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Nuremberg Laws and the Escape of Jews: What exactly is the Nuremberg Law?

The atrocities committed by the Nazis did not take place overnight. They were the result of systematic oppression that began with the Nuremberg Laws. This sample essay discusses what the Nuremberg Laws are and how they impacted the Nazis’ victims.

The German Blood and German Honor: What is the Essence of Nuremberg Laws?

The Nuremberg Laws is a critical legislation that served as the foundation for the discrimination and eventual genocide of non-Germans. What is the role of this law in the rise of Nazi power?

Who are the victims of the Nazi Party aside from the Jews?

The suffering of Jews have been made known to the world, but history says many more others fell victim to the horrors of the Nazi regime.

Research Paper on African American History

Read a full example of a research paper on the African American History

America's 48th President: Who is Joe Biden?

Need an essay for school regarding the newly elected president of the United States of America? Check out our free and full sample essay on Joe Biden here at CustomEssayMeister!

Sample Research Paper on History: The Haitian Revolution

This sample research paper is on a historical subject and discusses the Haitian Revolution. It covers important aspects including important individuals, the reasons behind the uprising, crucial events, and the revolution’s impact on Haitian society.

The Implications of the Black Plague to Modern Medicine

The Black Plague was an infectious disease that killed millions in Europe. Despite these casualties, the disease had had a significant effect on modern medicine. Read this article to learn how the Black Plague pushed medical knowledge forward.

Sample Research Paper: The Effect of the Great Depression on Mechanized Transportation

A research paper is a written project that advances a specific idea or claim and relies on credible evidence to support its thesis. This sample research paper discusses the effects of the Great Depression on mechanized transportation.

Sample Research Paper: History of Alaskan Aviation

Alaskan aviation is a significant part of the state’s culture and daily operations. Aircraft come and go through the state to deliver supplies and reach isolated communities. Read this sample research paper to learn about the history of Alaskan aviation.

Sample Research Paper on Religion: The Protestant Reformation

The purpose of a research paper is to present a specific claim, idea, or argument and support it with facts and evidence. This sample research paper discusses the roots of the Protestant Reformation that spread in Europe.

Sample Research Paper: The Effects of The Great Depression

The Great Depression is the most devastating and longest economic depression in the world. It impacted world economies and the fabrics of culture and society. Read this sample research paper on the impacts of the Great Depression.

Sample Biography: Thomas Edison

Who is Thomas Edison? Edison's work includes more than the light bulb. He is the mind behind so many things we take for granted today. This sample biography details the life and inventions of Edison.

Sample Research Paper: History of Submarines

Learning about the history of submarines is a great way to learn about how humans conceptualized the idea of traveling underwater. This sample research paper discusses some of the key designs and concepts that influenced submarine development.

Sample Research Paper: Who's To Blame For the Cold War?

A research paper is a type of academic project that advances a specific idea, claim, or message in the form of a thesis statement. This sample research paper on history discusses the roots of the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union.