The Positive Effects of Marijuana

Oct 18, 2019

Recently, the use of marijuana in the medicinal field has been approved in 28 states across America, along with the District of Columbia. Despite the apparent breakthrough, experts continue to conduct research in an attempt to understand its benefits even further. Dr. Kenneth Mukamal, an associate from Harvard, reveals that all known uses of medical marijuana have already been tested, but the lack of new research is hindering most cases – however, the future of medical marijuana and our healthcare system proves to be bright, especially considering that more and more people are realizing how much herbal medicine can help, and the extensive list includes marijuana.

The positive effects of marijuana have been around and sought after for thousands of years, which is evident through the discovery of charred cannabis seeds at an ancient burial site in Romania. Through testing, the seeds were traced to be from the third millennium B.C. Today, marijuana still wields those positive effects, which includes both legitimate and illegal uses. Unfortunately, despite its colorful history, marijuana remains to be illegal in most nations. However, marijuana is the most widely-used illegal narcotic, mostly used for its benefits, one if which is the “high”. This intoxication leads to positive effects on the human body; for instance, there will be a substantial decrease in anxiety, along with a euphoria-like relaxation. Some users will also feel enhanced sensory experiences and urge to laugh, which is also perceived as a kind of “medicine”.  

The positive effects of marijuana can also be seen in the world of medicine, although medical marijuana has only been made legal for selected medical treatments and in specific countries, such as Canada, along with some parts of Europe and the United States.  Like its other positive effects, medical marijuana has been exploited for thousands of years, with societies using the plant for pain reduction, nausea and vomiting, appetite stimulation, and decrease of inner-eye pressure, among other things. These recorded effects have led to further research on marijuana’s uses, which scientists later found can help alleviate the symptoms associated with cancer treatment. It can also handle some cases of chronic pain, muscle spasms, and urinary problems. 

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