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Definition Essay: What is Culture?

This essay attempts to answer the question "what is culture?" This definition essay presents a definition of culture from a sociological perspective, then presents the writer's own definition.

Sample Definition Essay: Cultural Appropriation

A definition essay seeks to establish a definition of an idea or concept. So, this type of essay requires a lot of research, analysis, and strong writing skills. This definition essay defines the concept of cultural appropriation.

About Research Writing: What is a Synthesis Matrix for Literature Review

The definition essay is a common project assigned to students in various fields. This sample offers an extended definition of the term synthesis matrix by describing its specific features and its role in completing the literature review.

Sample Definition Essay: What are Corporate Crimes

Corporate crimes are criminal actions that an organization commits in pursuit of profitability. This definition essay provides discussions regarding the different types of corporate crimes.

Easy and Simple Guide on Subject-Verb Agreement for English Language Learners (ELL)

Learning the rules for subject-verb agreement is essential for any English language learner. It will allow students to better construct grammatically correct sentences and avoid the most common mistakes.

Elements of Culture

The elements of culture are symbols, values, beliefs, languages, and material objects. These elements affect the development of a particular culture and the behavior of its members. Read this article to learn about these elements.