases on when to use marijuana.

Sample Research Paper on Marijuana and Brain Development

Studies have shown that marijuana may have detrimental effects on the brain and brain development. This can lead young individuals to develop problems with their memory, learning, and decision-making.

Is There A Connection Between Marijuana and Eating Disorders?

Some eating disorder patients claim that their symptoms got better after consuming marijuana. Experts then begin to question the connection between marijuana and eating disorders. Read this article to learn about this topic.

Glimpses on Marijuana Use: Perspectives from a Medical Marijuana User

Marijuana, of course, remains to be a subject of controversy. This post explores a testament of a medical marijuana user, hoping to shed light to its benefits.