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Free Sample Term Paper: Pythagoras of Samos

Read a full example of a term paper on the life of Pythagoras. Only here at CustomEssayMeister

Sample Term Paper on The History of the Celts

Where did Celts originally come from? Check the Celts History Term Paper example (1,000+ words) to find ideas for your own work

Napoleon Bonaparte: The Life of France’s Emperor

While Napoleon certainly plunged Europe into chaos for years, there is no denying his brilliance and his lasting contributions that exist to this day. Here is a sample MLA essay on Napoleon Bonaparte

The Holocaust: An Orchestrated Genocide

The Holocaust is known to the world as the genocide of the Jews, and such violence did not just happen by chance – it happened through a system of carefully orchestrated plans

History Essay: The Fall of the Nazi Party

While the end of the war resulted in the dissolution of the Nazi Party, the subsequent years also saw the exposure of their crimes against humanity and the trial and punishment of Nazi criminals

History Essay: Japanese Samurai and Chinese Scholar-Officials

The Japanese Samurai and Chinese Scholar-Officials are legendary figures in history. Find out more about them in this full sample essay

Essay on The Influence of The Puritans on American Culture

The Puritans are people who separated from the Church of England. They moved to New England to start a new society, and in doing so established the foundations of American culture as we know it

The Nisga'a Final Agreement

Many are not aware of the self-governing Nisga’a Agreement. It is a formal agreement between Canada and its aboriginal people

History Essay Sample: Aztec Art and Ritual Sacrifices

Art and rituals played an imperative part in the golden times of the Aztec empire. Read the article to learn more about their fascinating practices.

What Impact Did The Renaissance Have on The Western World

Save time writing your history research paper on The Renaissance. This research paper by CustomEssayMeister discusses the impact of the Renaissance on the Western world.

The French Revolution's Successes and Failures in Upholding Equality, Liberty, and Fraternity

The French Revolution was guided by the principles "liberté, egalité, fraternité," but it had shortcomings in upholding these principles. Here's an MLA history paper on The French Revolution

Historical Essay Example: The Root Causes of World War I

World War I can be attributed to a number of reasons including a rash disregard for peaceful multilateral solutions in response to imperialism and the the nature of international relations.

Sample History Paper: The Panama Canal

An essay on the significance of the Panama Canal in contemporary society.

History Paper on The Berlin Wall

The Berlin Wall amounted to more than its structure. It served as the symbol of geopolitical struggle and later the triumph of the human spirit. The Berlin Wall, essentially, was a chapter of history

World War I Aftermath: Racism, the Rise of Nazi Germany, and the Holocaust

The Nazi Party started in 1919, right after World War I, and slowly garnered the support of Germany as economic and political instability plagued the country. By 1933, Hitler and the Nazi Party have rose to power in Germany.